I propose to you that Science is just as affected by the paradigm of competition as anything else. Expanding the paradigm of scientific exploration will also secondarily affect everything else we think we knew from before. Especially anything directly or indirectly connected to science – such as political science, physics, cosmology, astronomy, biology, and human-science such as - economic science, psychological science, medical science, educational science, social science and religion. All of the present perspectives concerning these branches of science will have to change with the expanded framework. I assure you that there are already specialists in these fields that are fully aware of these issues.

The institution

science-symbolsScience is an institution of supposed knowledge within the paradigm or framework of thinking that created it. Science was born as a response to the dogmatic practices of the Vatican Church. The argument at the time was that dogma, emotions and belief systems were too dangerous and completely wrong. Rationality was to replace faith and belief. It seemed like a very good idea.

So science was created as an institution with a rational, logical, objective and materialistic approach that theorizes that matter is the most fundamental part of the universe. Those were the days before we knew so much about energy and that an atom is really 99.9999999% emptiness. Those were the days before Max Planch discovered and proved that focused attention over time could alter matter even if it was sealed away in a vault of steel, granite and lead.

So science started on a long tradition of its on form for dogma that anything that had anything to do with something that was not physical was not worth conserving, like it didn’t exist. Your thoughts can never be proven. Does that mean they don’t exist? Our present model of science was also created before we discovered that the brain is split into hemispheres having to opposite functions – the one fragmenting the whole while the other pulls all the fragments back together. We really do need both these different processes of perception.

The rational mind is the specialist for fragmentation. Science did not realize that back in the day of its birth. So the rational model for science and proof is based on the paradigm of competition in its own way. It wants to dominate the other half of the brain and its functions.

The left brain hemisphere

The human is fragmented into two hemispheres. The left hemisphere is usually the dominant side. It is rational, uses languages, abstract thinking, math, clock time, logistics, strategies, measuring, labeling, categorizing and sequential logic.

By applying the scientific method of inquiry and the acceptable criteria for providing scientific “proof” you get knowledge. That is the scientific premise. In reality, science is taking half of the processes in the brain and calling them useless as far as knowledge is concerned. Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

The right brain hemisphere

lrbrainIf you know how to take apart a mechanical clock down to its component parts, label them correctly, weigh and measure them, become an expert at certain functions and the laws of physics that make them work, you would never know what you are really dealing with until you can put that clock together again so it functions as a whole. This is how the brain works too.

The right brain hemisphere is de-fragmenting what the left has taken apart. The right hemisphere works with processes that could never make sense if they were fragmented or taken apart into smaller chunks of information. These include things like: Sensory experience, timelessness, language free, emotional, literal, rhythmic, creative, geometry, isomorphic – sees patterns between different things, metaphor and dreams. The right brain is also logical. It uses simultaneous logic while the left hemisphere uses sequential logic.

What has happened to the scientific model

Albert Einstein’s mentor, Max Planck was able to prove that human awareness had an influence on the result of certain experiments. He was especially able to prove that focused attention over time had measurable effects on matter. In doing so he also proved that human attention, when focused, is able to penetrate deeper into matter than the most powerful gamma rays.

Such a discovery should have revolutionized the scientific model. Not only did research disclose that human attention was a force in itself, but that matter is much better understood as an intelligent arrangement of energy. Such a thing would have been very disturbing to the established ideas in not only science, but also religion and society in general.

The scientific solution to this problem was to not talk about the implications of Max Planck’s findings, only talk about some of the details. To keep the science clean, they removed the scientist from the experiments. This they call “objectivity”. Of course this new rule in science, leaving out the scientist does create some conflicts in other scientific fields of endeavor – like psychiatry and psychology. Take away the people and there is nothing to study.

head-in-sandPeople have found a way to deal with this kind of apparently unsolvable conflict. Its called cognitive dissonance and it is a form of mental disease. One of the parts is simply ignored and so the conflict goes away. It’s like burying your head in the sand to hide.

Anything that is “subjective” is highly suspicious in the mind of a one-sided rational thinker. Subjectivity is the polar opposite of rationality, and rationality can find no reason for its existence. It exists simply as an entertaining toy I guess.

