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It has taken a lifetime of study of this confused world to achieve a sense of clarity about why and how our social systems came to be what they are today. It has been a marathon of an unraveling process. I could never have come to clarity about the issues on my own. And I could have never done it without having to fully engaging myself in my own thinking processes. I have had to do my own personal unraveling. I had to do my own step by step analysis of the evidence before me in order to uncover, discover and recover the hidden structures of our complicated psychology and social structures.

The extent of my success is something you will have to judge for yourself. I find that I am not alone on the outside, looking in. From that position I realize that it is also my responsibility to do my best to help others follow the path I took. So I send back a map to understand the maze. I hope it is helpful.

I take it upon myself to take responsibility for the task because I experiences the consequences of living amongst the confusion of those still trapped in the maze. I would like to see the confusion disappear. I think I can help because I know know the difference between the short-cuts and the paths that lead to a dead-end. This is where you need to apply your own "leap of faith" if you want to have or own your own clarity. So I share my experiences and conclusions freely. I have no patent on the truth. I have no patent on the most direct path. Your choices are your responsibility. I can only provide advice and my main agenda is vitality for all, in harmony with each other.


I have a lifelong chain of experiences concerning feedback from others about being different, precocious, extreme, far-out and audacious. It was previously difficult for me to appreciate those judgement calls while I still was confused; at least about where my life path was taking me and why.

From the vantage point, "outside" looking "in", it's easy to understand and even appreciate. It does seem preposterous to claim to know the answers to what is "unknowable", if you are convinced that the there is such a thing as "unknowable". It is equally difficult to accept the idea that somebody else might actually have found their way out the grip of "belief", simply because you are convinced it is impossible. The only answer to that would have to be a challenge to you, to prove me wrong. Pick my logic apart and try to find mistakes. Being fully dedicated to the truth, I am humble enough to always review what I may have overlooked. Should you chose to participate, you will only find ways to improve and refine the path out of the maze. That would be appreciated.

By the way...I speak two languages fluently - the other being Norwegian. Because I may switch from one to the other many times during the day, they sometimes get mixed in with each other. The syntax of sentence structures are different between the two. The one may flow into the other at times. The only way to get around it is to focus on one language alone. That doesn't work for me, so sorry for some of the more difficult sentence structures.


I have a multicultural background from Norway, U.S.A. and England. I speak fluent English and Norwegian. I was born in 1950 – USA - and have traversed careers in professional advertising photography, multimedia artistic expression, Neuro-linguistic Programming and Systems thinking solutions (TOC), teaching, public presentations, therapy, coaching, consultation, alternative energy research, networking and authorship.


“The Psycho-social Work Environment”– Norwegian Publication
“A Handbook of Spiritual Psychology” also in Norwegian language
“Hidden Agenda” – also in Norwegian language
“The Game of Games” – also in Norwegian language


Norwegian national, born in Detroit Michigan USA - 1950. I have been a resident of Norway since 1972.


Self-employed since 1978 - M.C. Studio as Oslo, Norway, Trans-Endring-NLP, Active Choice NLP da, and Active Choice NLP as, since 1990 in Norway

On the personal side…

mike2005I have found specialization to be a very limiting and fragmented approach to my own self-realization process. The specialization paradigm brings us all to a point where we know more and more about less and less, until we know everything about nothing.

I have always had an abundance of curiosity that has led me to develop a wide range of theoretical and practical interdisciplinary skills. Over time, I have found enormous advantages to this approach. In the search for independence in a world that encourages the opposite, I have uncovered, discovered and recovered a path or life direction has led me to those conclusions presented in this material.

My path has provided me with the ability to better understand the existing conditions and parameters within our present social architecture that need to be adjusted so that our society is a better place for us all to live in. It has enabled me to see beyond the surface structures of personal and social life, and to look deeper into the patterns that make or break the process of being and doing at the highest level of human potential.

I have also been privilege to have had extensive contact with the former Signatory for the Global Accounts, Adnan Sakli & 8217, before he died early I 2014. We shared a common vision and I learned a lot from his perspectives and knowledge. I hope someday soon to experience his vision of a collective humanity that has moved thousands of years into the future through collective cooperation in the absence of competition – a society where money has become obsolete due to prosperity for all.

Discovering, uncovering and recovering

In the search for enhancing my own value and potential I have always found it beneficial to have an independent approach and attitude. This boils down to being self-led, motivated and taught. I have directed my own education from the inside out, using the best available external resources along the way. Throughout the years, the varied activities of being involved with practical, scientific, psychological and creative – artistic endeavors has stimulated and helped to integrate left and right-brain hemispheres and enable a cooperative flow of both resources working together.

I have discovered, ample evidence for the truth of what Einstein once said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Two very special tools and skill-sets

My past has led me on an extensive mission to bring knowledge and clarity into the field of psychology. This branch of fragmented science has suffered immensely from the application of unproven dogma and fragmented theories. My motivation was at first primarily to expand my own knowledge of those hidden resources, abilities and possibilities I had only heard rumors of. I had questions that I just had to find the answers to. I have never been satisfied with beliefs systems that separate us from seeking true knowledge.

