The science of "flow" insists that ZERO competition is the only way for any living or non-living system to achieve its ultimate potential. Note that you will never really know what your ultimate potential is. That is an eternal process of discovery, uncovery and recovery .

Of course you have to start with where you are today in relationship with external and internal competition. In this article I will attempt to mention some of the predictable challenges and solutions you will meet along the way.

The relationship between vitality and competition is exponential on each side of the equation. By that, I mean that each movement toward the extremes of each end of the scale will be highly noticeable. In the zone where competition is accepted, enjoyed, and only partially a provider of pain - there is little awareness of, or pursuit of movement beyond the comfort zone of perceived reality. This is the zone of absolute mediocrity. This is a zone of being that the universe will kick you violently out of. Your reaction to that will either to feel like a victim or to rise to the challenge and overcome it. This is where many souls end up getting "recycled" for other reincarnations in confustion until they are ready to stretch themselvesl to something better.


Start with what is most important

When working your way out of competition, start dealing with the aspects that are providing you with the most pain and stress. It doesn't matter if the competition is internal or external - remove from your life what is most damaging to you. What ever you do to remove or solve your immediate problems, do not invite a higher level of competition into your life - for example by taking short term benefits in exchange for long-term slavery. There are no simple ways to evaluate your life outside of an long and hard analysis of how you have created the situations in the first place.

After working with these issues for others and myself for many years - I have found some short cuts to the process you most likely need to attend to. I have seven suggestions that I hope will be helpful to you.

Suggestion 1. Be practical - Pick your fights

David-and-goliathI have found that confrontation with the spirit of competition is rarely useful except for immediate self-defense. Avoidance seems to be the path of least resistance and that is exactly what you are looking for - the least resistance to your intended path and life intention. It is of course an advantage if you have recognized what that is. I'll deal with that shortly.

If you are in a confrontation phase of a conflict, be that with the government, police, law, banks, an institution partner or family member that is claiming authority over you, examine carefully their claim and the consequences of all available options you have.

The question of "timing" is everything when it comes to moving out of controlling relationships. You have to be prepared for the consequences, willing to take responsibility and able to follow through.

If you are a teenager or an adult and you are dealing with parental authority, know that removing yourself from their authority and taking that upon yourself is an important part of "growing up". If you are an adult and these issues are still in your life, you will have to go through the process that you could have taken care of when you became an adult. That is what the word really means - to take responsibility.

Value your freedom above anything else. It’s better to lose your money than your freedom. Issues dealing with external authority involve very complicated relationships that are very occult for the average person. We have been trained and programmed to respect authority, to be subservient to it, to fear it and obey their rules. Many of us have also become aware to different degrees that a giant fraud has been committed on our behalf in our relationships with governmental authority.

Consider that this is not an issue that has to deal with "Us vs Them". It is actually a spiritual issue that deals with your recognition of inner authority over external authority. At some level, you are becoming more alive and aware, even though that is often through extremely painful experiences.

I have found that if we look back on our lives before those experiences, we were provided with the hint at an earlier time, that we need to learn about these things and deal with them, before they create pain. Not doing so has its price to pay. Learning before the need is learning through pleasure. Learning after the need is learning through pain.

Often we have to take full responsibility for the mistakes we have made in the past before we can move on into a better future. When it concerns resistance - thinking about the consequences of your decisions before you take them. That will help you avoid a whole lot of trouble down the line. Never look for confrontation in the spirit of competition; you will end up meeting a social parasite before you know it. He or she will use a different set of rules that are beyond your integrity and you will be devoured for your troubles. If you have to - run the other way.

Another issue concerning confrontation is that you will be encouraged to be alone in your fight because competition lives on the idea of divide and conquer. Should you decide that confrontation is the only responsible thing to do - do it together with a number of people that will not be fragmented. Call it "class action", or "swarming" or "citizen action group" - do it in unity with the community where possible. If its a personal and private relationship than have at least your friends or family around you - if they are not part of the problem. Take the support you can get.

 Suggestion 2. Dare to be bold

Every step along the path of higher self-awareness is a step in the direction of getting control over fear and how it is the greatest of all illusions. I am not speaking of jumping fearlessly off of a cliff without appropriate "gear" to do that successfully. I'm talking about the fear that gets in the way of preparing and doing the action of going past previous limitations. You were never given a dream that you did not have the capability of realizing. Legalize your dreams.

Above all, in order to be bold you must also dare to make mistakes. This is a most important part of the learning curve that has been taken away from you through cultural customs that implore you never to make mistakes because that is dangerous, illegal, or expensive, or whatever. If you don't dare to make mistakes, you will never learn anything because anything.

Your emotions are the most powerful resources you have. They can propel you to Hell if you allow fear to dominate and they will propel you to Vitality and self-actualization if you allow your higher emotions to be empowered. You engage your emotions by creating a goal for yourself that sucks you into that reality. It has to be bold in order to engage your subconscious mind. If its too bold - break it down into bold stepping stones and visualize each step as though you already have done the deed. Look back and see what had to happen for you to be successful. Now you know what you need to do.