Scientists from all over the planet in many different fields have been confronted with the conflicts contained within the scientific model itself. These same scientists are confounded by the lack of willingness from the mainstream establishment to admit that the materialistic model of reality is faulty and lacking.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”
― Nikola Tesla

Tesla was the scientist that electrified the world as we know it today. His inventions are still not fully understood and nobody has been fully able to replicate some of his findings. He was the most prolific inventor of our time. He understood something about electricity and could do things with it that are still a mystery. His ambition was to provide free energy to the people of the planet but the banks saw that as destructive to their power monopoly over the people and effectively stopped his financing.

Materialism and the Mind

One of the consequences of adopting the theory of materialism is that it placed the human brain as the only thinkable source and producer of what we call consciousness, or the ability to be self-aware. It is this “self” or the “I” of YOU that science cannot explain except to say that the brain makes it this way.

Of course, if the brain creates consciousness, than consciousness must disappear when the brain is dead or body is dead as we understand it. Roger Sperry said the following when he gave his Nobel Prize speech for research concerning the specialization of the two hemispheres of the brain. “It makes a big difference to us if consciousness is believed to be bound to the brain, if it is spiritual and universal, or if it is reincarnated, or ….” He realized that there was something missing in our understanding – we did not know about what made consciousness what it is. We only believed.

Modern scientific research about awareness

spiritOver two generations of research has involving the Near-Death Experience started with Dr. Raymond Moody with his first book on the subject “Life after Death”. Since that time Universities and Hospitals all over the world have been interested and researching on their own. The conclusions are quite clear. Human awareness does survive the death of the physical body. This proves that the mind and the brain are two different entities. The scientific willingness to confront these findings, resolve the conflicts they create and re-write the paradigm of science is simply not there yet. Too much has been invested in the old paradigm that they know is a limiting belief and therefor a lie.

Research that takes us much deeper into the mysteries of human awareness has been actively taking place over the last hundred years, without too much public awareness of the findings and conclusions involved. Some of the research is kept very quiet and not publicized. Other research has been ridiculed and deemed as “junk science” while some has slipped through the cracks in the wall and become known, at lest to an increasingly large number of people.

In the realm of advanced physics research has constantly been confronted by the abounding evidence that consciousness or awareness is a force unto itself in the universe. Physicist Nassim Haramein says it this way – “It is the emptiness, that connects us all together.”

We are discovering that DNA does not determine behavior as was once assumed. It is the environment that is the big determinate. DNA is a kind of structural blueprint for different functions. We are discovering levels of intelligent communication and cooperative synergetic relationships everywhere we look at different scales of biology. Consciousness is much more fundamental to creation than we ever believed possible before. See the work of Bruce Lipton. 

Why Physicists Are Saying Consciousness Is A State Of Matter, Like a Solid, A Liquid Or A Gas

Science has to move outside of the paradigm of materialism in order to be able to follow the breadcrumbs of evidence that always seems to be present in their research. Awareness, or consciousness is a force unto itself and Science needs to officially recognize the fact and bring that into political awareness.

Check out this article for more information.

Materialism creates limitations for understanding physics

nested-vortexBecause the institution of official accepted science is still insisting on using materialism theories in a world where we are rapidly being confronted with the reality of energy being the most fundamental of the universe – we have spent billions of dollars on trying to smash and fragment atoms into increasingly smaller and smaller bits and pieces in search of the “God Particle” they say. It’s all nonsense.

Nassim Haramein says it this way: “Instead of looking for the smallest particles, they be looking for the fundamental principles of division that the universe uses. He refers to the fractal concept of the universe where all parts are nested within each other at all scales of creation. His research makes sense and the geometry and math seem to cooperate well together. If matter is 99.9999% emptiness, than it must be so at all levels of creation meaning that we have to re-think our concepts of how the universe works with energy and time. There is no other way to make sense of phenomena discovered at the quantum level of research. Somewhere, somehow, consciousness has to come into the picture.

Advanced energy research projects

Nassim Haramein VortexThere have probably always been people on the Earth that have tried their best to stretch beyond the limitations of our understanding of energy in the current paradigm of science. This is a mechanical paradigm that presupposes “entropy” - that all systems wear down and die. Just like batteries. This is a closed-systems thinking in physics, even though physics openly declares that there is no such thing as a real closed system. Another paradigm is that of all energy being explosive as far as useful energy is concerned – even though there is ample proof of the fact that explosion and implosion are two sides of the same energy equation. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.

