I found these questions as topics for a seminar to find the answers. I found it challenging to discover if I was able to answer the questions. I just went through the list and answered them as presented. I trust that you find the answers provided to be rational and truthful even though they challenge your own beliefs along the way. The super-rational truth is always simple and it makes sense to your intelligence if you have a mind that is willing to accept challenges.

What does it mean to have a clear mind?

To understand the prerequisites for clarity of mind, we must know what creates lack of clarity or confusion. Conflicts of any kind will create confusion. The source of our conflicts is to be found in our assumptions, belief systems, convictions and conviction systems that all work together and create our perceptions of reality.

The process of becoming clear is initiated from the state of confusion by identifying and challenging the difference between KNOWING and assuming/believing what is the most relevant undistorted truth. The truth will set you free from your confusion. The truth will re-solve any and all conflicts within the mind.

I would invite you to look closely at the natural conditions for biological vitality as the absence of internal and external competition. I expressly use the phrase competition because this is the source of conflict. The assumption, belief or conviction that competition is good, natural, necessary or unavoidable is the foundation from which all confusion and conflicts arise. This is because all competition creates conflict between different parts of the whole having the same un-sharable goal. Competition is the act of dominating another or doing something at the expense of another, even if you call it profit.

The assumption that conflicts are resolved when compromises are made, is an indication of confusion. To compromise anything is to destroy its inherent integrity. A compromised submarine is not a good place to be, is it? Therefore it is necessary to analyze the assumptions that create the conflict, the thinking that makes the conflict possible.

Apply this knowledge to your mind and you will realize there is no reason for any conflict between intellect and emotion. No living being is created to have internal conflict. This is a temporary state of dis-ease. Realize your connection to the collective striving in life, to move in the direction of vitality and clarity.

A clear mind is without compromises. It is in a state of symbiosis with itself at all levels free from any and all competition. On the path to perfection, there will always be unique levels of confusion and clarity in their minds. It is an ongoing process of stretching past previous artificial limitations.

Why is confusion predominant in society and in our psychology?

Answers to the question “why” are very important. They can also answered from many different perceptual perspectives. Individual differences in habitual levels of perception and self-awareness will regulate the level of perception of problems and need for solutions. This issue can only be observed from a top – down perception. The confusion is less and less at every level towards clarity. Looking from the bottom up gives you only a very foggy landscape.

At the highest level of perception the answer to the question, “Why” the confusion… would have to be that human evolution at this level of self-awareness is learning to stretch self out to experience and fully understand the principles of love and apply them in your life to exceed those artificial limitations, know who you are and who you are not in a society of confusion.

At another level of perception, your life will be artificially limited by internal and external factors. Internal constraints are a naturally dominant rational perception that gradually inhibits and regulates emotional perception.

In order to come to clarity you will have to first learn to activate each of the two brain hemispheres and get them to work with each other without conflict.

The external limitations are cultural and global even though they have each their own expression. Society believes in:

  1. External authority
  2. Competition is enforced by authority to be necessary, natural and good
  3. Money is a necessity in order to live on the planet you were born into
  4. You are a being with limited value, intelligence and potential
  5. Science is based on the rational resources of the mind alone.

This is the condition of being human on earth born to learn through trial and error in a state of confusion that he is a being of unlimited value, intelligence and potential. It was suggested that you forget your past and you accepted that suggestion. In your life, you will at some point in time follow the urge to re-member your self by pulling all the little parts together again.

The science of Psychology is built on one-sided rational considerations with only partial permission to explore the mysteries of non rational thinking. Theories to describe the complexity of human behavior abound and none of then have any real connection to the extended identity of human as eternal, with unlimited value, intelligence and potential.

Why does irrationality seem to always be more alluring than rational thinking?

Rational thinking uses only the principles of infinite fragmentation. The irrational mind uses only the principles of infinite defragmentation. The rational mind uses the principles of sequential logic while the irrational mind uses the principles of simultaneous logic. To the rational mind is it mystical to understand the workings of this kind of thinking. It has no conception of timelessness, of rhythm, intentions and principles, symbiotic sharing or vitality. The rational mind is lost in its own fragmentation and is afraid of losing control over its dominant rule.

Why are we the most intelligent yet the most cognitively disturbed of all the species?

