In the debate between science and religion up throughout history, the baby has always been thrown out with the bath-water. We had a Dark Ages of the Catholic Church with their torture and inquisitions before there was a social revolt. Now we have a Dark Ages of Science with political inquisitions and torture. In order to come into the Age of Enlightenment we need to do some serious re-integration.


A brain for science and a brain for religion

When you mention it most people seem to be aware that their brains are divided into to different hemispheres and that each side is specialized. For most people the left hemisphere of their brain works with language, logic, math, and rational thinking – which means a logical relationship between cause and effect. The right brain hemisphere deals with feelings, geometry, sensory experience, literalness, and irrational thinking. It doesn’t have to have a reason for doing things. The right brain is creative because it makes connections that are not necessarily logical, but they still work wonderfully together. I think my right brain has made an interesting connection that I would like to follow through on.

Most people also think of religion as being irrational because it is based on faith. Science, on the other side is very rational. There is an implication here that is really pretty amazing. That is kind of like saying that you have religion in one half of your brain and science in the other. That means we must have a pretty big conflict in our brains, doesn’t it. Religion and Science have always said that the other side has totally misunderstood the truth. Maybe we can discover something interesting here. Almost anybody would agree that science and religion are in conflict with each other. Why is it that the different hemispheres of the human brain have to work together to be complete?

Could this mean that religion and science have a problem when they are all on their own? It sure looks that way! You mean your telling me that science only has half of the truth? Yep! Which half of the truth does science have? The half that doesn’t have anything to do with life! Are you trying to tell me that psychology, psychiatry, medical science, biology, and all the social sciences have understood everything the wrong way? Yep! Oh, my God! Yep! “Huston, we have a problem”!

Living in a rational world perception

How did things get so screwed up? Well it seems that we humans have a tendency to split things up, even if they belong together. We aren’t really used to thinking of putting things together, we think everything is easier to understand if we take things apart. That way we can get to specialize and really get to know the truth. The problem with that is that we tend to know more and more about less and less, until we know everything about nothing.

Are you trying to be funny?

No, I’m dead serious. What I am trying to tell you is that what we think we know about life and what it is all about is all wrong. I am also trying to tell you that because science has only half of what it knows right and the other half that knows nothing about itself is playing around with the stuff that works, it’s something like giving a live hand grenade to a little baby. I think that is why Martin Luther King said that, “Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.”

That sounds dangerous. Is there anything we can do to correct the problem? Yep! Okay, what do we have to do? Fix science. Can it be done? Yes, but we don’t have much time. Why is that? Because most of our governments and our social institutions are run under the wrong assumptions. They firmly believe that mankind is inherently a stupid creature that needs to be told what to do, think and mean. The social institutions are really there to control, repress and milk the masses for money and power and because the masses are so uninformed, they believe that their governments are actually working for them. They believe in either science or religion and they both think their right and nobody is telling them any differently. That keeps the system working for those few that are really running the show.

Can you prove this?

Yes I can, but that could get you distracted from the most important thing you need to know. What’ s that? How to fix science and what happens when that happens. Do you mean that we don’ t need to fix religion? You don’t mention that? That’s because, when we fix the one, we fix the other. We integrate the best of both worlds and you will see how wonderfully they work together. Okay. How do we start?

Integration is the key

keyFirst of all you have to realize how religion and science are assembled, what they accept and what they leave out. That way you can realize that they are only accepting each other while rejecting the other part of the whole – just like the brain when it doesn’ t work the way is should.

You see, religion is essentially faith based. What they call knowledge is really pretty irrational. They are basically assumptions that can’ t really be proven. Some of the most important assumptions are really what science would call poor epistemology. What’s that? It is the answer to the question, “How do you know what you know?” Its all about the theory of knowledge, whether it is based on solid thinking or silly thinking. A good example of what science has a problem with is that it says in the Bible that it is the word of “God”. It is not to be questioned. Science calls that self-referencing and that is a poor epistemology.

Is there anything wrong with religion being faith based? I have always thought that it was important to believe in something.

