The problems with rational thinking are related to one-sided thinking and dominance over emotional styles of thinking that create serious distortions in our perceptions of life in general. Discovering and correcting this imbalance is not only a cultural problem but an individual one. There are simple solutions.


The celebration of rationality

The age of our modern rational culture began as a consequence of years with torture, terror and inquisitions driven by the Catholic Church claiming to be the only acceptable source of the truth and authority. After years of torturing and repressing the free-thinking and non-conforming population under their rule, the people revolted. The Age of Reason was born and that led us to Rational Science, as we know it today.

As we consider what really happened back in those days through the filter of updated knowledge about the brain and mind, we can find legitimacy in the idea that this was the fall of irrational rule in Western civilization. It was replaced by rational rule.

The age of rationality changed the way we educate our children and ourselves. It enhanced the idea of emotional control as a necessary prerequisite for an organized and safe/sane life. It created the industrial revolution and the age of the computer.

The rational mind is now cultivated and trained to normally DOMINATE over irrational resources. The implication in this relationship is that the rational mind is more capable and useful as a means of organizing our lives and patterns of perception.

The truth of the matter is that emotional power is much stronger than rational power. It has a much greater range of resources available to it. Just try and kick a bad habit with will power alone. The situation leads many people to believe that their will power is defective. The truth is that is simply used in the most useless way, to compete with emotions.

The passive resources in the human mind are by far superior to the dominant rational resources on their own. This creates for us all a very close and personal problem in our lives. It also creates a wide range of social problems that the rational mind alone is simply not able to cope with and resolve, I propose that the principle of domination is a conflict in its own. It demands destructive competition and disease. The problem can be resolved in such a way that the entire brain and mind can be free of competition and conflict. That is your higher human potential.

Duality of the mind and brain

lrbrainThe human brain is literally split down the middle. It has an organ called the corpus callosum that acts like an interphase between two entirely different methods of cognition. Even though the two hemispheres of the brain think in different ways, the wisdom of nature offers a translator of varying degree just so there should be no conflict between them. This is a biological necessity because biology never inserts competition between parts of the whole. Everything serves a purpose to provide the conditions and potential to attain, maintain and defend the state of vitality.

Consider even the lowly flower. Do we not find only intelligent organization of diversity at any and all levels of biology in different forms of living creatures?

The interphase between the two hemispheres of the brain is a neural network with varying degrees of development. In some humans it is compared to an old dial-up connection on the Internet. For others, it the connection is more like a high speed, fiber-optic connection. The more one of the hemispheres is repressed, the less the neural connections. Use it or lose it is the theme of biological intelligence within your body and brain.

Rational - Left-brain hemisphere thinking

Only after research done between the 1950’s and 60’s did we understand that both hemispheres of the brain specialize into different forms of cognition. This is interesting because both hemispheres have the same kind of biological structure and conditions at birth. Apparently, the brain is biologically, intelligently self-organizing. Usually the left hemisphere of the brain becomes the rational specialist.

Each hemisphere of the brain is connected to the opposing side of the body. When you use your right hand alone, you will detect activity from the left hemisphere of the brain. This hemisphere has a specialized thinking style. It is responsible for perception of clock time or linear time concepts, will power, sequential logic, perception of basic cause and effect, language, intellect, categorization, patterns of difference, quantification (objectivity) logistics, strategies, symbols, short-term thinking and abstract thinking.

The rational mind works with rules and regulations as a method of operation

wordsAll of the rational thinking resources involve some form of fragmentation of sensory- based information. Rational thinking is reductionistic. It has a tendency to know more and more about less and less until it knows everything about nothing. Rational thinking is also very connected to immediate physicality because it can be quantified, weighed and measured. Rational thinking is also relativistic by justifying behavior through favoritism of a certain perspective. It will focus on the details more than the whole.

The domination of rational thinking promotes the perception of superiority concerning non-rational, sensory based information because it is subjective and defect. We are led to believe that subjectivity is flawed, personal and not useful as scientific evidence. The truth is that if we did not have senses, we could not be aware. We would simply not exist.

The subjectivity of the scientist has removed the scientific researcher outside of rational science itself. This happened after the famous “split screen experiments” that led to quantum physics. The presence of the scientist had an effect on the outcome of the experiment. To get rid of bias, blind testing is a necessary part of the scientific process.

rationalcontrolAs you can see, the rational mind is a highly valued resource. This kind of thinking is given high priority in all governmentally run education programs. It is also reflective of our cultural structures in general. It can be said that our culture is highly rationalized. Many people see that as the ONLY way to achieve human success.

Although it is recognized by everybody that we have emotions and emotional thinking patterns, we are trained and taught to have them under control. If not, you are considered mentally weak or even mentally ill. The rational mind is the King of the Castle.

The other side of perception

The limitations of rational thinking can only be understood by knowing what the right hemisphere of the brain is designed to specialize in. It is sensory based and without language. It understands a state known as “timelessness”, eternity and infinity. It is emotional. All emotions are compositions of sensory-based blocks of information normally outside of conscious awareness.