All energy has an exothermic component and an endothermic component. This means explosion or expansion and implosion or contraction to what is known as a “zero-point” where the process is repeated over and over again in self-sustaining energetic systems. It’s quite the same as breathing. Your lungs expand and contract. Your heart does the same. When you look closely at the evidence you will find that everything has a continuous cycle of expansion and contraction. Some are so fast you never see it, others are so slow that you never see them, but you do see that all life has the same principle. Even trees, through the summer and winter, expand and contract. The seasons are a phenomenon that involves expanding and contracting.

In and out – seem to be a universal concept. It is also a universal concept that everything that has an outside has an inside. Your “outside” is your body. Your “inside” comprises your thoughts, emotions, dreams, intuitions… all of the internal, subjective, sensory based activities going on in your mind – not your brain.

The human brain is the outside of the mind, which is the inside of the brain. You might think of the mind as isolated within the brain, but that would be wrong too. The mind is movable and it resides where it wants to. This is what you do when you change your mental perspectives. When your mind expands to encompass a larger perspective – it is able to absorb the information at that level of perspective.

The brain is like your television and the mind is like the invisible energy moving into the antenna as a signal that the brain transmits to the body. If it was not so, it would not be possible for blind people to see and distinguish colors in the near death experience from a perspective outside their body. There are no neurological networks that are available for vision in the brain of one that is blind from birth.

The evidence suggest to the point of epistemological proof – that you are more awake and alive when you are dead than you are when you are alive, but inhabiting a physical body. That changes everything doesn’t it. It also adds another “breathing” dimension to life – where the cycles of expanded and repressed awareness are concerned.

What we have found out about death

mindWhen it concerns the issues about understanding death, we have to apply a practical approach. We use the evidence that we CAN acquire. We use it ALL and cross reference it to check for congruence. We can carefully construct an epistemologically sound structure for knowing the patterns we all experience in our extended evolution past the boundaries of life as we know it. This work is complete enough, cross-referenced enough, tested enough for it to qualify as “knowing”.

It changes many of the beliefs and belief systems that are created by religions concerning the same basic territory – life after death. As such it is a threat to the established religions of the world that are competing for the right to be right about their beliefs. They too are caught up in the competition paradigm.

The biggest issues concerning this new information is that it relieves the anxiety, uncertainty, ambiguity, the power struggles, sacrifices, punishments, false guilt, fear and confusion surrounding any religious dogma. At the same time it confirms the truth contained within these same teachings when you understand the filter needed to perceive the hidden codes. As such, this paradigm shift is not “against” any religion. It simply removes the illusions that made that religion limiting to your understanding.

The following information is an extremely condensed summary of information that is fully explained and cross-referenced in my book, “The Spiritual Handbook of Psychology” available in PDF format in the section for books. To save space, and show you the extent of what the release of the competition paradigm really means, I take the chance to serve you the simple facts as they are known to anyone that has spent the time to do their own research. It is your responsibility, how you deal with this and how willing you are to prove it to yourself, integrate it into your life – or not.

The facts of death

symmetry200Unless too shocked, or manipulated to do otherwise, your conscious mind and your unconscious mind will completely integrate when you leave your body – when the conditions for life are no longer there. There is no experience of pain after you have left the body – you are completely separated from what the body may be experiencing.

You become more aware of your surroundings outside your body and you will communicate with your mind between those you meet along the way. People you know will great you. You will experience unconditional love and acceptance, be guided along the way. You may or may not feel the need to rest. If you need it you will take it. When you have rested enough, you become more aware again and you begin a process of life-review. You see and experience your past life from the perceptual view of others. You discover things you want to change and improve. Somewhere along the way, you will make agreements with those that you were involved with in your previous life if there are serious energetic unbalances in the energy between you.

This is understood as “karma”. It is simply a learning methodology the universe uses. What you send out comes back to you. After a while, you get the point and start sending out goodness. You learn to live by the power of giving. It’s a so much more pleasurable path.

You will understand that you are part of a very large spiritual family, a conglomerate of souls or fragments of a larger soul that will eventually integrate into oneness. For those that are afraid of losing their identity – you should consider how you would experiencing being a thousand times more than what you are now!