Suggestion 3. Give priority to inner alliances first

cocpitAccess to and the ability to use your "flight instruments, compass, maps, radar, defense and contact with mission control are really the only way to effectively move forward without internal competition. This level of harmonization and self-activation will bring you to a much higher level of awareness concerning how to navigate in a territory that is very full of land mines, snakes in the grass, conspiracies, distractions, and very small print. Your intuitions are your radar. Your Higher Self is your "mission control". Your compass is your heart centered emotions. Your maps are your emotional and mental structures that arrange your "mission", identity, values, strategies, actions and body intelligence into a well structured matrix of conflict free organization that is up to date and always accessible for improvement.

I know of only one way to do these things directly and that is through taking the time to learn the art and science of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming - or NLP, preferably from somebody that has a solid connection to spiritual perspectives. I have looked into other alternatives and found them all lacking the specific tools you will need to be everything you can be. It is after all, the study of what works at the most elegant level of performance.

In my book, A Handbook of Spiritual Psychology, you will find a useful introduction to some of the principles involved in the greater process of self harmonization. Even if you can't afford to learn NLP yet, or don't have the time or availability - you can get seriously started if you follow the path laid down in this book.

Suggestion 4. Learn to negotiate and to solve conflicts

If we ignore what we want in our lives, those desires will certainly fade away and disappear. If you do that with problems or challenges, they only get bigger and they even make babies that grow up and they make babies. Problems procreate faster than rabbits and rats.The only way to make them disappear is to give them loving attention. Take care to think clearly, negotiate the mine fields and look underneath the obvious to see how they really work.

I have found that most people have learned to resolve conflicts by making compromises. They do their negotiations the same way. This always results in a feeling of loss. You lose your integrity when you compromise. Avoidance of conflicts seems, called being "politically correct" seems to be the rule and not the exception. There is a method of resolving conflicts where the assumption is that the conflict is created from a position of unclear thinking, or fuzzy mental functioning. This is a scientific approach to confronting conflicts in reality. The universe is at harmony with itself and if there is a conflict, there must be a misunderstanding somewhere.

The best approach that I know of is to be found in the Theory of Constraints model of the Thinking Process that it employs. The system has evolved out of the work of David Goldratt and I give him the honor of making a practical tool for systems thinking available to all that are willing to do the work. I have no official affiliations with the Goldratt Institutt - I do however use the model extensively in my own life and work to solve problems that are systemic in their essence. Its also the only way I know that deals with conflicts in a constructive way. I do warn you - it does stretch your mind to work this way. You will tire your brain - I promice you that! But it will be worth it.

Suggestion 5. Learn to communicate effectively

communicationWhen you have challenges in your way, and competition will provide you with plenty of those, i mentioned earlier that confrontation is the worst way to move forward when it comes to dealing with the personalities involved. There is a magic formula that always works better than the confrontational approach. You have to apply empathy to use it.

Have you ever tried to acknowledge the mental, emotional and practical position of another person that is competing with you, especially over authority? Have you ever tried to acknowledge that the other person certainly has the right to feel justified? If you do, you will discover that the resistance that was expected by that other person will melt away. He or she will feel that there is a connection with their point of view. When you have matched and acknowledged the other persons position, you are now in a position to lead the other's attention to aspects they perhaps had not fully considered before. You can continue to match, acknowledge and lead, until you reach agreement.

Words are very powerful instruments of communication. They work on two levels of understanding - conscious and unconscious. After you have taken the time to learn to master language, you will discover ways to navigate around problems that were not possible before. You will also be able to protect yourself from the abuse of language - that is so prevalent today, especially in the legal systems.

Communication skills are a subject given serious consideration within the body of knowlegde known as NLP. There are two models of language that will teach you how to move to clarity when there is confusion - and how to use language at multiple levels for communication to the unconscious mine - or emotions. Is this manipulation? Yes it is and if you do so with integrity, it is a skill you can be proud of in every way. The word means to excute masterfully and with impeccability.

Suggestion 6. Get very clear about your values

Your values are a part of your mental map that tells you what is important and what is not. You have values that move you towards certain directions and away from others if they are fear driven. Yes - if you engage in avoidance of anything and  you spend energy doing that thing, you have a negative value that you are expressing. That value is driven by fear. It needs to be sorted out.

Your values that move you toward what you want are the ones that are driven by the belief systems you have, your perception of identity and your "mission" in life. These are "higher" order determinants concerning your values. If you change your mission in life, your values will change accordingly. You can also work from the position of changing your Identity - how you perceive yourself.

After you become fully aware of your higher spiritual identity, and the fact that YOU are in fact an eternal being, that does some serious alterations to your values compared to the perception of being a biological accident with a mission to consume and be happy for doing it.

