Perfect vitality can only exist in the absence of competition. That alone is not enough. You will find that the criteria for vitality in nature applies to vitality for society and yourself. The Natural Laws of Vitality are simple, super logical and apply to all aspects of life.

Illustration - conditions for vitality listed

Are you ready?

Review this rather generalized set of conditions that lead to the attainment of vitality. They are continual conditions that also provide for it's maintance, development and defense, into the future.

Recovering honesty as a socially expected norm in all practical sense of the word is going to be a difficult thing for many people to accomplish. I expect some will find it so overwhelming that they prefer to opt out of the challenge.

The truth has been the very first victim of the spirit of competition. They also say it is the first victim of war but it comes much before that, I assure you. We are speaking of two levels of truth here. One is intellectual honesty and the other is emotional. While emotions are not harmonized, this will always present a challenge. It is just as hard to become emotionally honest in adulthood as it is to survive the trauma of your teen-age years. You had to learn about independence, only to give it up again at a later time.

Nobody can navigate in reality, if the perception of that reality has been distorted by advertising, marketing, public relations, propaganda or outright lies. Vitality demands attention to reality as it really presents itself to our senses and our scientific instruments. It demands that we honor our emotions and learn to work with them and not against.

While most people understand the need to harmonize their society - they still hang on to the idea that they don't have to deal with their inner lives as well. That is a path that only leads to pain in the long run.

Pressure release imminant

Whenever there is a collective recognition of this paradigm shift, it will function as an immediate tranquizer for all of humanity. The weight of those defenses we have built up through this intensified polarization process has become a habit. You will notice the difference when it drops away. You will have more energy and you will find it easier to find your way forward.

The pressure associated with the Spirit of Competition is absent in the spirit of vitality. That does not mean to say there is no resistance, lack of challenges or risks of stagnation. The process of harmonization is and integration goes by discreet steps along the way. At first humanity will focus on an age of understanding empathy. The next level of focus will concern integrating empathy with wisdom.

The greatest transition for any human to make is the long journey from the mind to the heart. This is a true quantum leap of change. The transitions of developing and refining that level of awareness are much less dramatic.

The immediate transition will require real work and engagement from on your part. It is not something that is going to happen by itself. The brutal truth as I understand it, makes you fully accountable for your own level of self-awareness and harmonization. At some unknown time in the near future, there will be an energetic re-magnetization of the Earth. This will change the polarity to a singular positive polarization.

This re-energization of the Earth will create a very different form for reality on Earth and the people, plants and animals that are alive at that point in transition will experience that without experiencing death of their body. From that point on, this information will be quite irrelevant for you because it will be self-evident.

Our main concern is immediate harmonization of those elements that are creating the greatest amount of stresses for the people and the environment. There are many people, and animals living in distress and fighting for their survival. It is intimately connected to the natural laws of vitality that those that are suffering most get the relief and energy they need before those parts that simply need maintenance and time to adjust to a different philosophy to life.

It is also a necessary prerequisite that the parasitic relationship between money and energy systems and the people of the planet must receive immediate attention. The progress of the paradigm is dependent on these significant social changes.

Immediate social changes

The parasitic relationships that organizations, corporations and governments have had with the people must immediately be resolved in the most peaceful way possible. This is not a time to seek revenge and retribution for those that have done harm to others. If they have understood the nature of their deeds and have a heart felt commitment to change their ways, forgiveness should be freely given. It is of course expected that that person does everything within his or her power to make up for what was done in the past. As such, their efforts would be helpful.

Environmental harmonization and changes

Getting rid of pollution in the environment will be a significant focus during this transition period. We have immediate problems with dangerous levels of radioactivity that need immediate attention. The Gulf Sea is heavily polluted from the Oil spill there. Geo-engineering must stop as well as GMO food crops. Agriculture needs a general make-over as well. We have problems with electromagnetic pollution, air, water, earth, plants animals and humans. There is much to learn as we engage ourselves in cleaning up the messes that we as humanity have created. Those most immediately responsible will be responsible for the most immediate efforts to reverse the damage done.