It would be more accurate to distinguish between intelligence and its potential as two different parameters. The more you develop your potential the less cognitively disturbed you will be. The disturbances in thinking and feeling are always conflicts just waiting to be resolved.

We become disturbed when we choose to compete with different parts of self as less worthy or valuable. All of life has unlimited value, intelligence and potential and it has to be developed to become realized. That is an act of love and it is hard work. It is much harder work to refuse to stretch.

Why is love linked to violence, wherever there is love there is violence?

There are many different perceptions of what love really means. The map is never the territory. As Gregory Bateson wrote: “Only a schizophrenic would eat the menu and complain about the meal”. If love is defined by the feeling of attachment to another being, you are actually defining a form of dependency relationship or addiction you cannot do without. It is an expression of lack of willingness to give self and or others the freedom to be the ones we really want to be. This form of love is from the outside in. It can be lost, taken away, removed and destroyed by others. The response to such a loss in this kind of perception is violent anger, the feeling of estrangement and victimization and the need to defend self and those feelings that created your security.

True love is all about freedom to be yourself, who you want to be and stretch out to be and do more all the time while enjoying the experience. It is also the freedom given others to do the same and enjoy sharing that experience. In a loving relationship, partners can leave each other and still be good friends.

Why do we strive for and preach about peace but are unable to achieve it psychologically first than externally?

The word “peace” is defined as the absence of war. It is exactly in the middle of the human scale of possible behavior. On the left side of the curve we find extreme brutality, use of force and violence towards others and nature. On the right hand side of the curve we find extraordinary, exceptionality in expression and creation, creating emotional value for self and others. Peace is between war and vitality.

We live in a social paradigm that supports the idea that competition is necessary, natural, unavoidable and good for development in all things. There is always a discussion about positive and negative competition but never about the legitimacy of its presence.

In a society that demands and promotes competition is the best you can deliver what statistically is in the middle of the performance curve. Its called “normal”, “peace” and “mediocrity”. This is due to the fact that in this zone of living standard you are living in an environment of economic war and call that peace just because you don’t have a gun to your head?

When we accept the paradigm of competition into our mind we create logical reasons for allowing, forcing and promoting competition relationships between different parts of your self. You become a part of the whole, alone and very afraid of losing control. Parts may even have declared war against each other. This is a state of inner mediocrity and survival of the fittest in comparison with the state of cooperation in the absence of competition or vitality.

Why are we slaves to our beliefs, identity, answers and the truth?

It would be a distortion to say we are a slave to parts of our self and absolutely never a slave to the undistorted truth. Beliefs are mental constructions that help us to predict patterns of behavior and results built from past experience and understanding. They are defined by understanding that beliefs are about what you cannot sense directly.

Beliefs are born of assumptions that are confirmed over time and these branch out to become belief systems and eventually convictions – without every really being able to say that you “know” anything at all.

This is the consequence of believing that what you cannot sense directly is something you never can “know”. This is achieved by understanding a little more about the philosophy of knowledge called epistemology. It is the answer to the question, “How do you know what you think you know”? In order to have a useful epistemology, you knowledge must enable you to predict the correct answer to something you cannot sense directly.

This system of thinking uses rational and irrational thinking processes in a coordinated and systemic way that works very well for practical life. It’s not complicated.

The will and the ability to recognize and resolve conflicting beliefs, assumed truths and convictions that exist within yourself is the hallmark of the soul that is consciously on the path to higher levels of clarity. Before this time, the person involved will be limited by those beliefs until they are finally resolved. This is normally perceived as a time of intense personal crisis. In reality it is a breakthrough waiting to happen.

The transition out of the shell of limitations can only be survived by coming from the inside out. Any actions to help that process from the outside in will take away the strength that soul will need from struggling to do things for self. Do not take that strength away unless you want to be an advisory.

The greatest secrets are the ones we hide from ourselves. To be convoluted, compartmentalized, fragmented and compromised is the consequence of being normal in a competitive society.  

How believing is not thinking?

It would be more correct to say that believing is not rational thinking. It is irrational thinking because beliefs are constructed of multisensory layers of information at one single time. They are unique personal constructions used by your mind that is outside your normal awareness. They work automatically because they become constructed outside your awareness. This does not mean that you cannot rationally participate in the task of discovery and reconstruction of belief systems that better serve your long-term intentions.

