The transition out of the competition paradigm leaves us all with a lot of confusion and lack of clarity when it concerns the subject of self-defense. The programming from propaganda accepted in a state of confusion is something we are all well served to clear out of our minds.

The right to self-defense

The meme of “Divide and Conquer” has been refined to an art form in society. It includes the covert infiltration of individuals or ideas into the heart of those opposing the competition paradigm. The strategy employed is known as, “The engineering of consent”. This form of manipulation is very evident from within and without those engaged in the promotion and realization of vitality.

Think of it as cultural brainwashing done simply to keep you confused and hopelessly out of touch with reality. I will attempt to cover some of the most important issues that are related to how we approach and relate to those enforcers of the old paradigm.

The situation for the moment is not that we propose the right to vitality. There is a much more pressing issue that concerns us today. It has to do with protecting the long-term prerequisites for survival. This right is being threatened at multiple levels today. This threat must be dealt with as the same that will always prevent us from experiencing vitality.

In the start, vitality will be very delicate and easily destroyed. It therefore must be protected wherever possible. It's a principle. The right to self-defense is as obvious to us as the right to life. Our body's immune system tells us how important this principle is.

You must give your consent in order to suffer

Deep within the structure of our social structures are many secrets that are well buried. These deserve the use of the word “occult” as it is properly defined – hidden information. This is very evident within the world of legal fiction known as judicial language. The words within the legal systems are given very different meanings than those given as common understanding.

I offer you all the evidence you need to appreciate how this manipulation of language is created to confuse and manipulate you within the context of this discussion:

Suffer: The experience of pain as the result of conscious or unconscious consent. – Blacks Law Dictionary

This means that if you have suffered any harm from anyone or anything, it’s because you have consented to that harm in some way. The nail you have been sitting on all these years has not been so painful that you have taken the responsibility to remove it.

You might be surprised at this legal definition. It does not match with the other things that you have assumed to be true. It’s all part of the programming to include ambivalence into your life, just to confuse you. You have been taught to turn the other cheek and to suffer the ignorance of others, give them forgiveness while they torture you, to remain passive and helpless without resistance. This is how the people get shipped off to gas chambers in collective groups because they have been emotionally and mentally pacified. The last step is the placement of shackles on your hands and feet. It’s too late to do anything by that time. It’s a waste of life energy.

Fear of punishment, the threat of violence and the use of violence disguised as “lawful force” is an oppressive force that threatens everything you need to reach a state of vitality. You are in survival modality here. This means you need to do something to change your situation. Look around you. How long do you think this current path of action can last on this Earth before all is dead?

Universal principles of self-defense

You will find natural and universal principles of self-defense found when you study biology. Every living creature has a body that is intelligently created from diversity to organized harmony. Every living system has an immune defense system to resist and fight external and internal competition against its own right to life and vitality. That immune system must match the environment where it lives and to the level of competition that is present, in order to survive, much less thrive.

As the resources used to resist competition increase, so does the ability of the organism to achieve vitality decrease. This is true for plants, animals, humans and nations.

Your personal, internal immune defense system, if it is not compromised, has an intelligent passive and active system of defense. Different cells do different jobs. When the threat level is high, the active cells get their call to deploy, search and destroy the attacking organisms. Your external immune defense systems would be your ability to communicate on your behalf your free will, define boarders for responsibility and authority, and defend those boarders if necessary with the use of force – even lethal force.

Had humanity empowered itself to use its rights and abilities to self-defense for the right to survive, thrive and attain self-realization – we would never have had a society that demanded competition as a life-style. There would be no right to life for the parasite, the psychopath or oppressor. We have essentially given them that right through giving our consent to be passive in their presence.

There is every reason to perceive this level of passive acceptance as a school of learning. How long will we consent to suffer? Only when sufficient numbers of humanity wake up to this realization and reactivate their permission to be and do what they are borne to be and do, will humanity evolve out of the fall from paradise into the paradigm of competition.

Accepting responsibility for use of willpower

Willpower is a very misunderstood human resource. Consider that you have three levels of power. The highest power available to you is that of Higher Self – your magical personality. After that you have will power. After that you have the power of emotions. Consider that the two poles of this power display represent unlimited intelligence while the emotional center represents unlimited power. In the middle you have a zero point – where the heart resides – the center of desire and will; the will to live and express potential.

Willpower was not created to fight against the unconscious programming or bad habits you have acquired. Your willpower is best used in an environment of full cooperation with your unconscious mind to communicate your desires. It is the agenda of the unconscious mind to comply with those desires as long as they are communicated in an understandable way. The same applies to the relationship you might have with your higher self. Its agenda is to serve your will and best long-term interests. It does not listen to will power directly. It listens to the emotions as directed by the power of will.

Will power can be centered in many different modalities that provide different results. You are free to experiment with each and every one of these strategies as entire life-experiences. You will experience using will power to battle against the emotions that disagree with the rational decisions made by the rational mind. This is a state of what I define as “EGO”.

Another alternative is to use your will power to become passive and allow the emotions alone to take their course. This alternative will leave you with a variety of experiences – all of them painful in the long run, but perhaps enjoyable in the beginning.

A third alternative is to use will power in alliance with the emotional mind – without the realization of Higher Self and its abilities. This is absolutely a step in the right direction. Since your unconscious mind has an agenda of sending your will to Higher Self anyway, it will do so without you realizing it. You might think that you are more “lucky” than usual.