That is not good enough for science and it shouldn’ t be good enough for you if you can replace faith with evidence based knowledge that has a solid epistemology. I always thought that we could never know about stuff like what happens when we die, or what the real meaning of life is. Are you telling me we can really know about stuff like that? Yep, when we fix science we can know a whole lot more than most people could ever dream about knowing. Wow! I can’t wait.

First we have to get back to fixing science. Before science was invented, everything that was known to be true, had to be approved by the church. There were some problems with this arrangement. Not everybody agreed with what the church said the truth should be. During the time of the inquisitions, a lot of people got hurt and even died at the hands of the church authorities. That is pretty much why science became invented, to pave the way for a better form of knowledge. The thinkers and the philosophers of that time figured out it would be a good idea to do the exact opposite of what the church represented. So they put some strict restrictions on what “pure science” should be.

What was that?

First of all, all that spirit stuff that you couldn’t see had to go and they replaced it with “materialism”. That is a philosophy that says that everything that exists is matter. Even consciousness can be explained by the physical processes that go on in the brain. They also put in “rationalism”, or “deductive” thinking which is a linear logical thinking like from a, to b, and to c and d. They also included “objectivity” just to get away from the “subjective” sensory based religious sources of information – like dreams and visions. They had to disappear. Can you explain a little more about how this relates to the right and left-brain hemispheres?

Science going metaphysical

Roger Sperry made some important discoveries about how the brain really functions during the 1950’s and 60’s. He found out how they were split into two halves and what half did what. The left side of the brain was the one that specializes in language, numbers and math. It keeps track of time. It is responsible for sequential thinking or logic. It works with symbols. This is the part of the brain that works with labels and finding out how to sort things into their right categories. That all sounds like Science to me! The right brain hemisphere specializes in sensory experience and emotions. It is irrational. This part of the brain is very literal and works with geometry. It has no sense of clock time and it is creative in the sense that it finds patterns and puts them together with other patterns to see how they fit together. It is musical and holistic in its approach to gathering information. I can see how religion and the right brain hemisphere would fit together! Why in the world didn’ t science figure this out in the first place?

First of all, science didn’t know that the two hemispheres of the brain worked this way. I guess they had an intuitive knowledge that there was a major difference between the rational and the emotional side of human experience even during that time period of our history. There has always been this conflict between the rational and our emotions. So this conflict between intellect and feeling also reflects the conflict between science and religion. I guess that also means that we can solve this conflict that has been bothering mankind for ages. Can we? Yep! All the conflicts get resolved when we learn the truth about ourselves. Wow!


So how do we fix science and religion so they work together? I would prefer to just call it fixing science. Religion seems to just disappear as soon as we leave out the faith and replace it with evidence. For starters we will include subjective experience into the scientific method. We will have to also include the idea that we will also insist on a well-formed epistemology. We will also be taking out “materialism” from the existing scientific method. We will also find that the irrational, really becomes pretty rational once we begin to understand how it works. What we are really doing is dumping faith from religion, and materialism from science and we are going to blend them together. This is going to be interesting. Where do we start?

It has already started. And this will also prove that materialism has to leave the scientific way of doing things. There is apparently a very universal experience that some people have that has mystified scientists as much as the people having the experience. It is called the “Near-Death Experience”. It used to be called the “Lazarus Syndrom” I thought when you were dead you were dead – game over! Most people think that way. The thing is that two generations of researchers have interviewed over 7-million patients who have been clinically dead for up to an hour and come back to tell us what they experienced while they were “dead”. Spookey! What does it mean to be clinically dead? It means no heartbeat, no pulse, no brainwave activity and no breathing.

Classical neurology says it would be impossible to have experiences in this state. The evidence is in conflict with the theory. So there must be something wrong with the theory. When we accept the strictest conditions for epistemology, like talking to over 7-million people and crosschecking for patterns, we have to accept the evidence. When did this get discovered? The first person to really research the subject was Dr. Raymond A. Moody. He published his discoveries in a book that is called “Life After Life”. It has sold over 13-million copies. Now there are a lot of people and universities inn on this work. At first it seemed to not get any scientific approval because of the restrictions on the scientific method. I guess they had to break the rules to follow the evidence. The brain was useless to work with. It wasn’t giving any information about what had really happened while being clinically dead. So what do people experience when they have died?