As a child I was drawn to science, chemistry, electronics and physics. By the time I was 14, I made crystal radios that would fit into a pen so I could listen to music at school with a hidden earplug. When I was fifteen, I changed my focus toward photography. Another transition came when I was 37, where I went full-time into better understanding the foundations for the psychology of others and myself.

By this time I had adequate life-experience to know I was missing essential details in my map of human understanding. My ambition was to map and understand the more unknown and mysterious aspects and questions about the meaning of life and that missing set of directions all seem to be passively or actively looking for. I knew I would also have to confront religion and science along the way. It was a daunting challenge.

I felt totally unequipped for the task I had before me. As if by magic I was introduced to a body of knowledge and model of human experience known as NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming. I believe I found the only tool that made that made it possible for me to accomplish my task with a satisfying result. From my vantage point, it enabled me to take the science of psychology light-years into the future - well past the present NLP-paradigm.

The NLP-approach puts sensory and subjective experience back into science where it belongs. The institution of knowledge we call science must mirror the two processes that the brain uses to work with knowledge – fragmentation and defragmentation. That means that the Left-brain science has to merge with Right-brain science.

Furthermore, NLP is the study of the necessary behavioral patterns that ultimately lead to extraordinary results. It provides all the necessary tools we need to have when we want to become better acquainted with those unconscious mental and emotional resources we all are born with but seldom realize. NLP is also a systematic sorting discipline and research tool that helps to create clarity where there is chaos.

En important set of principles known as, “epistemology” is an issue in the NLP-model. This has to do with the necessary conditions for a well-formed model that accurately describes the territory. Mental models are the frames that we use to put the content of our knowledge into – like furniture. Epistemology is the answer to the question, “How do you know what you think you know”? This is the set of principles you need to have when working with non-provable or subjective experience.

The "subjective" and "objective" perspectives in life both have the potential to work together. Life in its entirety is about both. Everything that has an outside has an inside.

This is why I would have been lost on my journey without having extensive access to this “other” side of science.

Another discipline I have picked up along the way is Systems Thinking. I have found the TOC-Systems Thinking Process absolutely necessary for my ability to search and find the bottlenecks that regulate human evolution. These are also known as “primary causes” for a majority of undesired effects. NLP is assumed by its creators to be systemic in its approach. I find that the model falls short of being truly systemic because it has never approached or included into its framework the answer to the question about the essence of human awareness. There is no spiritual map of conscious evolution within the NLP-model of experience.

The spiritual aspects seem mostly to have been forgotten and NLP is often used to gain material growth, leaving the most important aspects of life still in the dark.

There is an enormous body of research available today that adequately answers the questions concerning the essence of human awareness. It is not physical and it survives the death of the body. The proof is epistemologically sound. Equally sound is the body of knowledge provided through years of research in the phenomenon of past-life memories. These two areas of study have provided us with an entirely new dimension for understanding the human psyche, its past, present and future as far as development and potential are concerned.

With the models, skills, knowledge and tools I found, I took it upon myself to understand and clarify the human psychic architecture and the human social architecture in its full potential. I have done extensive systemic analysis of the problems that plague businesses, workers, families, individuals, groups of individuals, nations and groups of nations. I have done systemic analysis of the problems in relations between the individual and the environment, and humanity as a whole.

What I have found is that competitive relationships were in some way, shape or form connected to the chain of events we call, “Cause and Effect”. You can study the chains and loops of cause and effect, forward or backward. If you go back you will find a source, a primary cause that creates the foundation for all the undesired effects. You will find negative and positive feedback loops and it gets complicated – but the cause is always the same.

The contents of these pages are my latest attempts to bring these findings out to the human collective - now desperately seeking solutions.

Disability proves ability

My previous work as an advertising photographer took an abrupt end in the spring of 1986. On the way home from an assignment, I was rear-ended by a Semi-trailer with 33-tons of cargo, on a slippery highway of fresh snow. I got squeezed between two semi-trailers and survived amazingly well except for my hip being out of joint and broken pelvis.

There was no way I could continue work. I had a chronic problem with pain and mobility. I had a medical disability adjusted to 70%. It was about a year and a half after the accident that I made the decision to do what I could to find answers to my personal questions about life. My time was now my own because the disability allowance made it possible for me to spend all the time I needed to read, study and invest in what I was most passionate about.

I eventually started a therapy practice and began teaching NLP from 1995. The steady income from the disability, along with the extra income from this new line of work, enabled me to expand the resources I needed to aggressively pursue my path of action.

If it had not been for the disability allowance, it would not have been possible for me to focus on the work I had set out to accomplish. I would have been too busy simply trying to survive economically. My point is this… When it comes to future work, humanity will have to have some type of basic citizens wage that is adequate enough for them to take care of their basic needs. There must also be adequate means for anyone that so desires to do so – to extend himself or herself to learn new skills, attain new knowledge and be an even more valuable contributor to society. All we need to do is reward people that are motivated to be all that they can be.


There is nothing more important to me than to be able to contribute to the world being a better place as soon as humanly possible. I am serving my interests as I am serving others. I am available for public arrangements, panel discussions, seminars and teaching arrangements as a guest. I am also available for consultations on request. These involve a large sector of problems or challenges present for departmental/national/local governmental and corporations.

My base of operations is in Norway.