It would be a big distortion of the truth to say that irrational thinking is not thinking, just because it is not the same process as rational thinking.

Why do we fear our own mind?

The rational scientific community has always down-played the importance of the unconscious mind. Freud promoted the idea that the subconscious mind was an rest product of our animal evolution. It was the source of tendency toward violence and uninhibited sexual expression. From this concept the rational mind was given legitimate excuses to regulate and hold the emotions under control. The assumptions are that they are primitive and dangerous while the rational mind is superior and savior from your chaotic environment thanks to your obedience to its rules.

There are certain religious beliefs that classify the unconscious mind as the “devils playground”. Hypnosis, the occult, esoteric knowledge, meditation and taking dreams seriously have all been frowned upon by cultural, religious and political bending of the truth. To fear your unconscious mind is to believe that is natural for you to be at war with yourself. That is nonsense.

What is the study of psychology missing or not considering?

The study of psychology is missing the same thing that science today is missing. Science is based on the philosophy of materialism being the most important part of the universe. We know that to be very wrong today but the philosophy of established science is very stubborn. Nikola Tesla said over 100-years ago that the day science included the non-material, it would grow in knowledge by leaps and bounds.

Psychology and science in general do not take into consideration that awareness has the power to transmute physicality. Awareness is more powerful than gamma rays when attention is focused over time. This is hidden to promote the perception of humans not having unlimited potential, value and intelligence.

Psychology today is totally unaware of the Higher Self, its function or abilities.

What is missing in our school and education field that is crucial and must be there?

Humans have been conditioned to believe that we must be “taught” in order to “learn”. In the paradigm of children having no past intelligence from birth they are assumed essentially ignorant and unable to teach themselves anything. That is the assumption that has created our learning institutions today.

A child in a Natural and Loving/Nurturing environment that promotes independence, intelligence and value, the child will be given all the freedom needed to explore and learn from his or her immediate environment when given the chance. If the child and the mother are given time and space to bond and include the entire family in the process, there will be an environment that encourages the same behavior in the child at a later date.

Children do not learn through schools in natural environments. They learn this way to balance rational and emotional thinking side by side and practice the art of learning through trial and error through modeling in the environment. In such an environment, the student chooses the teacher.

Why is knowledge and learning not enough?

Only through the application of knowledge and learning can the soul experience wisdom – which is knowledge in practical manifestation.

How do all solutions, no matter what they are, become a part of the problem?

This is true in the case where solutions are found solely on the basis of rational thinking. Conflicts are normally resolved through compromise and this again creates further problems down the chain of cause and effect.

Only by following the chain of cause and effect back to the highest level of your ability to influence can you identify the root cause of any problem. By resolving the conflict through higher critical thinking procedures can “holes in our thinking” be discovered and the conflict resolved. This is a consequence of systems thinking which involves rational and rational thinking side by side.

Why do we refuse to be clear or to understand?

Our perceptions of reality are normally built on a fundament of personal assumptions, beliefs and convictions about all different aspects of life. As these fundaments have formed, we build different structures or mental/emotional maps from which we navigate in life.

When we encounter life-experiences that challenge core beliefs, it feels like an emotional earthquake. It’s a terrible thing to feel that your perceptions of reality are falling down in front of you. There are natural defense systems to prevent this from happening if the rational mind is still plays the game of dominance.

When we have suffered enough that we just HAVE to do something about it by taking responsibility for changing something on the inside, that’s when the magic will happen. In the front of that event there is usually a lot of resistance, fear, confusion and pain.

The rational mind deals well and comfortably with the feelings of fear and loss. These are located in your gut area. The rational mind does not often recognize or support those higher emotions that come from the heart center as desires to do, learn or create. These higher emotions simply don’t carry the weight of lower emotions.

How can hope be a trap?

Hope is a mental construction that demands the use of to conflicting messages opposing each other. The one hoped for is larger while the one not hoped for is smaller. This creates an ongoing lack of clarity of mind concerning the desired outcome. Yes Hope is a trap compared to focus on a singular intention or goal.

Find out how our beliefs and idea can take over your mind and think for you, no matter how right the belief may seem, if it’s thinking for you and that you are being negligent and this often turns into confusion, mental instability, abuse and violence.