A lot of them begin by noticing that they are looking down at the body they just left. Sometimes there are a lot of doctors and nurses around frantically trying to revive the patient who has died. They think it is strange that there is so much stress because “they” are feeling perfectly fine. A lot of people describe being met by people they know that have died before them. They are greeted and they move over to “the other side” as they say via a tunnel of sorts. They can communicate telepathically, also with plants and animals. There are some cases where people who have been blind from birth talk about seeing colors while out of their body. This is also a neurological impossibility. The evidence tells us otherwise, because a person that is blind from birth isn’t able to conceive what the word colors mean. They don’t even understand the meaning of light!

A lot of NDE people feel an immense feeling of unconditional love while they are on the other side. They also involve themselves in a process called “life review” where they relive their lives and feel the effects of their actions from the perspective of others. It’s a kind of self-judging process. Some talk about meeting beings of total perfection, others talk about gaining insight about how the universe works. Almost all are told that it isn’t their time yet and they have to go back. The longer they have been out of their bodies, the less attractive that option seems to be. When they re-enter their body, they feel pain again. Some have been able to tell doctors or nurses what has been going on while they were out of their body. They can even hear what is being said.

I guess it must be depressing to come back to life after meeting perfection. It is easy to think that way. Actually a lot of people have profound life-changes after this kind of experience. Most become a lot more reverent of life – also the lives of animals. Their personal and social values seem to change very often. They become more family oriented. They loose interest in competitive sports, fashion and superficial activities. They become more aware of the importance of the smaller things. It is also interesting to note that they have a greater reverence for life. Suicide would be out of the question. They realize that life has meaning and that killing and violence is not a good thing.

What does all this say about the scientific theory that consciousness comes from the brain? Traditional science will tell you that the brain and the mind are the same thing. This research shows that the brain is more like a receiver of consciousness from the mind, which does not need the brain to function. The
brain is to express life through the body, like an instrument. This is pretty much the way religions have often expressed this relationship between consciousness and the body – as a vessel.

This is all mind boggling. Does everybody experience the same thing? These major patterns seem to be very universal. It doesn’t matter what religion you belong to, what nationality or race you are and age is really pretty irrelevant. All this stuff is very convincing, but it really doesn’t tell us much more about what happens after we die. After all we are only taking about an hour or so as far as time is concerned. Is there any other way that we con find out more? Yes there is and I want to tell you about that. But first I want to tell you a couple of things about the difference between your conscious and you sub, or unconscious minds. There are a lot of misconceptions about this from the theories that Sigmund Freud came out with for a hundred years ago.

The projection of emotions as enemies

When Freud discovered the subconscious, he thought it was a leftover from our animal ancestry. He was, of course, influenced by Darwin’s evolutions theories and took them to be correct. Freud was from Austria and they were coming out of the Victorian Age that repressed sexuality and emotions. Somehow he thought that the subconscious was the source for violent behavior and sexual drives. He understood that this part of our brain was repressed for our own good and that we had to be very careful not to provoke the subconscious. The religious authorities were also quick to jump onto the bandwagon and claim that the subconscious was more or less the Devil’s playground, also leading to a mentality of repression.
crowd-controlThe political leaders all around the world were quick to grasp this scientific finding as a proof of the need for authorities to control the greater public and Freud was in total agreement. He was convinced that the violence demonstrated in WWI was proof that his theories were correct. Believe it or not our modern consumer society is really a control mechanism that is an end result of Freud’s way of thinking. The entire foundation of psychiatry is founded on the ideas forwarded from Anne Freud about the need for a society based on conformity just to keep the unconscious forces in line. Anybody outside the statistical norms of psychiatry were declared sick and in the need of chemical or electrical treatment so as to become better adjusted as human beings.

The political mandate, even in so-called democratic countries, to control the masses is even more powerful today due to the technological abilities to monitor and regulate behavior. The idea is to create an invisible prison where we are told to feel free to express ourselves through our consumer life styles. This keeps us busy working, paying off our debts for our houses, toys and stuff we have to have to be happy.

The rest of our lives are to be filled with entertainment, mind control TV, fluoridated water to keep us passive, and dumbing down educations that keep us from thinking for ourselves. Stop, you are making me sick, I don’t want to know more. That is exactly what the ruling authorities would like you to say. I can tell you that getting sick is the result of eating food and drinking beverages that are so full of poisons and low on nutrition that they make your brain malfunction.

