No one alive today can escape being challenged by the economic, social, political and environmental changes rapidly taking place on a global scale. The entire pyramid of Maslov’s famous map of human physical and psychological needs is being negatively affected through these changes.

Ever since it came, its been worshiped, praised, supported, refined and even defended. What it’s done to us behind our backs has brought us all to the brink of self-destruction.

Humanity is suffering greatly today on a large scale, with a disease that has become increasingly life-threatening. The host of this disease is suffering from great confusion, especially from its defense systems. It is devouring the host and not the disease. I guess the confusion stems from not really understanding

It has been my understanding of "positive polarization" - generally known as "service to others" orientation has its stated "golden mean" to be at least 51% service to others and no more than 49% service to self. For some people, the idea of having two different life purposes might seem somewhat strange, but it does work quite well.

There used to be a time when the idea of getting rid of competition on this Earth - at least between humans - was a utopian dream completely without a reality check. One of the biggest reasons for the unstoppably and propagation of the spirit of competition is the fact that money has been used as the key factor creating scarcity.


Self harmonization

The process of making things in the world right, starts with yourself. You work your way from the inside-out, like all natural processes. From there you extend your attention to your society and environment, but you always have to start with yourself.

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Social harmonization

Social reorganization and harmonization from the paradigm of competition toward vitalitty starts slowly. It is hardly recognizable for many until it reaches a certain point of general acceptance. Our social structures are all compromized through the effects of competiton. Each sector of society has its own set of challenges and possibilities.

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Environmental Harmonization

Our relationship with the environment - everything that is not YOU - has suffered greatly under the competition paradigm, just like everything else. We have serious levels of challenges all over the planet. If the environment dies, so does humanity perish. Everything is just as important and there is much to be done. We take a look at the solutions that we have today and the ones that we are still looking for in this section.

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