A Handbook of Spiritual Psychology

bokforsideA Handbook of Spiritual Psychology - 400 pages US letter format -146 Mb PDF file - presents a solid chain of evidence from six different universal but little known types of human experience and puts them together to form a coherent, practical and easily understandable set of directions for our hidden mental, emotional and spiritual resources. It is a consequence of 15-years of research, exploration, and sorting through a vast amount of documentation. This is supplemented with many thousands of therapeutic and professional consultations covering a broad specter of contexts.

This book was written for the "average" reader, not trained in psychology. It is also written for any professional practitioner that dares to look deeper into the structures of the human mind. This information is empowering, no matter what your reference might be. You will find information here not found anywhere else. You will also find confirmation of what is presented here from many diverse sources. The book is fully referenced.

The purpose of the book is to bring the reader up to speed about the basic structures and resources available to you as a human. These are resources all are born with. They need only be developed and "installed" so they become automatic. You will also find a basic methodology for gaining access to your Higher Self, an important resource completely missing in the paradigm of competition.

This information is placed into a surprising context of events that are unfolding in our world today and how enlightenment is connected to those events.

Download part 1 and part 2 here. The index has been changed but the content is the same as the entire book.


Feedback from readers.

Feedback from readers abroad

Thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful work! I found your post at Surfing the Apocalypse and just finished A Handbook of Spiritual Psychology. It's so unusual and encouraging to find something that I agree with so completely, that I felt I should write to you. I had an OBE/Light experience in 1979, have since explored all the same resources that you cite in your book and have come to exactly the same conclusions that you describe. I suspect there are a great many more of us than most people might think.

Even more exciting to me was to find a new updating of Maslow's hierarchy of needs that I haven't seen anywhere else. If this is your original work, this book DEFINITELY needs to be published PRONTO! The journey 'down' the pyramid parallels other spiritual 'returns' that are not well recognized in our culture either, like the journey 'back from enlightenment' to integrate the new perspective into all of our life experiences. Many people seem to have the vague notion that once you 'get it', you float off into another dimension or, in one way or another, 'disappear'. My understanding is that *grounding* spiritual realizations in 'ordinary' life is the whole point of having them.

Thanks again for making this information available. Laurel

Thank you very, very much for translating your work in English.

This sounds maybe dramatic, and it is, but for me your booklet about the Game of Games and your Handbook are lifesaviours. I've been wondering about my purpose and goal on this Earth already for a long time and it has made soo tired of everything that I couldn't care anymore here being or not.

Over the past years I've got to know more and more about 'the other sides' of life more and more but not in a structural way.So many concepts, filled with the ususal disinfo, compete in my head for attention and belief. Your Handbook is right now structuring it and with that finally giving purpose to my life. I now understand where I have to work on. The need for escapeism is diminishing with every day.
Michel van Dijk

That is ONE GREAT E-Book you've written ...and thank you that it was written in english, for my Norwegian is not so good ;-) Thank you for you, without you there was no Universe and ...

WOWOWIE what an insight .... In 'normal' words: I read your ebook, used your words to see where I am on the timeline of spiritual growth ... And will loose the 'last part of insanity' in a couple of ... Well ... In time ... To discover there is more (again)

This was my 'feedback' for you, so again, thank YOU for YOU.

Hugs from Holland, Marina

Spritual Handbook & Hidden Agenda - Your spiritual handbook book totally opened my eyes once again. These information werent unknown to me, but they never fitted so good together like in your book. It was a great insight for me and helped me alot to understand my life better. I heard you are soon finished with translating your book "the hidden agenda" and would be very interested in reading this one too. I already know alot about this stuff, but you are really able to put all these complex information into connection. It would be very nice if you could inform, as soon as you finished with the translation of your new book. Best regards Frederik Oschatz

Hello Mike,I read with fascination your booklet about 'the game'…Keep up the fine work! Jason b

Thank you for these wonderful books, I am hoping that these will contain enough clues for me to break the cycle.
Thank you, Erika