Evolving from the never ending struggle for survival and peace

An extraordinary paradigm shift has begun to make itself known to an increasing number of people. It is often only partially understood because it is so encompassing. It completely changes the way we relate to ourselves, others and the environment. These pages bring the different elements of the paradigm under a superstructure that contains the whole.

You will find the information sorted in two categories - Challenges and Solutions. I see all human challenges bound to a single cause. I see all the solutions provided by a single change of direction. As such it is radically different from most other approaches to human evolution. From this "simple" perception a philosophy, "The Spirit of Vitality" emerges.

You are encouraged to carefully consider the implications of the ideas, models and methods enclosed. Verify if they are legitimate for you, and if so, integrate them into your daily life. This information is a compilation of lifelong multidisciplinary experiences, research and conclusions based on newer scientific discoveries and applied systemic thinking, critical thinking, and epistemology.

These pages are currently under development!

The Source of all our Problems

The Source of all our Solutions