I have also found that certain values, if they are "meta" or at a higher logical level of abstraction - to be much more powerful if they are injected into your values systems. You may consider them to be habits, or attitudes, but they still work the same way. One of those values is, CURIOSITY. Another is INDEPENDENCE. A third would be LOVE in the sense of willingness to stretch, learn and expand self to be all that you can be. You can never love another more than you love yourself. This is because the skill of stretching toward your potential precludes self-sufficiency and autonomy. If your "loving" creates dependency, you might call it love, but it certainly does not feel like it for the other. I promise you that.

I have found another aspect to be very workable for my own ability to move into totally different "occupations" for a longer or sorter period of time. I began as a photographer. I made the decision to "be a photographer" when I was 15. My values as a photographer followed suit and served the identity i pursued. I did the same thing when I went from photography to painting. I became an "artist". Before I new it, I was right smack dab in the middle of the environment, accepted with that identity. I did it again when I started to do research on free energy and the use of frequency stimulation for pain control and brain synchronization. I became a "researcher" and my values made that happen. In this way I moved also professionally into being a therapist, hypnotist, consultant, adviser, systems analyst, author, and social architect.

My experiences fall completely in line with the idea that if you believe enough in yourself, you can do anything - absolutely anything you put your heart and mind to.

Suggestion 7. Stretching toward Higher Self

heartHigher Self has played a very special role in my life at a highly conscious level ever since I was in my early 20's. I had become aware of some source of "magic" in my life that I could not explain. It had no connection connection to any religious traditions like prayer. I did not have any idea of what kind of mechanism was behind the magic until I learned about a model of spiritual psychology from Hawaii called "huna". The practitioner of this psychology is called a "kahuna". 

I discovered a model that made a lot more sense to me than any religious systems of belief. Over the years, I read as much as I could get my hands on about the topic - which was rare enough in itself.

Because hypnosis is a methodology I have had acccess to since 1990, I have used it extensively to explore this "Higher Self" when ever I came across its presence. This happened in several different ways beyond the scope of this material. Take it on faith for the moment that Higher Self is real. In the Christian religion it is known as the "Holy Ghost" but it is believed only to be associated with Christ or Christ Consciousness.

Strangely enough, the huna traditions and the Christian traditions are in full agreement of the what the appearance of the Higher Self looks like - a "tounge of fire". Higher Self is not usually connected to your "personality". It is usually percieved as being something other than your soul. I define that as the sum of your conscious and unconscious minds.

Higher Self has three agendas for your life. It is there to protect you from accidents you are not on your spiritual agenda. It provides you with the challenges you need in your life - to grow. It also provides you with what you want into your life. It is through Higher Self that you actually create the path you take in your life. You manifest it through the help of Higher Self.

Now this is a level of conscious self manifestation that is beyond the grasp of most people. Such things are thought of as miracles. Well, think of your Higher Self as your magical personality. You can read a lot more about this in my book if you should find it interesting.

One of my discoveries along my path is that Higher Self is something you "reach out to" instead of thinking of it as your saving angel. By reaching out, I mean that you seek to become this future you in the moment by consciously including communication with your higher self in your stretching process. I think, "What would Higher Self have done in this case?" More often than not, I find the answers just get downloaded into my mind. When I stretch far beyond what I think is possible, I ask what Higher Self would do. Those answers tell me I can always stretch a lot more and nothing is impossible.

I do not resonate fully with the "law of attraction" as it is marketed to the masses - even though there is a lot of truth to the Law of Attraction - it has a lot more to do with physics than you might think. It also has a lot to do with spirituality. Some of it involves Higher Self and some do not. The willingness to be all that you can be, is the ultimate secret of becoming what you desire to become. It demands focused attention over time and devotion to the path you set out for yourself. it's the only way to really live.

By the time you have gotten this far...

By following the suggestions in this article, you will probably have spent a few years learning and integrating this into your automatic behavior. It does take some time to learn. You will realize through this exercise that you have been harmonizing yourself from the inside out and you are now much better equipped to deal with the external challenges you are presented with. You will always have challenges if you have enough stretching in your life. You can never adaquately fly a complicated airplane with just an on and off switch. When you have your inner cockpit fully operational, you have literally everything you need to be all that you can be.

Learn to love your challenges!

You have them so you can learn to overcome them. Creativity is a skill you can learn if you havn't already done so. You can read all about how the process works in the body of material available at this web-site.


Social harmonization

Social reorganization and harmonization from the paradigm of competition toward vitalitty starts slowly. It is hardly recognizable for many until it reaches a certain point of general acceptance. Our social structures are all compromized through the effects of competiton. Each sector of society has its own set of challenges and possibilities.

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Environmental Harmonization

Our relationship with the environment - everything that is not YOU - has suffered greatly under the competition paradigm, just like everything else. We have serious levels of challenges all over the planet. If the environment dies, so does humanity perish. Everything is just as important and there is much to be done. We take a look at the solutions that we have today and the ones that we are still looking for in this section.

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