Our lives are constructed on a house of cards called assumptions of the truth in so many different ways. When the foundation is flawed, so will the perception of reality become distorted from the truth. The rational mind, in fear for its ability to survive the collapse of its previous investment and admit to mistakes will do almost anything to defend its position called ego.

When the foundations of our mental maps are based on beliefs that are not true, you will have to expect an earthquake sooner or later. It is much more difficult a path of experience if you choose to struggle to hold on to your crumbling mental house.

We keep coming back for more, until we get it right.

Why we mainly tend to think solely through our memory and intellect, and an introduction to the other facets of our mind that we repress.

It would be more correct to say that we are born into a culture that is dominated by rational thinking and behavior. Life is considered a limited event regulated by accident or by fate. Irrational behavior is regulated in one way or the other. Social rules, laws and regulations become sooner or later understood as limitations to your freedom to take responsibility for your own life.

You are forced to compete for everything just to get what you want in life. Our culture does not support the idea that you have an extended past and an agenda for the present that is self-authored. Most people are ignorant of the extent of their potential. They are too immersed in the paradigm of being normal. In the struggle to survive, their greatest fears are long-term and their pleasures are short-term.

At some point in time there will be an emotional decision to take the path of love in order to experience long-term happiness. The path is less traveled because it demands investing time, energy and money into stretching out to new challenges. Some think of this stretching as short-term pain. With the right attitude and the permission to make mistakes, learning is a pleasurable experience from start to finish.

Because we repress our emotional lives we also repress the potential for becoming aware of and using in a rational way, a Higher level of Awareness that is simply super logical in comparison to the rational mind alone. It is an awareness that perceives with perfect clarity and it does not make mistakes. It is also known as your “magical personality”. It is your protector, provider and provoker in life. It is only available when you have a conflict free relationship with rational self and unconscious mind.

There is much to be learned on the inside of what you normally are not aware of. This is the temple and it is huge. It is yours to explore, harmonize and relate with. It is essentially the YOU that you will become when you have learned all the lessons of human physicality through several different layers of physicality above the one you know today.

Why do we mostly only know what to think rather than how to think?

The culture of competition creates the obvious need for many different rules for different things. You are taught that you are a being with limited value and potential and everybody seems to have their own approach to interpret what those limitations might be.

In a rational, competitive rule based society, you learn what to think and do because it is desirable that you are dependent on some authority. Independence and independent thinking are not desired in a competitive social environment. It is outside of normal and even punished.

Understand the thinking that brings abuse, exploitation and manipulation.

Fear and the deep rooted conviction that there is simply not enough of anything to-gether with the emotional choice to serve ones own agenda at the expense of another is the reason for all parasitic human behavior. The more the idea of competition being the only solution to any problem becomes fixated in the mind, the more brutal the behavior will become. In reality, this person is seduced by fear of losing.

Understanding what is behind addiction, depression, loneliness and anxiety.

Addiction is not something necessarily negative if it is something that is a prerequisite for vitality. The negative side of addiction is the experience of dependency in pain and limitations. Painful addictions are examples of learning the long and painful path of pain. Depression is the lack of ability to resolve a conflict within the mind. The solution is the choice to do nothing and put the brain and body in voluntary shut-down.

Loneliness is an example of rejection of a part of yourself in some way, shape or form. It is caused by the assumption that you are never whole without another. Anxiety is caused by the belief that mistakes are dangerous when they are really necessary steps in the process of learning mastery. When you punish mistakes, you kill the learning process and destroy the pleasure of the experience. Anxiety is the result.

Anxiety for others is the result of assuming that others have limited value, intelligence and potential. You are trying to emotionally take responsibility mastery in others than yourself. It can also be a great excuse to never master anything yourself because you are so busy helping others be dependent in their lives.

Understand how we deceive ourselves first before anyone else can deceive us.

This statement is true at the Higher Self levels of perception. We deceive ourselves by not recognizing the connections between us all and the purpose of our lives. This learning process takes many different lives to complete and there is no life that is a failure in any way shape or form. It is and was a necessary experience for you along your path of greater self-re-cognition. Ultimately there is truth to be found in the statement, “You are the universe”. It is simply a scope of realization.