Your human immune defense system is a wonderful model of understanding how nature encourages a competition-free interal environment. A quick study of the external immune defense systems show a considerable number of unique solutions to discourage competition. Theinside seems to reflect the outside.

The first principle of your immune defense system is that it is highly intelligent. It works under a principle of using a minimum of resources to secure integrity in the environment. Any other choice would degrade the organisims ability to develop and devote energy toward physical, emotional or mental expansion of previous limitations. This is growth without the element of consumption that is so prevalant today. As such it is limitless.

So your immune system is aware that any energy devoted to defense is limiting to the ability to attain, maintain, extend and defend growth. So the mission of the immune system is to defend non-consumption growth of potential. That’s a wonderfully wise configuration.

Should the environment become more hostile toward the necessary conditions for vitality, the organism will suffer and either change and adapt, or self-destruct. Should the environment become still increasingly more hostile and require increasing amounts of energy spent on defense, than the organism will never have enough energy left for growth. It will than stagnate and die.

So there is a stale-mate here concerning competition. If you don’t succeed in stopping it quickly, it will require significant strength to stop the competition at a later time. So we need clear alarms for any sign of competition. We do what we can to reduce or eleminate them as soon as possible.

Brutal immunity

The immune system is not “kind” to any forms of competition. There is a passive system and an active system. You could say that the passive system discourages competition and the active system destroys those cells that incist on compromising the integrity needed for vitality.

The immune system does not give the competition a second chance. They are simply surrounded and devoured.

The human response

In a book published by “Nicoli Levashov” – about the extended history of the Russian Society, he talks about how social parasites were dealt with up through known history. In any tribal civilization a social parasite is quickly recognized, identified, confronted and excluded from the protection and benefits the cooperation in the tribe can provide.

He tells that as communities grew, so did the difficulty and uncertainty of danger and guilt. Social parasites, or social predicators were “out-lawed” and cast out of society – but they were provided with the bare needs they had in order to survive. The problem was that the “outlaws” started to cooperate and become stronger. They ambushed the people that came into their zone of action and grew in strength and aggressiveness.

Eventually they become so strong that they end up ruling by force over those that once showed them mercy.

Being kind to a social parasite is not a good thing in the long run. Levekov makes an interesting point about how social and biological parasites are different. Biological parasites attack the weakest of individuals or parts of individuals and thus enhance biological evolution over time.

Social parasites go after the highest level of development in the species. The “free-thinkers”, artists, activists, teachers, writers and students are often targeted by the social parasites for elimination. By taking out the extraordinary individuals the social parasite is working to degrade the evolution of the species.

As such, a social parasite is much more dangerous than a biological parasite. This is a principle that is very little understood today.

Humans modeling nature

It is no stretch of the imagination to think of your body, which has at least 4-trillion different unique cells, all existing to do their best for you – with the 7-billion people on the planet as cells in some sort of collective of humanity. Our immune defense systems are called police and military.

They are motivated to grow through consumption. Instead of working to eliminate social parasites, the social parasites have disguised themselves as the immune defense system. They are doing what is called an autoimmune disease on their host. No wonder you feel run down and tired. You are one of the cells that is being attacked by your own immune defense system.

What is a social parasite?

A biological parasite is a life-form that lives off of the energy of other life-forms. In the field of health, we think of them as germs. In nature we think of them as predators. Amongst humans, they are mostly called “psychopaths”. They are known to habitually serve their own self-interests at the expense of others. They are highly competitive people and will do what ever it takes to win. This is what makes these individuals so dangerous. They do not have the same boundaries that people with empathy automatically have.

The idea of serving self at the expense of others is rooted in the belief of scarcity in all things. There is always too little to go around. Their ultimate goal is survival. They are totally devoted to and possessed by the spirit of competition. They are the self-appointed rulers, dominators, and oppressors of others. They serve the power of taking.

Is there a cure?

The question is always asked about the prognosis for changing any individual that has taken the emotional choice to serve self at the expense of others. Only the social parasite can make that decision to change. It will always be unknown what experience has to happen to crack open the shell of self-isolation. The only answer to that question is, “love”, “unconditional love” to be exact. Their cure is their torture.

Punishment is something they expect and it will reinforce their lack of connection or isolation – and will to survive and “win”. It seems counter intuitive but this is the only thing that can really melt a petrified heart.

Isolation and healing

The immune system makes a short process of parasites where possible. There is no toleration of the tribe. Humanity may or may not consider another approach and that is to isolate the parasite and provide the environment that changes its behavior. As such that parasite will someday become a valuable member of the whole.

Those that choose the task of healing the social parasite must be prepared to hold the parasite in unconditional love so long that they either self-destruct, or transform themselves.

Spiritual perspectives

The social parasite – or any other kind of parasite is organized in such a way that they will be predictable. You can count on them serving their own interests at the expense of others. This is also called “service to self polarization”. It is recognized as existing also in higher or more refined levels of reality than what we experience.

This means we have to accept the idea that soul may willingly choose the path of pain – or negative polarization – as a decision made at the level of the soul. Such an individual will not respond well to “normal” attempts of healing. It would have to be something extraordinary. There is always a freedom to make the decision to rotate the one or other way. The decision about what to do is something I am not prepared to give a standard answer to. All situations will be unique. I understand that all forms of life have a purpose, even if that purpose is to provoke real self defense from the parasitic attack.

Zero Tolerance is prevention

When it is understood what parasitic behavior really is, it will be socially discouraged from an early age. The strength of the discouragement is of course is relative. This kind of social response would weed out the “wanna be” psychopath from the “die-hard” type.