You said you were going to tell me about my conscious and subconscious minds.

Yes, excuse me, sometimes I get so mad at the way things are and the fact that so few know what is going on. I’ll have to get on track. About 50 or so years ago a number of researchers were beginning to challenge Freud’s ideas. They were finding that the subconscious was really an important part of our psychological make- up. A real breakthrough was made abound 1972 when Richard Bandler and John Grinder developed what is known as NLP-or Neuro-linguistic Programming. Its foundation is to study subjective experience, how it is created and how it is changed. They were actually a little ahead of the times when it comes to fixing science. They say that all experience is subjective experience because it is sensory based. They did a very good job at helping us to discover the differences between the subconscious and conscious minds.

Are you telling me that we have two different minds? Yes, but that is getting ahead of myself. I’ll get back to that later.

The subconscious mind works like an autopilot for the conscious mind. Every single activity that you do automatically, like reading for example, is done by the subconscious mind. The conscious mind doesn’t realize this because the subconscious mind works secretively. The conscious mind doesn’t really have that many resources at its disposal. The ones it does have are very important though. The conscious mind has like 5 to 9 flashlights of attention it can use to light up the darkness so to speak. Usually they are spread around what ever seems important for the moment. When they are really focused we get a state called trance. This is really a state of excellence, but not many know about that. The conscious mind also has will power and if that is used in the right way it is actually a very powerful tool. If we throw in a little logic, the ability to think in abstract terms, the need to rest and sleep and some short- term memory, then you have a grasp of what the conscious mind really is. It doesn’t seem like much. That is true. But you need to realize that if you didn’t have those mental resources you would resemble a person with autism.

The subconscious mind is really more like 90% of your personality. It runs your long term memory, automatic behavior, all body functions and even protects the conscious mind from traumatic memories by repressing these until the time is right to let them go. Your unconscious mind runs your energy systems and is like an assistant to the conscious mind. It’s actually your best friend. It does not have much of an intellectual capacity though. That is why it is sometimes referred to as the “inner child”. It likes to play and enjoy life. Freud thought that the subconscious was more like a garbage dump and sometimes it could really seem that way if the personality was full of traumatic memories. The thing is that these can be sorted out and cleaned up in really simple ways. All you really need to know are the sensory sorting principles that the unconscious uses to store memories. That sounds complicated.

We really don’t need to go there, along as you know your subconscious is your friend and doesn’t need repressing. It’s actually harmful to your mental health to repress your inner self. The idea is to get the intellect and the emotions to work together. The most important thing that I want to mention to you is that the unconscious mind remembers a lot more than we usually think is possible. It remembers having other lives before the one you are having now. How am I supposed to believe this. It’s not possible! I’m not stupid! Of course you aren’t stupid. You are just not informed. This is really kind of old information. One of Freuds students Carl Jung used to say that the unconscious mind believes in reincarnation. But hardly anybody believed him back then. But he was right.

You remember the database of 7-million patients that have talked about what happened when they died? Consider having a database that is at least ten times that size when it comes to comparing information that the subconscious is providing about past lives. Sometimes it happens spontaneously with children, telling their parents about lives they lived together before. Usually the parents think of the whole idea as fantasy. Sometimes adults will have spontaneous memories pop up, sometimes when they are traveling. Most of these memories are accessed by using hypnosis. Isn’t hypnosis dangerous. That is one of the ideas from Freud’s theories. The skills to use hypnosis in a safe way are available to anybody that really wants to do research in this area.

Personally, I would suggest a good education in NLP. That is probably the most up to date psychological model that I know of.

There are several religions that have reincarnation as a part of their belief systems. We really don’t want to go there because we want to use real evidence – people that tell us what they remember. The surprising thing is that there is an amazing amount of consistency when it comes to the patterns we learn about through regression work. The individual stories are all pretty unique. Many past lives are really mundane, just like present lives. But they usually all seem to fit a common pattern. The good news is that this information supports everything we have learned about from the Near Death Experiences. There are no conflicts. We just expand our knowledge about who we are and what we really are all about that much more. This is where we really can take off as far as insight is concerned. What this tells us is basically that everything we think we know about ourselves is wrong. The good news is that what we learn about ourselves is really very empowering. We are much more than we ever were led to believe.