In your state of being between physical lives, you will be spending considerable time planning out your next life. The extent of your planning will be in relation with the extent of your spiritual self-awareness. When it is low, much of the planning will be done for you by what is known as “Higher Self” – or “a trinity of three perfect beings that do not make mistakes”. They have many names or labels. I prefer and use the “Higher Self” concept.

This same concept is introduced into common knowledge by the film “K-PAX” where “Prote” plays the role of Higher Self in a physical manifestation. They don’t do mistakes. This cosmic helper – we call “Higher Self” is absolutely and consequently ignored, repressed and negated by the assumptions within the paradigm of their science model. When consciousness is relegated to the brain alone – there can be no room for the inclusion of experience, intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, talent or guidance from a higher inside source. Everything has to be a random event or determined by our DNA.

Anyway… Higher Self is like your advisor during any time of need – be that while alive or while in the time between lives. With this advise, you are fully informed and have free will of choice to abide or not by this advice. There is never any rule of force. You are however self-motivated and encouraged to grow in your experience as a soul or fragment of a larger family of souls.

You plan your life to the point of deciding which gender you will have, your sexual preferences, your body type, your parents – at least one of them must be highly beneficial to help you along the way. Your life-style, culture, and nation of choice will be a part of your choice of parents. You are responsible for all of these choices. Usually your parents, at least one of them, are one you have had experiences with before. Other family members may or may not be known from before.

Your choice of parents and family will be the source of the positive and or negative resources you will code your life with. They may give you accelerated abilities or they may retard your abilities. If they present you with challenges like being loved, accepted, etc. you will have chosen that because it is part of your life agenda to feel unloved or unaccepted – to learn to love yourself and accept yourself through trial and error in a state of confusion.

After your body has been conceived, you will become attached to it while remaining outside of it – at a distance, while it grows and develops. Should anything happen to the developing body – the attachment would be broken and you would choose again at another opportunity – the same or different parents. You are fully aware of your mother’s thoughts and feelings during this process. You are also aware of the father’s involvement or lack of involvement in your coming existence. Some look forward to it, others are more hesitant – depending on the plans for the future.

Just before birth, you will fully enter the body, move through a tunnel of darkness and into the light. Your memories of your agenda and your past will be part of your mind outside your conscious awareness. This is why it is called the unconscious mind – because you are normally not aware of it. It’s your biggest mystery.

You are now experiencing the consequence of a gamble – that you will listen to the inside part of you for your guidance, as a source of your direction in life and responses to the environment – in the context that your unconscious mind – your feeling mind has entered into a fragmented society, driven by fragmented concepts. This is your spiritual challenge – to be driven, led and motivated from the inside out.

The facts of life

boy-and-boat-2Your personality is the product of your past experiences of trauma and or happiness and satisfaction. Your attitudes will be appropriate to your agenda to learn through pleasure or pain. Your conscious mind will appear as the dominant part of your personality.

Unless you have paid close attention to the patterns involved, you will probably not realize how limited the conscious mind is and the resources at its disposal really are. It does not know what resources the unconscious mind has or how it works so it takes credit where there is no credit due. Usually all the blame for anything wrong is given to the unconscious mind to spare the “ego” – the conscious mind acting all on its own – under its own limitations. It is alone and afraid. It lives to survive. It is not aware of the eternity of awareness.

The conscious mind – is the same as the rational mind and that is connected to the dominant, left hemisphere of the brain. Since it likes to be the dominant partner it likes to activate itself more than the non-dominant side. This is why school is mostly about left-brain, rational subjects – reading, language, time, history, science, measuring, categorizing, uniformity, conformity and math are all highly valued subjects to learn about in school.

What they do not focus so much on are subjects like: Meditation and the power of focus over time (trance) (timelessness) – extended geometry – how our emotions and sensory channels of information work together with simultaneous logic, emotional and social intelligence, mindfulness, having multiple perspectives, empathy, sensory training, music, dance, drawing, art, poetry, multidisciplinary knowledge that is interconnected, dreaming, the complete creative process, self-sustainability and independence or autonomy.

