Humanity is struggling to resolve a very central issue that has plagued us for thousands of years. The issue is about how we relate toward each other, the environment and our selves. This is the core of and source for the greatest of challenges we experience in life.

The nature of our collective challenge is the resolution of and our ability to define two opposing attitudes usually described as the struggle between “good” and “evil” or “right” and “wrong”. Our problems have arisen from the fact that our perceptions have been relegated to a relativistic approach. What is good for me may be bad for you and what is bad for me may be good for you.

I propose that the resulting confusion is the root cause of our collective social and environmental chaos. The presence of global chaos and confusion is apparent to anybody that is willing to extend their awareness outside their immediate bobble of comfort-zone perception. We are on the verge of making ourselves extinct in so many different ways.

Today, we are on the very edge. Will we jump off the cliff and blame our genes for making us do this? Will we take a closer look inside and discover our ability to learn and make conscious choices that enable us to simply go down a different path? Those are the available choices my friend. Nothing else is good enough to save you from a whole load of real long-term pain. Suicide is only a temporary solution to a lasting problem.

This confused theme about good and evil is the underlying substance of our human drama. It is the underlying fundament of our cultural beliefs, religion, politics, science and economy. It is the reason we struggle to survive our lives in a state of relative and ongoing conflicts that always get resolved through countless compromises.

Without a resolution, it will become the reason for our individual and collective demise. I am convinced that a resolution is not only possible, but highly probable. It is the nature of extended human evolution.

Contrast analysis

Embedded within the social chaos on Earth, you will find extremes at both ends of the bell curve for human performance.

We find highly intelligent, but clueless expressions of extremely violent, self-centered and evil destructiveness. These individuals are trying to create value for self at the expense of others. On the other end, you will find extremely extraordinary levels of self-expression, care, creativity, invention and thinking that provide real value for others.

Both of these extremes provide us with the ability to do a contrast analysis of the attitudes and assumptions that enable us to discover the differences that really make a difference between the two.

It will enable clarity where there is confusion today.

When you understand the differences between the extremes, you might discover that each and every human has the potential for all of these attitudes and assumptions within themselves. It is not a matter of biological determination. It is a matter of free will and choice. That is your power as a human with unlimited value and potential.

The contrasts between the extremes of human potential are difficult to hide during this time. Between these extremes we find what is “normal” actually better described as mediocrity. It is truly a long way from your unlimited human value and potential. The cause or the reason for human mediocrity is the acceptance of a blend between both sides of the extremes on the scale of performance possibilities.

Mediocrity is the consequence of a social blending of perceptions that are in conflict with each other. They come from both extremes of the performance curve. The conflicts and the compromises create mental and emotional dis-ease at a personal and social level. To be normal is to be confused. Confusion is extremely self-destructive. It cannot be conceived as “good” and it can always be dispelled.

Relativism and one sidedness

The differences between good and evil are experienced through three perceptual positions – The one doing, the one being done to and the spectator, the authority or judge. Perception is often taken out of a larger context and in many cases are only under short-term considerations even though there will always be long-term effects.

Relativism is also caused by the differing modalities of perception between rational thinking and irrational thinking. Rational thinking deals with sequential logic and fragmentation of the whole into parts. Our perception of clock-time, language, logic, abstract thinking, math, quantification and classification are “left-brain” functions. Humans have a normally dominant left-brain.

Right-brain thinking is sensory based, emotional, simultaneous logic, geometry, literalness, metaphor, patterns, rhythm, creativity, timelessness (time without measure). All of these functions demand a different perception. They connect the parts to the whole, they defragment our perceptions.

The one hemisphere of the brain takes reality apart and the other puts it back together again. One-sidedness in thinking patterns will certainly create a relativistic perception of good and evil, right and wrong.

Unification of these principles is what creates unlimited value and potential in humans. It is the resolution of conflict. Nature is not in conflict with itself. Therefore there should be no reason for nature to create conflicts in biology. That would limit the potential for vitality. This is what nature always seeks to achieve. This is also what all humans seek to achieve.

Humanity has sought to create a rational society through the filter of one-sided thinking and perception. The present human institution for the truth is also based on one-sided rational thinking. As such, humanity has been satisfied with mediocrity in their lives. They have also accepted the idea of competition for survival of the fittest when they could have lifted their potential to a much higher level.

It is my contention that humanity is able to learn from its historic mistakes. It is also an maxim of Law that says we always have the right to correct a wrong when we become aware of its existence. It is right to get rid of wrong and it is a right to get rid of evil.

It is a distortion of the truth to assume or believe that the truth cannot be known if it cannot be physically proven to be true. It is a distortion that implies that you can only assume, believe or be convinced of such truth, BUT you can never KNOW the truth.


