There used to be a time when the idea of getting rid of competition on this Earth - at least between humans - was a utopian dream completely without a reality check. One of the biggest reasons for the unstoppably and propagation of the spirit of competition is the fact that money has been used as the key factor creating scarcity.

The only thing that money creates today is an abundance of debt. I have had the pleasure of seeing some of the amounts held in accounts by the people that have funded the bank bailouts, the central banks and the Bank of International Settlements. The figures are beyond comprehension. There is today four times more debt than there is legal tender or money on this Earth - what is the point of it all?

My conversations with the signatory for the global accounts - Adnan Sakli & 8217 (A formal institution) lasted for over a year and a half before he died early in 2014, alone in a hotel room. His story was his life battle against the forces of competition. His goal was to re-finance the people of the planet in such a way that money would be unnecessary due to prosperity and vitality. New technology most people know nothing about makes this more than realistic. We have the ability today to move forward as much as 10,000 years into the future - "If they can take it" - Adnan Sakli.

The global economic situation is in such a disarray that it needs to be constructed all over again after a general system re-boot and configuration of operatives behind the computers.

Today we have a level of technology that makes it possible to make our lives entirely miserable, enslaved and unempowered. That same technology can also be used to help humanity and help provide solutions to also environmental problems - especially free-energy distribution. There are many solutions coming to the table from not only industry but also "home-inventors" tinkering in their garages. The energy crisis has always been run by the spirit of competition. There has never been a lack of energy in the universe. Only the lack of willingness to not profit from it.

The Internet has enabled communication all over the planet in ways that were never possible. Even though we use many different languages, the technological advances in computer translation are making it possible to understand each other better than ever before. There is something that connects us all together and that is our emotions - everybody knows what it feels like to be praised or abused. It doesn't matter which religion, creed, family or culture you might belong to - you want to experience vitality.

This is why the idea is unstoppable. Its because the competition within us will either make us all self-destruct or it will create a room where humanity can collectively say - we need to change today. As the collective of humanity grows in awareness over these issues, there will have to come a time when this paradigm goes global in the awareness of all - something like the famous "hundredth monkey" effect.



Self harmonization

The process of making things in the world right, starts with yourself. You work your way from the inside-out, like all natural processes. From there you extend your attention to your society and environment, but you always have to start with yourself.

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Social harmonization

Social reorganization and harmonization from the paradigm of competition toward vitalitty starts slowly. It is hardly recognizable for many until it reaches a certain point of general acceptance. Our social structures are all compromized through the effects of competiton. Each sector of society has its own set of challenges and possibilities.

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Environmental Harmonization

Our relationship with the environment - everything that is not YOU - has suffered greatly under the competition paradigm, just like everything else. We have serious levels of challenges all over the planet. If the environment dies, so does humanity perish. Everything is just as important and there is much to be done. We take a look at the solutions that we have today and the ones that we are still looking for in this section.

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