When you have lost your way in the forest you are well served to seek to gain a higher vantage point to observe the territory you are attempting to navigate. The higher perspective can tell you information that is not available to you down at the ground level where the details overwhelm you. When it comes to understanding difficult challenges, it always pays to think from a perspective that gives you oversight.

Principles are a higher order of thinking than the rules that stem from them. In the same way, intentions are a higher order of thinking than the rules or activities that they generate.

The higher the principles, perspectives or intentions in relation to the results they provide – the more generalized they become in such a way that they affect a greater scope of life’s activities. This is known as “logical levels” of influence. It’s also known as “chunking” – at which level of detail we wish to concern ourselves with.

You probably already feel we are moving into the realm of philosophy and you would be perfectly correct. Philosophy is always about higher perspectives and principles based on universal patterns, as they are perceived.

Higher or different perspectives can seem confusing at first

Our global cultures are dominated by rational thinking in the “real world” of details and immediate concerns. Its what we call having your nose to the wheel. In order to consider what you are really trying to gain by having your nose to the wheel, you have to step back and mentally take a look at your life from an outside perspective.

You begin to observe yourself and you ask new questions about “why” this is important to you, or how you really feel about the content and framework of your life. You will find that as you rise above these details of your life, you quickly become the philosopher, the observer and you ask new questions because you see new things. You can zoom inn and out of this observer perspective.

If you haven’t taken the time to consider your life from higher vantage points, it will probably seem strange to you at first. Take your time to get used to mentally changing your perspectives to get more information about your self and your environment. Empathy is the ability to mentally and emotionally project yourself into another living being. You will discover immediately that we all have very different perspectives and yet we all have a connection with our emotions. Every living being knows what it feels like to experience, pain, pleasure, joy, happiness, repression or fear.

Having multiple perspectives of your reality gives you information that is highly valuable. It helps you adjust your own actions and thinking more in alignment with your greater intentions – when and if you know what they are.