Private consultations will have to be approached from a practical perspective. I can only reach out to people outside of my local area via Skype or some other channel that permits voice and preferably video transmission. I do not have personal consultations as my primary agenda. I do not have the capacity or the interest for full-time therapy work after logging over 10,000 two-hour consultations up through the years. I am "retired". I do however appreciate that there are a lot of people trying to deal with crisis and challenges that I can help with. If you are one of these, I highly suggest that you down load the PDF-book- A Handbook of Spiritual Psychology found on the menu bar of these pages. I have written down an enormous amount of solution oriented information that will help you get access and understanding of your hidden spiritual resources. Its a body of information that I still find completely up to date with my current understanding of who we really are as humans and how we expand our potential.

I make myself available to those that feel they need external help to get past their present limitations. If you want me to help you, you need to come to me. I have facilities that allow for short-term lodging and have up through the years people from all over Norway come to me for a shorter or longer stay. Having clients once in a while helps me "keep the blade sharp". It also helps to remind myself that we all have our unique path and perception of reality.

There are, of course limitations to what I can and cannot do over a multimedia contact. I am however, willing to take it as far as I can - if you need the help. Private consultations are compensated with a rate I have held for many years - 1,500-NKr. for two hour sessions +. That is also why I have a "donate" button.

My specialty is my generality

In 1990, I chose my clients carefully because they had to have a problem that I knew how to solve. Because I was rather greedy for learning and experience, I quickly increased the scope of what I was comfortable dealing with. In the end, the questions are very simple - so I never need to have a plan:

  • What do you want?
  • What is your intention for wanting what you want?
  • Does what  you want serve your long-term best interests?
  • Do you know what those are?
  • What stops you from getting what you want?
  • What can you take responsibility for to get what you want?
  • How is your mental/emotional map put together in such a way that this is a problem for you?
  • What is the structure you have to have in order to make that easy for you? (That's my job).
  • Change the structure of the map and not the territory - that's the therapy. The rest is just sorting through the details.

It is not a scary process. My tools are primarily words. They are delivered with a specific intent, to access the conscious, unconscious and at times Higher conscious awareness  - if need be, I will use hypnosis as a tool for re-membering and re-focusing. In the process of working with me you will learn how you take responsibility for the quality of all your automatic behaviors. Its not really that difficult.

I do only one kind of "body work" in my repertoire. It's something I use a lot. I call it free-breathing to release stress, tensions, body memories and emotional blockages that are psychosomatic. It is an important part of the healing process for many people living in our competition society. It is especially important for those dealing with Post Traumatic Stress. At this level of dis-ease, the body and the emotions are on constant alert from a danger that is no longer there. Its been hard-wired into the behavior as an automatic program. All you need to do is change that program. It usually only takes a couple of hours.

You are going to be the one doing all of the work in this process of healing. I am only a guide to show you the way home. I keep you on the path until you come home. In the process of improving your life, you will also discover how much you actually can take control over with your own mind and emotions connected to fear. You will learn to distinguish between those and the emotions that encourage you to do so much more.