You KNOW that you have thoughts, but that can’t be proven by science. You still know they exist within you. Thoughts are simply not physical. Scientists that are willing to extend themselves beyond the present scientific paradigm have proven that to be the case. Actually that has been known since Max Planck’s discovered the power of focused awareness over time in the 1920’s.

That understanding has been confirmed by free research in many different ways, beyond the scope of this material.

The Simple Truth and Principles

The truth is always simple when the truth is known from the principles from which the truth arises. Principles arise from the recognition of patterns. This is an irrational process and requires activation of those mental resources. If you are solely rational in your thinking, you are essentially a “half-wit”, not in a derogatory sense but simply an observation that you are only using half of your potential No matter how clever you might perceive yourself to be, you still do not have a clue about what its all about.

You can know the truth by recognizing truthful principles in your life and applying those principles to other parts of your life. This is the “art of metaphor”. The more connected you are to the principles fractality, the more you will be aware that principles of the truth follow each other at all levels of perception.

It is very apparent that we live in a fractal universe. We can know that in many different ways through the patterns we can prove to exist. Film technology could not exist as it does today creating artificial reality without the existence of fractal math that creates landscapes as well as all other shapes we are able to contrive. We see the same patterns in advanced physics amongst researchers that are willing to extend their thinking to unify all their resources. Even the building blocks of nature, the atom are fractal creations.

The rational mind has insisted in fragmenting reality down to the smallest possible particle in Switzerland. Any scientist with an integrated mind would rather search for the unifying principles that nature uses to create all matter. Those principles are fractal in all their essence.

This kind of thinking will eventually lead you to the ability to perceive unity, where you earlier could only perceive separation caused by the rational mind. The brain is not the mind. Your mind is not physical. It is both unique to you and it is shared at a level very few are willing to recognize. Ancient Hermetic wisdom claims that the “Universe is Mind”.

Inside out-outside in

It is your conscious will or a thought that initiates the conscious movement of your body. Your will is immaterial. It is also a principle that the immaterial is a bridge to the physical – they belong together. The one cannot be understood without the understanding of the other. Your will is from the inside of you and the movement of your body is on the outside of you.

Everything that has an outside has an inside. This understanding and knowing is profound. It has obvious applications to how we live our lives. Are we best served to live life from the inside out, or outside in, or both together?

If there are two sides to something, will we discover the truth by being one sided?

Logical levels of truth

The truth is so huge and so simple that it is impossible to digest or integrate. The truth is able to be fragmented in such a way that it can be integrated – and still remain the truth. When information is truthful, it will always lead you to the perception of progressively more simple truths. As the truth gets fragmented it can also become distorted, twisted, manipulated, disguised, lost, or hidden away.

Twisted truth

When the truth becomes distorted after being broken down, the distortions will lead you away from the truth. You will not be able to trace it back to its simplicity. It will only become increasingly complicated and confused. This is how you can discover the difference between the truthful and distorted information. The truth is often presented in disguise by presenting part of the truth while distorting other parts.

The Truth about Love

Everyone knows something about Love. It is a relativistic principle for most. Everybody knows what it is like to care for something, improve it, make it better and give it energy and attention. Some people love war, weapons of war, power, sex, money and authority. Those that “love” power perceive competition for that power as evil. This perception provides the rational excuse to claim to have a good reason to kill, or go to war. That is twisted love.

There is also love for the earth, life on the earth, other people and last but not least love for self. Love in this respect includes the mutual respect for free will ,which is a reflection of the love for freedom. Some people love bondage others love freedom.

All of these experiences with love fall within the relativistic perception of good and evil. Our experiences of love are also greatly confused, fragmented and distorted. I would suggest a definition provided by Dr. Scott Peck in his book “A Road Seldom Traveled”: Loving behavior is the willingness and ability to STRETCH self out to self and or others for the purpose of promoting long-term spiritual growth. Love is not a thing, or a feeling but a process. It is a verb not a noun.

This confirms that we know some things about love but not all the things about it. Love is not dependency on another because it is something you cannot give to others MORE than you can give to yourself. Loving self is also a rather confusing aspect of good and evil. Some say its good, others say its evil because you stop thinking about others. I propose to you that the more you Love yourself, the more you will know yourself. The more you know yourself, the more you know about the nature of the relationship between your self and the rest of your external environment, including other people.

Pain – short-term and long-term

Loving behavior means the ability to stretch. That also means, learning, mastering, improving, developing or creating at some level. A lot of people call this WORK. It is painful to stretch and learn.

When we avoid the pain of stretching in love, we become confused and replace our intent upon short-term pleasure, immediate gratification, immediate rewards, privileges, benefits and authority. All of these choices lead to long-term pain, obligation and disease. As a life-style it is to be highly confused and lost in what the nature of true love really is all about.