Only a balanced education can stimulate and activate the entire human brain, the primary prerequisite for access to the integrated mind at its higher potential. The education system we have today is fully one-sided

The only way to integrate science is the same way to integrate our education systems – which is to include the entire scope of all of the specialized activities of the brain and integrate them into a synergetic cooperation that is designed to function as a whole.

It is at this point where we bring together the dual aspects of religion and science. We need to understand that both have thrown the baby out with the bath water in their evolution and revolutions. There is a new paradigm that unites these warring factions together to create knowing.

The relationship between science and duality

It is commonly understood that we live in a world where dualistic relationships abound. We have North/South, Good/Evil, Male/Female, Positive/Negative, Light/Dark, High Pressure and Low Pressure… the opposing forces of duality seem to be what makes the world go around, literally speaking.

The problem with duality relationships is that it is very easy to think of them as either/or. We would never know what wind was if there was no high-pressure to work against a low pressure. The one is not “good” while the other is “bad”. If you look carefully at the symbols for the Eastern concept of Yin and Yang, you will find that in both, there is a little bit of the other repressed and they are polar opposites in relation toward each other. There is also another necessary component to any duality relationship and that is rarely mentioned or considered important. That is the polarity of “Neutral”.

“Neutral” is not new to duality

code-crop-2Between the North and South Poles of any magnet is a zone known as the Bloch Wall. You will not find magnetism here. It is a neutral zone. Between positive and negative you have 0 or neutral. Peace is the neutral zone between war and vitality. In the eye of a tornado or the hurricane it is quiet and still. The dynamics of the vortex geometry seem to be one of those never-ending patterns we see in all of nature from the largest to the smallest scales. Neutral HAS TO BE VERY IMPORTANT.

In the human brain there is also a neutral center. It’s called the Corpus Callosum and it is the connecting neural network between the right and left-brain hemispheres. This network grows on a use or lose it basis. If both hemispheres of the brain are not stimulated and used in concert with each other, the network, or neutral zone will not be adequate to transfer traffic from the one side to the other. Mental or emotional indecision is the result. This is competition in a neurological sense. It is the consequence of thinking that one brain hemisphere is superior to the other - Too much either/or and not both together.

Knowledge about the role of the Neutral in all duality structures is important to better understanding especially the concept of “good and bad” in an extended way. Check out an article on this subject for a better explanation. It is also vital to understand concerning all energy research.

Proof and Epistemology = Science

wholebrainScience has had a problem dealing with issues it cannot prove. It has also refused to look at “epistemology” or the theory of knowledge to understand and include sensory experience back into the scientific equation.

The word epistemology is the answer to the question, “How do you know what you think you know?” It is also known as the theory of knowledge. Having a well-founded epistemology is a important thing.

I have had a very interesting experience I would like to share with the readers, that illustrates what this word is really all about. I was attending a series of two 24-day NLP-Training sessions in Hawaii, with Tad James, Julie Silverthorn and John Overdurfs. I was there for two months and had rented an apartment close to the Hotel where the classes were held from a local farmer.

One day the farmer came to the apartment with a crate of fruit. He held up a big pineapple and said, “You have to eat this today”! I asked him politely how he knew what he thought he knew. He promptly shoved the end of the pineapple to my nose and said, “Smell!”

I had never done that before, used my olfactory sensory channel as a valuable information source for knowing what food was ripe to eat. Before that time, my epistemology for that knowing – was lacking because I had not included all the necessary sensory-based information.

A well-founded epistemology has to:

  • Provide adequate access to all the relevant, available sensory information–internal or external.
  • Have a “model of understanding” that allows the information to work together and create congruence
  • A method of feedback that allows the model or the arrangement of understanding to be adjusted as soon as the evidence demands it.
  • A willingness to execute a condition of continual testing if the evidence changes.
  • Cross checked information from independent sources for congruence

If you apply this structure of knowing when it comes to knowing the “unknowable” you will vastly expand the size of what is knowable for you. This, I think, was what Nikola Tesla was referring to when it came to science. Tesla used his experimental evidence to build an epistemology of knowing what electricity was, how nature uses it and how it functions in that context. He understood how nature uses its own power systems and offered that to the world, but the world is controlled by the people that run the banks, and they said, NO. They have been running the science of science ever since that time and even before.