Consultation for organizations, institutions, corporation, governmental departments

There are many different people that call themselves for "professional consultants" with varying degrees of experience, competence and oversight in relation to the task at hand. My experience with the art of systems thinking models, conflict resolution and as an NLP-Instructor, Developer and Researcher provide a level of capability over and above "normal" to grasp the bigger picture of any developmental process and provide real solutions.

As the scope of comprehension for the complexity and systemic arrangement of living systems expands into its environment, greater aspects of that environment must be included into the equation for a more complete understanding. My studies of human systems began with the individual and grew into the family aspect, the work environment, economic, political, and ecological environment at a local, national and global scale. I have traversed at least 10,000 therapeutic interventions, hundreds of professional consultations, and a handful of extended projects. I have studied and analyzed the entire structures and superstructures of our social architecture with a filter for systemic thinking that extends also into the metaphysical and normally hidden perspectives.

Economic, legal and political perspectives

Most consultants that I know of are very specialized. I am the kind of consultant that is multidisciplinary with multiple perspectives, one of them being from the very top - down. That may seem precosious to some, but it is never the less a fact. The "top" that I have under consideration is to be understood as a spiritual perspective. I am not a mystic. My purpose is to de-mystify and defragment systems that are dysfunctional for self, others and/or the environment.

I do not have any formal economic education past the ability to understand basic accounting. My models of understanding come from practical experience as an advertising photographer, working with large corporations and ad agencies. At that time in my life, I had yet to seriously challenge or confront the philosophic issues concerning money and how it affects all of our social structures and activities. As my personal research into the social structures of society expanded, I found it necessary to delve deeper into the foundations of what we call Law in order to make a complete connection with the subject of money.

I have studied the structure of "law and order", politics and economy - more or less as an integrated system. I have found this entire subject to be highly "occult" in the understanding that it is extremely well hidden from public view. My studies have been from a perspective as an "outside observer looking in" - to a system that was gradually taking form in a way that few people in this world seem to grasp the implications of. While most people believe that society is created from natural evolutionary processes - this being the best we ever can do for ourselves - I have found it to be highly engineered, designed and structured around a highly limiting paradigm for the majority of society - actually ALL of society, including those holding positions as the "elite".

I have also spent considerable time in discussions and dialogs with the Global Underwriter over the Bank of International Settlements - Adnan Sakli & 8217 before he died in February 2014. Between November 2012 and January 2014, we had an intense exchange of information concerning how the global economy works. His oversight was extraordinary. As the patent holder of the ATS-international transaction systems for banks, the world has been running on his currency without ever really realizing it. He was forced to become an outsider to his own system because he refused to, "feed the beast" any longer. As underwriter for the enormous bank bail-outs up to 2009 - he said, "Enough is Enough!"

I have been well informed of the problems regarding criminal elements within the systems and the long-term efforts to deal with the problems. I have been mentored through the maze of how money is created, from hard reserves and from the fiat systems. I've had access to inside information from a man that had no oaths of secrecy or committments he was obliged to. I have been made aware of the technological secrets hidden away, fully developed, but available only to a very few. I have understood his strategies for a global economic transition and the implications as far as the way forward into a future that is somewhere between 3 and 10-thousand years more advanced in comparison to technology generaly used today.

The money, the technollogy and the know-how is all available as soon as nations start coming together to work for harmony and not profit. To work for humanity and not against it.

What this all means - conclusions

 If you want to use me as a consultant, you will get a quantum leap of understanding for it. There are two kinds of clients I know of. The first is the kind that is looking for solutions that will prolong the system that is ultimately the problem. They want me to put out their fires. I do not take this kind of client. I take the kind of client that is fed up with battling a continuous chain of fires. They want to have solutions that get rid of the problem once and for all. That DEMANDS systemic thinking and it is not a discipline that "normal" for consultants.

I cannot really provide complete systemic solutions for any system that is part of another dysfunctional system that I have no influence over. I can provide the principles within the limitations of what is possible at a local level - but I would prefer to reach out to those systems that are over them all and that is the world of finance and governance. I believe that I am fully prepared for that task - at a global level.

Compensation for services

I am not interested in money as a value in itself. It is simply a method of gaining cooperation. In the system as it exists today, money is a necessary prerequisite to realize self-potential as well as to help others do the same. I consider it natural for any "social developer" or "social architect" with ambitions of transformation to be interested in having the ability to manage economic resources necessary to make those transformations happen gracefully and completely. Therefore, I have every reason to ask for compensation that is relative to the cost of the problem involved. Should that be a problem, lets discuss the issues and perhaps we can find a solution that satisfies both our concerns.