The nature of true love is to stretch self and or others to reach their unlimited value and potential. That potential never ends.

From this principle, the relativity of what is good and bad becomes ultimately clear. To be really good, it has to be long-term pleasure. To be really evil is to be long-term suffering.

Blacks Law dictionary describes the word, “Suffering” as pain that is endured. It is regulated by either conscious or unconscious consent. The choice to promote pain, is also the promotion of long-term pain for yourself. This is because there is a natural law that demands development in all things, either through long-term pleasure or long-term pain. The promoter of pain is having short-term pleasure, rewards or power. The long-term pain will come through forced commitments, limitations of freedom, obligations, a “price” to pay.

The distinctions between long-term and short-term are a necessary addition to critical thinking regarding clarity about good and evil. They are truthful principles. Patterns that confirm these truths abound in your own life.


You are the author of your life. It is your experiment. It belongs to nobody else. Only you have access to insight concerning your life-experiment. You have had these life-experiments before and you will have them again. Your body will die someday but that is not YOU because YOU are your awareness, the sum of your experiences and the sum of your ability to become aware of that unlimitedness that is YOU.

For that reason, the truth about authority is that YOU are your own authority. No one has the right to claim higher authority over you, even though they might claim that authority. External authority is a distortion of authority. There is only authority in the truth and in YOU.

It may be difficult for you to accept your authority because it means you need to accept your responsibility. It may also mean that someone else thinks that I am evil because I am saying that YOU are the only real authority. It does not change the simple truth.

When you were a child, your parents had authority over you. Good parents will stretch and teach their children to become self-led and independently free humans. Such parents carry the authority of the truth. Bad parents will promote dependency, limitations and obligations. Their children will become bound to their learning and limitations. These parents are only using the authority of their age and power. This is distorted authority.

As a child you looked up to your parents, literally speaking. You created within your mind a method to identify “authority” to mean, “Somebody you look up to”. If that unconscious mental map is not re-adjusted as an adult, you risk “looking-up” to authority as an internal, mental process. When you think of an authority figure, do the eyes of the authority look down at you, or do you keep a level field of perception? It makes a difference on the inside too.

Your passion is not your “job”

A seed becomes a tree from the inside out. If an egg cracks from the inside out, the chick inside will most likely live. If the egg cracks from the outside, the chick will most likely die. If you live your life from the inside out, you will discover your passion and your unique path in life. If you live from the outside – in, you will discover what others think you should do and you will travel another’s path.

It is your passion to discover, learn or experience more that motivates your behavior when you live from the inside out. It is an act of love because you allow yourself freedom to be who you are from the inside out. Your “job” is something that you are motivated for from the outside and in. It’s about the money, advantages, benefits and rewards.

Therefore your job is not your passion. You will discover, if you give yourself the freedom to do so, that when you live in your passion, you work much more than when you just do your “job”. It’s not experienced as “work” but you will extend all your effort striving for your passion. This is the secret that motivates extra-ordinary humans to do things that benefit the rest of the planet and humanity. It is their passion.

When you follow your passion, you do what is right and good for you and the universe at the same time.


One of the arguments to promote competition is to suggest that it motivates yourself to do your very best. That’s why competition is supposedly good for you. Do you think that is true?

The science of flow tells us that no living or dead system can reach its full potential in an environment of internal and or external competition. Amplification of competition destroys performance. At a certain point there is always a “melt-down” because competition demands cooperation to make it work. Competition alone will only freeze everything together. There will be no movement. This is a “Mexican Stand Off”.

Cooperation experiences competition as pollution. It provides resistance, friction, rules, limitations and an entire host of undesired effects.

The paradigm of competition being natural, necessary, unavoidable and good has been a very painful thought virus for humanity as a whole.

The cultures of business and government all know that the best way to become strong is to get rid of the competition in any and all ways. This is because they are seeking vitality. The problem arises in their confusion because vitality can only be achieved in the absence of competition. Business and Governments are trying to get rid of competition while the agents of these businesses and governments are promoters of competition. As such they believe in competition and will always experience internal competition.

As such they can NEVER reach their potential. They can only try to survive in mediocrity.

