Our collective perceptions of reality are greatly affected by the accepted “his-stories” of our evolution on Earth. One of those important formers of perception is found in the Christian Bible. It is likely to also be found within the other major world religions, especially Islam. They seem to have collective connections.

I would like to bring your attention to some issues that you perhaps have not yet considered before now.

The Garden of Eden

The idea that competition is unavoidable, necessary, natural and good for humanity must have been very foreign to the Garden of Eden. Tricked into eating the fruit of the only tree they were told to stay away from, “The Tree of Knowledge”, they were forced to leave the garden and enter a different world ruled by struggle.

The absence of the competitive spirit must have been what made the difference between Paradise and the World, as we know it today.

Absence of Logic in the story

I was raised in the culture of beliefs that were unique to my family – and the church they attended. That was as much as 3 times a week, twice on Sunday. I remember distinctly as a child, I questioned the logic of being kicked out of Paradise because they ate something that gave them special knowledge. I always had the assumption that, “If we were created with intelligence and a brain, there must be a purpose for developing intelligence”. As a child, I asked the simple question, “Does God want humans to be stupid?”

Fortunately for me, I was blessed with the gift of curiosity, stubbornness, and a thirst for knowing as much as I can. I guess the same quest that Einstein had also has applied to me. I too want to know how “God” thinks. That might seem outlandish for some but meaningful and entertaining for others.

The power of metaphors

An important part of my extended training in communication in the context of NLP – is to understand and employ the use of metaphor in many different settings. Metaphor is a powerful way to entertain and confuse the conscious mind. At the same time it secretly conveys information to the unconscious mind, which is equipped to understand the deeper meaning of the metaphor.

As far as the Bible is concerned, it is rife with metaphors and the story of the Garden of Eden is only one of them. There is a code that must be used to understand the hidden meaning. I wonder if I found that code, not too long ago.

The code

What if the “Tree of Knowledge” that was promised to give awareness to the difference between “good” and “evil” was the entrance of the rational mind as the dominant controller of human awareness?

The rational mind alone is a specialist at fragmentation processes. It takes the fullness of reality and interprets it into words, numbers, time, categories, names, labels, strategies – and science, as most know it today.

The emotional mind is a specialist in the defragmentation process. It takes all the bits and pieces that we are served with in our experiences and makes sense of them as a whole. The rational brain uses sequential logic while the emotional brain uses simultaneous logic.

Could it be that the rational mind was given dominion over the awareness of mankind in general for a specific purpose? It would absolutely create the conditions necessary for an environment of competition. Cain killed Able – they were in competition with favor from “God”. The struggle has been ongoing ever since.

Ever since that time, humanity has been wandering through the ages of time, trying to figure out this deal with competition. Is it good or bad?

Technology turns up the heat

The idea of competition within our society has been argued to be inherent within human behavior. We are told we are created to compete. There is nothing we can do about that. I beg to differ with that idea. Evidence shows us that those that manage to get rid of competition within their lives are able to do amazing things that cannot be accomplished in the presence of competition. The Science of “flow” agrees with this principle.

At any rate, the meme of competition is deeply imbedded into our historic cultures – at least some of them. The ones that did not have competition in their cultures have been historically wiped out by those that did. They do live by the Survival of the Fittest meme.

As the level of technology develops to the level where it is today, we enable ourselves, inside the paradigm of competition to annihilate each other and all other life forms – many times over. We have developed systems of control and monitoring that make it possible to create the perfect slave society ruled by a hand full of powerful controllers, pushing the buttons and managing all of society. Before we get that far, we will most likely commit collective suicide on a planet that cannot support life anymore due to the pollution we have created.

Humanity also has another path it can take. That would involve a quantum leap forward for those that make that decision.

By the simple powers of observation, look around you. Take a good look at each and every human infrastructure on this planet and tell me if you think this is something we are well served to continue. You see de-evolution everywhere you look. I grew up in Detroit, Michigan. That used to be a city of two million people. Look at it today. I chose to leave the US after my experiences with the Race Riots in 1967.

Consider the quality of any society that creates the majority of its monetary “value” from the following:

  • Trafficking of money – (money making money from profit and usury) – no value created
  • Trafficking of drugs – The drug trade has a long tradition with the first Opium wars in China. Today, Afghanistan and the Balkans, along with South America and Mexico, and certain Eastern nations are all heavily involved in moving narcotics to two sources – the medical industry and the street level drug trade.
  • Trafficking of arms – Legal and illegal arms trafficking brings trillions of dollars into the coffers of the military industrial complex and governments.
  • Human trafficking – Normally only considered the official slave trade industry but also includes trafficking of economic and war refugees, slave labor, the sex trade industry, child trafficking in the child protection agencies, foster homes, pedophile rings. There is also a hidden industry trafficking human organs in the medical industry.
  • Trafficking of polluting and dependency creating energy sources – The energy industry is second in power to the banking industry and they are well connected to continue a system of economic and energetic dependency. It is essentially a slave system in its own right.
  • Harvesting resources for consumption – We have chosen to use plant life that has at least a 100-year cycle for maturity as building material, when we could have chosen plants that reach maturity within three months. As such, we have depleted the rain-forest and it’s ecology of different life forms. We strip mine the planet for minerals, we frack - fragment the earth beneath us for oil, while polluting the entire drinking water supplies, and create earthquakes. We are consuming the planet faster than it can replenish itself.

Of course this plays right into the agenda of needing to reduce the population tosave the planet. Humanity is like a cancer for the vitality of the Earth. NO – that would be a big mistake. The cancer that is eating the planet and our selves is the idea of competition being what we think it is.

The planet can easily accommodate 7-billion people in a harmonious way – if humanity would only give up the idea of competition.

Could it be that we are experiencing a time in our human evolution where humanity is forced to take the issues of competition seriously?

The end of school?

What if the entire exercise of experiencing life after life in an environment of competition was an exercise in learning to understand how artificial limitations must not be, because we have experienced the damage they to our lives and future? What if those experiences were the foundation to create a world that was different, based from our lessons learned in the environment of competition? Now we know how it must NOT be in the future. We KNOW now how it must be instead.

Have we learned from the Tree of Knowledge? Do YOU/WE have that knowledge that leads us out of the wilderness created by the idea of competition being a good thing? Could this be the greatest evolutionary step that man can ever take?