Science and Philosophy

The Paradigm of Competition vs Vitality

I found these questions as topics for a seminar to find the answers. I found it challenging to discover if I was able to answer the questions. I just went through the list and answered them as presented. I trust that you find the answers provided to be rational and truthful even though they challenge your own beliefs along the way. The super-rational truth is always simple and it makes sense to your intelligence if you have a mind that is willing to accept challenges.

The problems with rational thinking are related to one-sided thinking and dominance over emotional styles of thinking that create serious distortions in our perceptions of life in general. Discovering and correcting this imbalance is not only a cultural problem but an individual one. There are simple solutions.

Humanity is struggling to resolve a very central issue that has plagued us for thousands of years. The issue is about how we relate toward each other, the environment and our selves. This is the core of and source for the greatest of challenges we experience in life.

In the debate between science and religion up throughout history, the baby has always been thrown out with the bath-water. We had a Dark Ages of the Catholic Church with their torture and inquisitions before there was a social revolt. Now we have a Dark Ages of Science with political inquisitions and torture. In order to come into the Age of Enlightenment we need to do some serious re-integration.

The willingness and desire to stretch to a higher potential is a part of our inner psychological make-up, even though the local environment has repressed the ability to do so. We are motivated to improve and enrich our lives. Although it is normally considered to be a one-lifetime process, the evidence shows us quite clearly that it is not that way at all. We pick up where we left off, and we continue from there.

When you have lost your way in the forest you are well served to seek to gain a higher vantage point to observe the territory you are attempting to navigate. The higher perspective can tell you information that is not available to you down at the ground level where the details overwhelm you. When it comes to understanding difficult challenges, it always pays to think from a perspective that gives you oversight.

I propose to you that Science is just as affected by the paradigm of competition as anything else. Expanding the paradigm of scientific exploration will also secondarily affect everything else we think we knew from before. Especially anything directly or indirectly connected to science – such as political science, physics, cosmology, astronomy, biology, and human-science such as - economic science, psychological science, medical science, educational science, social science and religion. All of the present perspectives concerning these branches of science will have to change with the expanded framework. I assure you that there are already specialists in these fields that are fully aware of these issues.