When I come back, I want to be a bird. Can I do that?

No, sorry. Each life you live is about a continuous positive development. Coming back as a bird would be going backwards. I think this is scary coming back to another life in the future. I would like to think that one life was enough, so I don’t have to come back and experience more hard knocks that other lives will have in store for me. You are certainly right about this life being hard sometimes, but that is how we learn. I’ll tell you how you can make things easier for you, but first let me fill you in on how the system seems to work.

When consciousness leaves the body your conscious and your subconscious minds meet together and become as one. Just like the Near Death Experiences tell us, death is a peaceful ting. No more pain. When we leave our body, we leave the brains limitations on our consciousness and we have en expansion of conscious awareness. If we are psychically tired after a hard life, there is usually a resting time with limited awareness of our surroundings. After a while we become aware of many other beings around us, some known and some not. Sometimes we are greeted when we return because this is our spiritual family. It’s a lot larger than our physical family. We are talking about maybe as many as a thousand individuals. At any given time, some of these are alive and others are in the period we usually call, “in between lives”. We communicate telepathically, we do an extensive life review and we plan for our next life. We are really a lot more responsible for our lives than we usually believe we are. There are no victims. We choose the lessons that we need to learn, we chose at least one of our parents, we choose our gender and even how we are going to express ourselves sexually.

Wait a minute. This is too much. You mean to tell me that I choose my parents?

Yep, at least one of them – sometimes both. Sometimes we choose our parents because they will give us what we need to send us towards learning the hard way. Sometimes we choose our parents because they give us what we want in positive terms. It is always a choice. And are you telling me that we all live lives as men or women and change? Yes exactly. Consciousness is not limited to one gender. If you look around, you will find men and women that all have a certain kind of balance between masculine and feminine traits, without being gender confused. The drama of life is a lot more dramatic because we all have this attraction to each other.

The most interesting part about this is how we perceive sexuality outside the norm of male/female attraction to be evil, or a sin, or even worse. It is actually a natural relationship that can become confusing if we have an out of balance choice of genders. Many masculine lives preceding a feminine choice will naturally produce a very woman with masculine traits. She can still be a fully functional woman as far as sexuality is concerned. She just might be expected to express that sexuality in a more aggressive way.

I guess that kills the debate about the gender battle, or women’s rights.

Yep. Another important concept that we learn about through regressions and past life memories is the fact that karma is not a theory. It is a law of balance. You do get back what you send out. There is positive and negative karma. The negative kind is what you get when you take someone’s free will away from them. Killing is the single most serious karma we can give ourselves. It means we are bound to that person in the future and will have to do something hard to make it up for taking their life. We might even have to sacrifice our life so that they can live. Karma takes priority out of choosing the lessons in life. Karma slows you down, in other words.

Who makes the plans and the deals to pay back karmic debts?

That is a good question. In many regressions, when in the period between lives there are a lot of people that talk about the masters, those that know more, the perfect ones. These beings are what we call “Higher Selves”. They are a trinity of beings that work as a single unit, giving perfect advice and unconditional love. These beings function as our consultants and help us through the process of making the choices we all have responsibility for. We don’t have to have died to get advice from these “masters”. They can be accessed in the trance state. It’s a wonderful experience. There is so much wisdom that can be gained by using these methods. We have also discovered that we all have a Higher Self that is with us during our life. What does this Higher Self do?

Our personal higher self is a being that is far more developed than our selves. It has three purposes. Its purpose is to protect you from accidents. It guides us also to experience what we need to learn our lessons in life. The higher self is also there to manifest our wishes. To do all these things higher self is a being that works with all the other Higher Selves. It resides outside the body, can be asked to guide, give inspiration and help if we want to use this resource. The conscious mind does not have access to the Higher Self, only the unconscious mind. And it will only make contact if it has a good conscience.

You are making it sound as though we really are magical beings. Is this really true?

That’s right!

Is what you are telling me something I can verify for myself?

Yes you can.

I’m speechless.