Biologically speaking, there are no differences between the species we call humans and the differing animal species we have on the planet. There is no evidence what so ever that any animal or human has evolved as suggested in the Darwinian model of evolution. If this were truth we would have found

evidence for transitions that we do not see. This does not negate certain environmental changes creating biological changes in parameters. If we are ever to truly discover any form of "ranking" in development between humans and animals - or any other form of life, we would be hard pressed to find clarity if we only examine the physical evidence. We must delve into the metaphysical where we have to apply a well founded epistemology.

It is very apparent that each animal and human has what we identify with as your singularity of reference to life itself. You say..."I". This is your sense of individuality. Consider first that any form of life has this sense of "I". It seems that, no matter at what level of the kingdom of life you investigate, you will find that there is always adequate awareness to self-sustain and thrive in the local environment where they are found.

It would certainly be audacious to proclaim that any form of life is superior to another. Consider that all forms of life are interconnected - at least on the planet where they appear. If the Bees on the Earth were to disappear, humanity would have only three years left to survive. Einstein said that. this tells us that we are well served to respect other forms of life. That means treating them with the same kind of intentions you want for yourself. I assume you would like to have vitality. OK, you have to understand that you cannot have that alone.

Realizing the need for reverence for other forms of life is like realizing the need for reverence for your own. They should reflect each other. If not you have some form for cognitive dissonance you need to harmonize.

Polarization of animals and humans

There is a class of animals and humans that can be called predatory. They live by serving their best interests at the expense of others. They do so to varying degrees of scope and intensity. All living beings have an immune system to deal with local internal and external competition or predators. If we look closely at the biological balance of nature, we find that there seems to always be a balance between the predatory aspect of nature with its counterparts. It does induce a certain element of challenge in the environment and it is only under challenges that nature is able to evolve.

We can observe this in for example colonies of bees from Japan that learned to defend themselves from attack by roving swarms of hornets that could potentially threaten the sustainability of the bees. Press here to see a short film about these bees. Here we are a witness to behavioral evolution that is both collective and intelligent.

A closer look at the predatory behavior of animals seems to suggest that they are created to be predators in order to be self-sustaining. Animals have to eat to stay alive and so do humans. One thing you do not see in the animal kingdom is any kind of behavior that is organized in such a way that other animals are "farmed" for profit by a smaller group of the same species. By "farming" i mean cultivating and capturing other life-forms, taking away their freedom throughout their life and consuming them as food. Only humans do that to each other and other animals and plants. Its something different than being a predatory animal that eats only to thrive and survive. This makes us certainly different than the animal kingdom.

It would seem obvious to us that humans are different given that they have the capacity to make an extended scope of choices in our own behavioral evolution.

The hidden aspects of evolution

We know that the capacity of awareness survives the death of the body. The knowledge gained from that awareness tells us that the same is true for all forms of life. For certain forms of life, there is an experience of individuality in life that expands to a collective individuality in death. In this way, the learning experiences and growth of intelligence in one, is collectively shared and evolution is secured. It could never work any other way. If life-forms were subject to no collective experiences being carried with them subconsciously - they would never have the instincts necessary to survive. These are not "primitive" but rather collective behavioral wisdom gathered through many incarnations of experience. The size of any collective animal awareness is currently unconfirmed and perhaps different for each species. What does seem to be very true is that each have a collective agenda and that is to grow and to thrive. This indicates the level of their "spiritual" evolution. From certain more esoteric sources, this level is called "second density" and stretches across the entire plant and animal kingdom including the life of individual cells. First density is understood as the mineral kingdom and the simplest of all life forms as we understand them today. Their agenda is to become aware.

The human specter of evolution is greater than the others. It also includes higher densities of energy in that form as human. The first human level is known as third density. The agenda for this density is an inclusion of the past levels and addition of "self-awareness" and polarization. Polarization is defined in other sections of this information. Positive polarization is the emotional commitment to serve others more than self all in the name of vitality. Negative polarization is service to self at others expense. The extent of cooperation at this level is only what is needed to sustain life. True negative polarization is extremely difficult because it demands intense dedication to be a "winner" at all costs in the game of competition.

Evolution in Reincarnation

After my own original research into the subject of reincarnation and the patterns or rules that evolve from this information, I have to conclude that the long series of life experiences is for the purpose of becoming gradually more self aware up to and including spiritual self-awareness - the realization of your extended identity and hidden resources. The first level of schooling is known as third density and it is the reality as you experience it here and now. it is said to be the equivalent of what a raw piece of iron must feel to be hammered into a form by a blacksmith This is the school of hard knocks. Its supposed to be this way. It serves a very important purpose. This Earth is not the only planet at this level of existence. There are many like it also in our own galaxy.

The organization of any third density planet is always learning from trial and error in confusion due to artifical internal and external limitations under the influence of competition. I cannot provide any solid evidence for the level of self-awareness necessary to move to a higher level of evolution It must at least include the capacity to live in empathy with yourself, others and your surroundings. This is also what it means to be polarized positive. You are predictable this way.

Polarization of Planets

Planets, stars and galaxies all have an evolutionary path. They too are evolving on their own set of cycles through the different densities of evolution. They too have different states in their evolution such as "unpolarized" - supporting positive, negative and unpolarized life, "Positive polarized" - supporting only positive polarized life-forms, and "Negative polarized" - supporting only negative polarized forms of life (not a happy place to be.) Third density Earth is an unpolarized planet. It supports all the three polarization possibilities. A multitude of long-time research and extended awareness concerning these longer cycles of development for planets and people lead me to conclude that the Earth is in the process of evolving into a fourth-density, positive polarized planet. 

The Core interior of the Earth is not a molten iron ball but a living being with self-awareness. The center of the Earth is "driven" by a plasma or "light body" of awareness that has changed its structure at the end of 2012. It is emitting a new kind of unknown energy and my information is that its crystalline form is completely developed. It is preparing itself for a moment of transformation that will also alter the surface of the planet. It will become a new reality with new rules and new possibilities - much more extended than before. It is said by many that this transformation is imminent. That is within the scope of a few years time - perhaps more. It is really unknown. This time is expected by many people on this planet in somewhat different systems of belief and knowing.

To remain on Earth

To remain on Earth in the future is to have become positive polarized in empathy awareness. Perhaps this is what it means in the Christian Bible: "The meek shall inherit the Earth". It will be an experience that is said to be at least a hundred times more harmonious than anything available on Earth as we know it. Its a complete movement toward vitality at the extraordinary end of the scale of continuous evolution. The limitations are different. Instead of the school of hard knocks, its more like the school of being sharpened.

To remain unpolarized and unaware

 Third density is unique in that it is the cycle of life and death, where life is lived in confusion. For each chance of life you have, you are unaware of the lives lived before and the lessons you have learned from them. You start fresh in a new "game" for each life. Its a very tiring experience and the lowest level there is. These cycles of evolution happen periodically, at least once every 26,000 years. At any rate, all unpolarized souls die, sort through their lives, plan a future, go into that new life forgetting the past. This is unique to third density. Its simply more of the same until you get it right. There are always planets that are available for your needed future development, no matter what level you might be at.


Animals and humans have different collective agendas. They also have a different form for individual identity more toward the collective, than humans. Animals have a certain level of group soul and its agenda is to thrive. Humans also have a "group soul" or soul family that is limited in its number while rarely having awareness of that while in life. Its more individually orientated. Humans have more choices and more responsibility. Humans have the agenda to become self-aware at the level of spirit, into empathy or more competition as they choose their polarization. - this is the meaning of life at this level.This is where the real evolution of humanity takes place.