They say that competition creates winners. In the short-term, Yes there are winners. In the long-term, there are none. Do the math. Competition always ends with the last man standing. That man will be so fragmented, alone and conflicted that competition will have claimed his soul.


There is ONE idea that rules us all

Meet the LORD of the Ring of CONFUSION



To be all that you can be

You only have to realize that you and your society suffers from ONE problem! That will make it easy for you to deal with ALL your problems. The idea that competition should be any part of your life should be obviously a delusion you have allowed yourself to suffer from. All the good things you ever dreamed about for your life are waiting for you on the other side of the paradigm shift from competition to vitality.

Try to comprehend an idea that may seem weird to you at first. Have just enough faith to test it out after you have checked the evidence.

The Universe is Highly Intelligent and in Harmony with Itself.

The implication is that there should be no conflicts. Isn't that amazing? You have been used to thinking conflicts should be resolved by making compromises. That's ridiculous. That approach is not even close to being scientific. There has to be something wrong with the thinking involved for there to be a conflict. That applies to conflicts within yourself, between other people, in society and between people and the environment.

Let's start quickly with your inner conflicts. Your body is composed of trillions of individual cells. It is collectively composed from an enormous biological diversity that is intelligently organized. It is designed for functional elegance given the proper stimulation and nourishment. Do you really believe that this pattern of natural creation does not also apply to your mind and your emotions?

The popular scientific and cultural beliefs about your mind belong to the DARK AGE of science. Your brain is not the creator of your awareness that you refer to as, YOU. Your brain is more like a mufti-sensory TV-transceiver for your mind. You are only aware of a tiny portion of the resources and information that is potentially accessible unless you have stimulated, activated and integrated your brain; and harmonized the relationships between your intellect, your emotions and your intuitions. All that leads to a conflict-free mind and body at the end of your journey.

Its your task to get there yourself. You have to do the work. Its nothing you "deserve". Its your created potential and it's yours for the taking if you commit yourself to the task. Think of it as short term pain - understood as the learning process. Along the way life just gets better and better. Its entertaining, enjoyable, exciting, and immediately beneficial. Even in the competition paradigm, inner self-organization is important - even though it is still fragmented.

Synergy is something you are well served to assume MUST be possible, given you find the necessary combination that makes that possible. You can assume that is true for yourself, your social structures and society and the relationship with the environment. It may not seem possible. It will not necessarily be easy at first. It is however doable by allowing the process the time it needs to grow organically as a paradigm shift always does anyway.