Everybody has their own base-line from to start a conscious harmonization process at an individual level. This concerns the interactive relationship between mind, body and spirit. "Spirit" in this case refers to Higher self.

Mind is refering to your "soul" and of course your body which is the temple for your mind must be included in this mix. All of the issues that you will confront, have to do with putting together that which before was in separation. You are defragmenting yourself at all levels.

Issues concerning social and environmental harmonization MUST move parallell with the individual processes.  Social harmonization and/or environmental harmonization can actually become more important - if the existing lack of harmony is life-threatening. After the  mess created from thousands of years with competition - everything needs to be worked on at the same time - so people are going to be very busy, especially at the beginning of the process.

Each step will improve the conditions that increase the quality of your vitality. The process may seem slow in the beginning, but it does pick up speed as you progress. The more you have done - the quicker you will notice results.

Books could be written - and have been written - on each step outlined in this suggested path of action. Its just a sketch. Some of this will be beyond your ability to do on your own. You may find yourself back in "school" to re-educate yourself to a higher level of truthful information about how you function on the inside and outside of your body.

You will probably find the book - "A Spiritual Handbook of Psychology" very useful as a source of knowledge that will help you find the external resources you need to accomplish your task. You will find that if you put aside some time every day for your harmonization process, you notice your progress a lot better than if you get distracted and neglect to really do the work necessary.

The process of body harmonization

Foundation – prerequisites


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Pollution in the body is competition.

Detoxification – Fasting, diet changes

Configuration for access to simple and nourishing diet

Reaching for extended self-sustainability

Extending range of self-sustainability

Id. sources of pollution from environment

Oxygen stimulation – breathing exercises

Balanced life-style of activities

Getting life energy from the Sun, Water and food


 Id. the mind/body connections

Oxygen stimulation – immune defense system

Fine tuning for listening to body requirements

Re-adjusting to lower food intake


Id. body needs

Vitamin and Mineral supplementation

Setting up an improvement program


Elimination of pollution sources

Distilled waters - detox


Stimulation of body for higher performance

Improved eating habits



The process of Brain harmonization

Foundation – prerequisites

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Stimulation of Rational thinking

Left brain hemisphere

Program for extended sensory refinement

Continual sensory refinement

Maintance - Use it or lose it Maintance - Use it or lose it

Stimulation of emotional thinking

Right brain hemisphere

Extended stimulation of frequency sensitivity for different brain activities

Continual extended learning


Physiological integration of left and right brain hemispheres - If needed

Meditation, brain frequency technologies

Continual extended integration


Harmonization of the Mind

Foundation – prerequisites

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Re-negotiation of relationship between conscious and unconscious mind

Dissosiation of negative experiences – association of positive

Re-membering of parts and memories – harmonization of conflicts

Harmonization of relationships with friends and family

Daily working relationship with Higher Self

Learning how the conscious and unconscious mind communicate and work alone and together

Reconfiguration of “timelines”

New aliances between parts and resources

Focus on living from the inside out

Extended experiences with subconscious exploration

Learning how language works for emotional and rational thinking

Harmonization of charged emotional events from past – trauma and phobias

Harmonization of relationship between subconscious mind and Higher Self

Refinement of primary strategies – meta strategies

Re-membering past life – resources – harmonizing past life trauma

Distinctions between reality of words and sensory experience

Identification and re-harmonization of automatic responses

Mental training with altered states of awareness

Adjustment of mental and emotional maps – meta-programs, values, beliefs, identity and mission


Creating a directional path for future

Learning the power of intentional focus

New learning program





Social harmonization

Social reorganization and harmonization from the paradigm of competition toward vitalitty starts slowly. It is hardly recognizable for many until it reaches a certain point of general acceptance. Our social structures are all compromized through the effects of competiton. Each sector of society has its own set of challenges and possibilities.

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Environmental Harmonization

Our relationship with the environment - everything that is not YOU - has suffered greatly under the competition paradigm, just like everything else. We have serious levels of challenges all over the planet. If the environment dies, so does humanity perish. Everything is just as important and there is much to be done. We take a look at the solutions that we have today and the ones that we are still looking for in this section.

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