The right hemisphere is a specialist with geometry, rhythm, patterns of similarity, literal thinking, simultaneous logic, creativity, long-term thinking. All of the processes of specialization in the right brain hemisphere are driven by defragmentation. What the rational thinking takes apart, the irrational thinking can put back together. The right brain hemisphere is “holistic” in its approach to perception.

The right brain hemisphere works with intentions, principles and patterns instead of rules and regulations to keep “order” in its domain.

As you can understand from this short contrast analysis, rational thinking alone is missing out on some important news-feed. Rationalization of our social structures has created a fragmented society that is hyper-complicated and impossible to understand by rational thinking alone. It has also made it literally impossible to understand the totality of self. What is left is just a fragment of the whole. This is known as “Ego”.

Humanity has become cut off from itself. It has accepted the idea of competition being a driving force in humans because the rational mind is the boss and alone in a very scary world there is a tremendous need for total control wherever possible.

The Unconscious mind, Rational mind and Consciousness

You do not have a “conscious mind”. This kind of thinking is a distortion of reality. Instead, you have two sets of resources that dance wonderfully between each other every day of your life to make yourself happy or miserable depending on how those resources are used.

Conscious awareness is limited in scope but it is not limited to have access only to rational resources. Conscious awareness can be intentionally and willfully moved and focused onto a vast warehouse of resources that are available to us in what we normally refer to the “unconscious mind”. It is not at all unconscious. It’s very aware. It is unconscious simply because you are not aware of it.

The unconscious mind and the right hemisphere are not the same thing. The mind and the brain are like the difference between the TV-in your living room and the signals it is using to transfer information at a distance. The brain has to be tuned to pick up the appropriate signals. The mind lives on after the brain is dead. The mind is eternal.

The link between the right-hemisphere of the brain and the unconscious mind is due to the fact that the right hemisphere is based on sensory information. This is the language of the unconscious mind. The rational mind has only short-term memory. It gets tired quickly and needs to sleep. The unconscious mind never sleeps and has dominion over your long-term memories – also those that concern your past-life experiments and plans, also for this life-experience.

The extent of your self-knowledge or self-awareness is directly related to your level of awareness about this part of you that is normally outside your conscious awareness.

The extent of the knowledge, skill sets and abilities outside of normal awareness make it a rational statement to say you have unlimited value and potential as a human – even if you don’t do anything to reach that potential. Its always been there just waiting for you to discover it all.

The scary unknown

Sigmund Freud’s theory about the unconscious mind was that it is an animalistic left-over from our evolution from beast to man. This was the source of violent tendencies and sexual promiscuity. Freud’s theories about human behavior seemed to prove themselves to him through his observations the brutality exhibited in the First World War.

Since that time, governments have used his theories to give legitimacy to controlling the masses, especially the importance for crowd control.

The truth of the matter is that our scientific theories about evolution are seriously flawed. They can only be understood by understand the scope of information available to us within the “unconscious mind”. In doing so, we discover distinct patterns of evolution in behavior and learning through a long series of life-


When negative emotions are left to their own, the create chaos in our lives. We have the rational responsibility to harmonize and sort these feelings in a way that makes them useful memories instead of unconscious horror films. We get rid of the need to control our emotions and we can turn on the lights that illuminate our extended past without fear of getting lost, swamped or petrified by ourselves when negative emotions are harmonized.

Balancing the brain and mind

To dominate is to repress. This creates conflicts that are attempted solved by making compromises. We all know what happens to a U-boat when it is compromised.

Any way you repress yourself, you are throwing out the baby with the bath-water. The brain and mind are not designed to be in conflict with each other. Self-repression creates limiting conditions for internal and external expression of vitality.

The resolution of conflict between rational and irrational thinking processes is one of the most important ways of discovering solutions to our fragmented society.

The advantages of cooperative thinking

outsideboxEinstein was known to have said, “The rational mind is a terrible tyrant and it is a most useful assistant”. There is a very rational reason for his perception and that is the fact that simultaneous logic is superior to sequential logic for many important human activities. Right brain thinking patterns also include intuition, which is not understood rationally, but highly valued by all.

Two sets of emotions

I have found it very useful to apply the following principles that determine how rational and irrational resources best can work together. The biggest level of conflict between our selves is usually between emotions and intellect. It is highly useful to sort emotions into two different categories. They are either connected to fear and loss, or enfoldment and the desire to stretch out to a higher potential of being.

The lower emotions connected to fear are generally the most recognized emotional signals we are aware of. The higher emotions are “lighter” and in many ways less perceptible if we are not sensitive to their presence. Emotions of fear, anger, revenge, disappointment etc. are heavy, loud and overbearing.

Within the confines of rational thinking alone, we have short-term perspectives about life and death.

There is also another aspect of irrational thinking that is hidden from general public knowledge. Irrational thinking provides the only pathway to a level of intelligence and wisdom that is simply “mind-boggling” and mystical for the greater majority.