Somewhere along your experiences, you will begin to understand that there is something more going on in relationship to what is “luck” and what is “manifestation”. When you realize that you have a Higher Self – and use your will power to engage that resource consciously – you reach a quantum level of cooperation internally that really puts you on the path to self-mastery.

One of the biggest traps for humanity is the pacification of will power. The next biggest trap is the idea that it is inferior to your emotions. You have rational and emotional resources for a good reason. This is to get them to work in unison. You cannot have true “unity consciousness” or awareness of the connections between all things, if your mind is still fragmented.

Demonization of resources, words and concepts

An important part of social manipulation is the demonization of resources, words and concepts that actually best serve our long-term interests. The levels of deception are beyond the belief systems of most people to comprehend. Our systems of education and mass communication are fully compliant with a specific program hidden from general awareness. This demonization process filters through all the different layers of our social infrastructure without us being aware of its existence. In this way, we often can end up supporting ideas and refusing others that carry us in a direction opposite to our intentions. This is not a theory of conspiracy. It is a statement of fact and can be proven to anybody willing to spend the time looking at the evidence.

The promoters of the competition paradigm have always demanded the power to define the meaning of words and the expression quality in science, education, religion, politics, money and law. Their one-sided focus on rationality has elevated the meaning of language to a superior position above emotions and sensory experience, even though sensory experiences and emotions are primary experiences and sources of knowledge before the expressions of words. Everything is upside down and turned inside out.

The power of language has a tendency to seduce the rational mind into believing that words are reality instead of secondary representations. They have taken reality out of the words and then they only talk about the words. Everything is word-fiction.

Your inherent rights to self-defense have been legally labeled as “violence”, “resisting arrest”, “terrorism”, “defiance”, “lack of cooperation”, “insanity”, “psychologically disturbed”, “anarchist”, “deviant”, or a “threat”. It is very easy to become morally confused concerning your best interests when you think about how you are going to defend yourself from these forces trying to usurp your authority, energy, responsibility or vitality.

“Violence” is the use of force; manipulation or deceit, to bypass your basic rights of respect for fully informed free will. It is not violence to respond to violence with force if necessary. The use of force is necessary to stop violence. That is self-defense. It is within the parameters of your spiritual agenda to protect your free will to live – or die if you so choose to do so.

It does not create “karma” to protect your free will to peacefully live in your environment. That being said, there is also wisdom in acknowledgement of the fact that there are those that may claim the right to ownership of the environment in which you live. You will have to make the distinction of where to draw the line when it concerns your acceptance of suffering that might be involved. It may be wise to simply go somewhere else.

Your choice to defend your rights to vitality will likely be seriously challenged if you are confrontational. If your position is that your freedom has been already confronted - then you need to respond appropriately. Be smart! Do not waste your resources on battles you can avoid while remembering that when problems are not fully resolved, they will pop up other places later on. They become more serious the longer you wait to deal with the true cause.

Is empathy causing you problems?

Your discovery and use of empathy is your entrance key to the kingdom of unity consciousness. It is a vital part of the vitally paradigm. You are well served to realize that there are short and long-term considerations when it comes to empathy – that are important for your very survival. Empathy can also take your life.

Empathy will provide you with a highway toward exhaustion, disease, loss of self- respect, and loss of self-awareness. It is an important lesson for your soul to learn to distinguish between empathy with and without wisdom.

Learning to appreciate the awareness of unity does not mean you have to take responsibility that is not yours. There is a difference between displaying compassion in helping another person in need, and assuming responsibility to prolong dependency. Empathy with wisdom allows you to help others learn to help themselves. It also allows plenty of room for compassion of those desperately in need of immediate relief.

The dance of awareness from 3 positions

You have the ability to have an unlimited number of perceptual positions from which to perceive reality from. When it concerns empathy – you really only need to work with three categories to attain the wisdom you need. Your first position is your individual perception. Your second position is the empathy position. You attempt to enter the reality of another’s perceptions. A third position is that of the observer watching from the outside – looking at the relationship between the two. If you take the 1,2,3,1-path of these different positions, you will have gained immense knowledge about how to best take care of the best long-term interests of that other person as well as yourself. Always make your decisions after returning to yourself to consider those interests.

True unity awareness does not support self-destruction. That would negatively affect the prosperity of other parts of the whole. As such there is a magic balance between serving others best interests and your own. If you consider that you contribute at least 51% of your energy to lift others and no more than 49% of your energy for self -interests, you are in that zone that creates perfect balance. Remember that when you serve your interests, you never do so at others expense. That’s part of the deal.

I hope you have found this enlightening and that it helps to create clarity where there was fog before.


Social harmonization

Social reorganization and harmonization from the paradigm of competition toward vitalitty starts slowly. It is hardly recognizable for many until it reaches a certain point of general acceptance. Our social structures are all compromized through the effects of competiton. Each sector of society has its own set of challenges and possibilities.

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Environmental Harmonization

Our relationship with the environment - everything that is not YOU - has suffered greatly under the competition paradigm, just like everything else. We have serious levels of challenges all over the planet. If the environment dies, so does humanity perish. Everything is just as important and there is much to be done. We take a look at the solutions that we have today and the ones that we are still looking for in this section.

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