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It has taken a lifetime of study of this confused world to achieve a sense of clarity about why and how our social systems came to be what they are today. It has been a marathon of an unraveling process. I could never have come to clarity about the issues on my own. And I could have never done it without having to fully engaging myself in my own thinking processes. I have had to do my own personal unraveling. I had to do my own step by step analysis of the evidence before me in order to uncover, discover and recover the hidden structures of our complicated psychology and social structures.

The extent of my success is something you will have to judge for yourself. I find that I am not alone on the outside, looking in. From that position I realize that it is also my responsibility to do my best to help others follow the path I took. So I send back a map to understand the maze. I hope it is helpful.

I take it upon myself to take responsibility for the task because I experiences the consequences of living amongst the confusion of those still trapped in the maze. I would like to see the confusion disappear. I think I can help because I know know the difference between the short-cuts and the paths that lead to a dead-end. This is where you need to apply your own "leap of faith" if you want to have or own your own clarity. So I share my experiences and conclusions freely. I have no patent on the truth. I have no patent on the most direct path. Your choices are your responsibility. I can only provide advice and my main agenda is vitality for all, in harmony with each other.


I have a lifelong chain of experiences concerning feedback from others about being different, precocious, extreme, far-out and audacious. It was previously difficult for me to appreciate those judgement calls while I still was confused; at least about where my life path was taking me and why.

From the vantage point, "outside" looking "in", it's easy to understand and even appreciate. It does seem preposterous to claim to know the answers to what is "unknowable", if you are convinced that the there is such a thing as "unknowable". It is equally difficult to accept the idea that somebody else might actually have found their way out the grip of "belief", simply because you are convinced it is impossible. The only answer to that would have to be a challenge to you, to prove me wrong. Pick my logic apart and try to find mistakes. Being fully dedicated to the truth, I am humble enough to always review what I may have overlooked. Should you chose to participate, you will only find ways to improve and refine the path out of the maze. That would be appreciated.

By the way...I speak two languages fluently - the other being Norwegian. Because I may switch from one to the other many times during the day, they sometimes get mixed in with each other. The syntax of sentence structures are different between the two. The one may flow into the other at times. The only way to get around it is to focus on one language alone. That doesn't work for me, so sorry for some of the more difficult sentence structures.

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