Vitality, how we understand it, the prerequisites for it, how we recognize it and where we get our models from are explained on this condenced fact-sheet. Its a condition that is little discussed or even understood as it is completely out of the "norm" of the competition paradigm.


What is vitality?

Vitality is a word to describe a condition or state of being that allows a living system to be and do all that it can be and do for itself, others and/or the environment. It is the one word that most generally describes the experience of being on the extreme and extraordinary side of the performance curve of limitless potential within the confines of that life form.

Vitality is something that grows and spreads only if it is shared. It is ultimately only lasting if it is shared. It can only be threatened if it is not shared – or if some part of the whole is left behind. Vitality is experienced as the absence of resistance and the presence of flow creating elegance and ease of performance. All parts of the whole are freely contributing towards being or doing something extraordinary.

Vitality is the result of a dynamic interchange of an abundance of energy and resources that are intelligently organized to enhance a desire or need to be and do something that is not fully known before it is realized. When you do something that amazes yourself – you experience vitality. Some people call it a “peak experience”. It can be a short-term or long-term condition.

The prerequisites for vitality

The science of optimizing “flow” or attaining optimal potential performance in different living and non-living systems has of course been studied and researched over quite some time. When the question is asked, “How much competition does a system need to experience in order to perform at its best” – the answer has always been the same. The existence of any internal or external competition will have a detrimental effect on the ability of that system to optimally perform.

Competition is noticed as friction, resistance, drag, strain, restrictions and a host of other symptoms that are all experienced as dis-ease. This fact is self-evident. The absence of competition is however not enough to achieve, maintain, expand or defend vitality. Several other conditions are necessary.

First is a collective intention. All parts of the whole are committed to the same intention. They may participate actively or passively, but they do participate. The next aspect is that all the parts of the whole are intelligently self-organized in such a way that performance is enhanced to its potential. Another important aspect is the need for adequate diversity. It takes a lot of different parts to make a living entity that is self-sustaining in its environment. It also takes a lot of different people to create a self-sustaining community that lives in harmony and vitality.

You cannot have ultimate vitality if your free will is violated or manipulated. You cannot do or know your best if you are not told the truth. You cannot enjoy your free will if you do not enjoy independence. You cannot enjoy independence if you do not have adequate supply of energy or resources. So we need to add to this list of necessary prerequisites: Mutual respect for fully informed free will, Full access to truthful and relevant information, Independence and freedom of movement (Self-leadership) under full responsibility, adequate access to energy and resources.

A defense system is a natural part of any cell, or complete living entity. The defense systems are to defend against internal and/or external competitive elements. The limitations of any defense system are given when the defense system extends the energy needed to maintain vitality. This means that the external and internal defense systems are strong enough in themselves, to discourage or if needed eliminate any predatory competition.

The Self-leadership aspect of vitality also excludes any external authority ruling by force. Of course this means that governments will be transformed into advisory councils that can only advise. They will have to be truthful, transparent and have a flow of information, members and resources from the general population. They may be specialized, local or even global. They will contain people with integrity, skills, knowledge and wisdom.

Oh… there is one more thing…You and any other living creature needs some level of challenges or limitations they can stretch beyond, just to keep them motivated for continual growth in experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Nature’s model is our model

These principles are also self-evident and observable simply by considering the highly intelligent arrangement of cells in any living biological system. We can learn a lot by looking at the patterns of symbiotic relationships in all of nature.

As we examine the patterns of behavior in the relationships in and between different cell structures of any living being, it becomes obvious to us that there is always an interactive relationship with the local and global environment that is symbiotic. The different parts are not living off of each other but they are living for each other. We also find that all living entities have some form for internal and external defense systems to protect themselves from competition.

Forms of life in all sizes and shapes are perfectly adapted to perform and function in their environment. One thing they all have in common is that the different parts are exchanging real-time information, resources and energy with the environment under intelligent self-organizational principles. There is no single cell, or organ that is an external authority for the others. “Life” and vitality seem to be led from the life force of the living, the “I-ness” of the self, embodied in a living biological machine or “avatar”.

There are volumes of books that could be written and have been written about the subject introduced here. If you are looking for some immediate references, I would suggest Deep Truths – by Gregg Braden and that you look into the research done by Biologist Bruce Lipton