This level of cognition and power has nothing to do directly with the brain. It is only the pathway for information. It is not the source itself. The source is, oddly for many, your heart. The magnetic signature of the heart is the biggest of all magnetic force fields generated by the living human being. Your heart has its own level of intelligence. It is the instrument through which Higher Self does its work to relay information to your rational and irrational mind.

What is Higher Self?

You will never discover Higher Self in your biology. You will only discover it in the non-physical, your mind. Your thoughts are also non-physical. They can’t be quantified. We have to go somewhere where the rational mind alone is not allowed to go. Sorry Charlie!

Higher Self is also called your “magical personality”. It works outside the realm of rational understanding. It is experienced as intuition, inspiration, channeled information and dreams. When I say channeled, I do not mean a source outside of “self”. It is within the realm of extended self. You might think of it as the YOU that you will become when you have learned everything there is to be learned as a human in different levels of human evolution.

Higher Self does things that most people attribute to “acts of God”. Your intentions become manifested through Higher Self. You are also provided protection from accidents through higher self. You will also find Higher Self to be the provider of your many challenges needed to learn certain things that are part of your progression and development as a timeless being having many different life-experiments over time. This is how you become perfected in your development. Higher Self has a universal job and that is to “grow” and expand the scope of human awareness in the universe.

Higher Self communicates through the part of your “unconscious mind” often thought of as the “inner child”. This “child” is timeless, infinitely curious, playful and passionate about exploring its unknown potential for learning and mastery. The inner child is like most other children. If they have any reason to have a bad conscience for something, like breaking a window with a ball, it will run away and hide form the parents. The inner child considers the Higher Self to be the parent.

Having a bad conscience is a great way to be left without inner guidance in life because your child is hiding from the source of wisdom because it fears it will be punished. It is never punished. That is a misunderstanding but you have to convince your inner child of that.

In a rational society, the “inner child” is repressed, imprisoned, punished and undernourished in most of adulthood.

You have unlimited value and potential

Every single human has the potential to realize an unlimited potential under certain conditions. Those conditions do not exist in a singularly rational or irrational cultural environment. They only exist in an environment without conflict and competition. The mimic natural law that uses the principle of intelligent self-organization of diversity, be that information or biology.

You pick up from where you are here and now

Life is a progression of many different journeys and experiences. It is not a “one-off prospect”. Get used to the idea. You have all the time you need and want. It is not a limited resource. The only time that counts is what you do here and now.

A well-built house requires a succession of foundation and frameworks. These are undoubtedly a necessary prerequisite for a balanced and harmonized brain and mind. The first step is to harmonize your own inner conflicts and automatic life habits that keep you from being all that you want to be. You are the author of your life and therefore you have the authority to take full control over your life through the power of your will. This is the power of choice.

To be without will power is to be without a rudder on a valuable ship at sea.

Engage both parts of your brain in such a way that you have created a room for all of your inner resources to be turned on and useful for your life-purpose as it develops. Learn to love to learn and enjoy the short-term pain of stretching in order to enjoy the long-term pleasure of knowing and mastering.

Make sure that your mental and emotional maps are accurate, up to date and consciously available to you. That means become aware of your “unconscious mind”, your warehouse of past and present information. Invest in your self as an act of loving yourself to increase your value to others and yourself. Experience the power of giving.

The shift in awareness

Anyone not living in a cave will be obviously aware of the fact that there are many different changes taking place in our social and physical environments. These changes are a consequence of an evolutionary progress that has taken place over thousands of years. Although you may consider that the only life you have lived is the life you now have, that is simply not the case. You have unconscious memories of experiences in many stages of earthly human evolution through many different epochs and ages.

After thousands of years with competition as a rule and adequate experience having one-sided irrational or rational experiences learning through trial and error in confusion, most humans alive today have the experience they need to take a step in the next direction of our collective human evolution – into an age of prosperity and vitality in freedom and the truth. This will be your future if you choose to take that leap of faith necessary to stretch beyond the confines of singularly rational thinking.

It demands that you have understand and practice empathy in your life – not a relativistic form for empathy that permits suffering if you “deserve it”, but an absolute perception of empathy – that you perceive the suffering in other living beings and stretch out to relieve that suffering. Your perceptions of empathy must also include yourself because nobody wins if you self-destruct. This is a balance you will learn to master through experience over time.

We, as a human race, are moving away from the singular and rational considerations of looking out for number one. This is only the start of your path. After that, you come to realize the importance of “us”, including yourself without sacrifice of self. There is a balance to be found that works for the universe. Just make sure you spend over 51% of your life-energy on lifting others. The other 49% are all yours to enjoy as long as you do so without harm to others or the environment. It’s a simple code of honor in contribution. It works like a charm. It also promotes independence, autonomy while promoting sharing.

What will we call the age of balanced thinking? Perhaps we will call it the age of vitality. You are invited into this future if you choose to take the steps necessary to make that change within yourself.