Contrast analysis

The true principles of goodness

The true principles of evil

Goodness is based on the power of giving: long-term pleasure, freedom of fully informed choice, new possibilities, expansion of awareness, unlimited value and unlimited potential, solutions

Evil is based on the power of taking: time, effort, money, energy, independence, freedom, authority, sovereignty, long-term pleasure, intelligence, information, the untwisted truth

Goodness provides freedom

Evil takes away freedom

Goodness celebrates uniqueness

Evil celebrates standardization

Goodness celebrates diversity

Evil celebrates monocultures

Goodness celebrates the simple truth

Evil celebrates the complicated lie

Goodness celebrates cooperation in synergy

Evil celebrates cooperation in competition

Goodness celebrates autonomy

Evil celebrates dependency

Goodness celebrates responsibility

Evil celebrates irresponsibility

Goodness celebrates reality

Evil celebrates fiction

Goodness celebrates collective goals

Evil celebrates collective enemy

Goodness celebrates eternal knowing

Evil celebrates lasting beliefs

Goodness celebrates vitality

Evil celebrates the fight for survival

Goodness celebrates – do no harm

Evil celebrates harm

Goodness supports self-defense

Evil prohibits self-defense

Goodness supports wisdom and the truth as authority

Evil supports power, strength, force as authority

Intelligent self-led organization for vitality

Centralized and compartmentalized organization for competition

Goodness supports autonomous, decentralized and adequate, energy distribution

Evil supports centralized, adequate energy distribution through dependency and taking resources in return

Goodness celebrates free flow of truthful and factual information. The vitality of each and every part of the whole depends on knowing the truth and relating to the truth

Evil supports secrecy, propaganda, fragmented and distorted information at all levels of compartmentalization. The lies are different at each level.

Goodness celebrates higher emotions – to create, explore and share

Evil celebrates lower emotions of fear, loss, pain, anxiety, worry, stress, anger

Goodness celebrates care

Evil demands sacrifice

Goodness celebrates eternal potential

Evil celebrates restriction and limitation

Goodness is purpose to evolve

Evil is purpose to degrade

Goodness is to harmonize

Evil is to create chaos

Goodness is to promote lasting pleasure and freedom

Evil is to promote lasting pain and dependency

Goodness celebrates learning from mistakes promoting mastery

Evil punishes making mistakes retards learning

Goodness teaches through rewarding desired behavior (vitality)

Evil teaches through punishing undesirable behavior (lack of cooperation with evil)

Goodness encourages eternal stretching

Evil encourages eternal stagnation

Goodness promotes clarity

Evil promotes confusion

Goodness resolves conflict with the truth

Evil resolves conflict with compromise

Goodness refers to the laws of nature

Evil refers to the laws of man

Goodness uses money to create autonomy, abundance and less need for money

Evil uses money to create dependency, servitude scarcity and always more need for money

Goodness promotes no tolerance for evil

Evil promotes tolerance of evil

Goodness promotes the extraordinary

Evil promotes normalcy

Goodness celebrates empathy and wisdom

Evil knows no empathy, only curality.

A different paradigm

As you can see from this basic analysis of the differences between good and evil, you will have difficulty remaining confused in the future. You will perhaps experience a number of confused feelings concerning attitudes, assumptions and convictions you have previously invested much time effort and attention into supporting and even defending.

Good and Evil are not supernatural entities but rather universal teachers through experience. The universe demands development. It is the will of the universe to extend itself and become more – as it is your freedom to be willing to do the same. Even the path of long-term pain, which we call “evil,” is an ultimate teacher/learner just as long-term pleasure because eventually both paths lead to the same ultimate wisdom. Love is the freedom to choose, wisdom is the knowledge of consequences.

There is universal neutrality to your choice of action now and in the future. This is the reason for good and evil. Without the duality of these two polarities, humanity would never experience love. This is because love is the freedom to choose. There is no punishment, only learning.

The emotional decision

The reader, or listener of this message will find themselves in one of three categories. You have taken the emotional decision to serve others as yourself, or you serve your own interests at the expense of others. It’s either/or. Trying to do a little of the one and a little of the other is to stay confused.

In nature, that would be called “unpolarized”. It is a simple and obvious truth that vitality cannot be realized while parts of the whole are confused and others are clear. Any living organism could not survive under such conditions. This means an extension of your life experiments in confusion under conditions that are most suited for your continuing evolution.

The truth about Earth

The Earth is alive. This is not New Age religion. It is simply a fact of nature. All nature is alive with awareness. Consider the earth as the sum total of all forms of life that are on the inside and the outside – just like you, only different. The Earth is also evolving. It will sometime in the near future only support forms of life that that have empathy for life. The magnetic framework for Earth will evolve to become “positively polarized” as a proton instead of a neutron on a smaller scale.

Those that have chosen the path of pain will continue their experience on a planet polarized for their choice just like an “electron”. They will evolve independently of each other because of the destructive power of their strength, they would self-destruct and that is not useful in the universe.

These are matters that no one can change. It is the way of evolution in the universe and the path of evolution for mankind.

Because the universe celebrates learning and development it welcomes any and all that desire to make that choice, even though they have served the forces of evil before, to take that emotional decision and put it into practice immediately. That means you clean up the mistakes that you make in the past. That might seem like hurt – but you must remember – short-term pain in stretching gives you long-term pleasure in a future you could never imagine was possible.

This is the “paradigm shift” for planet Earth and its people.