The aspects of dealing with diversity, is a process we all have to deal with in any harmonization process. We seek to become intelligently organized for the purpose of achieving a higher potential of performance. There are a number of issues I would like to bring to your attention – issues that are not generally well understood.

The primary prerequisite for the patterns discussed here is that all parts of the whole involved are willing to commit to a collective agenda. In these discussions, I generalize that agenda as the will and the ability to actively participate in achieving, maintaining, improving and defending long-term Vitality.

Outside these parameters, differences will often be a source of conflict, resistance and friction.

Incompatible differences

You have ample examples to show you how nature deals with incompatible differences to create harmony and even greater levels of synergy. Consider how your stomach cells that are created to produce and thrive in an environment of hydrochloric acid to digest food, have close proximity to other body cells/parts that would be killed in an instant, had they shared that environment. There is always a layer of separation where the cells or parts have a compatible relationship with both or all parts concerned.

This is called a buffer zone. Find the parts that are able to communicate through layers of compatibility to make that transition functional and synergetic.

The principle is simple – the process may however take some time, if you do not have access to enough diversity. This is why vitality is a lot easier to achieve when you have enough parts that all need to be there to make that happen in balance for all. Know that it is always possible. You simply need to find out how to make that happen.

This principle will works for all living and non-living systems.

Differences that make energetic harmonics

The subject under consideration here is known to only a handful of people. I give cudos to David Sereda for the primary discovery of the aspects introduced here. I immediately recognized that his perceptions are very important as a contribution to the process of extending our understanding of how the universe works in harmonious ways.

You will probably appreciate this information if you are inclined to enjoy science and physics. If not, just bear with me through a short introduction so you can perhaps find a way to use the principle in a way that can benefit you.

Beat frequencies and interference

Sound waves of two different frequencies, or tones will interfere with each other in a combination of destructive and/or constructive patterns. The resulting interference will always create a third frequency, which is exactly the difference of the frequencies from the original two sources. This is called a “beat frequency”.

The conscious application of this phenomenon makes it possible to extend the frequency range that we can audibly detect with our ears. If you listen to a tone of 300 Hz in one ear, and another tone of 307.8 Hz in the other ear, your brain will register the frequency difference of 7.8 Hz riding on the sound frequency that is within the zone of conscious perception.

This is the primary idea of different electronic “brain-stimulation” products available today. These apply beat frequencies and more to stimulate specific frequencies that are associated with extraordinary extended states of awareness and ability.

This way of working with different frequencies has applications surely yet to be discovered, improved and utilized. We have the entire spectrum of frequencies at our disposal.


“Differentials” is the term used to describe the ratio of differences between any two different systems having different operating frequencies. It is something different than the beat frequency that appears as a consequence.

Whenever we have three frequencies that blend together, if they are a constructive blend of sympathetic frequencies, a great many harmonics will appear within the system at frequencies well beyond the immediate scope of frequencies involved.

The study of harmonics is generally a specialty for musicians and technicians sadly to say. Humanity would be well served to give more attention to harmonics and harmony in the pursuit of long-term vitality. It’s a part of your extended education.

Differentials that connect to eternity

The concept of eternity is rather difficult to comprehend. It is however a subject we are well served to relate to and at least attempt to understand. It is usually symbolized as, ¥. This symbol is simply part of the geometry of the eternal torus vortex of energy fields created known to exist in the electromagnetic dynamics throughout the universe. This force is much stronger than gravity and it permeates the universe in all matter.

Matter is simply condensed energy. To better understand cosmology we need to understand magnetism and electricity and its connection to what we call consciousness at any level and scope of awareness.

Electricity and magnetism are to sides of the same coin. As energy moves through a vortex it will be expanding during part of its journey while collapsing on the other part. This is also known as exothermic and endothermic energy. Magnetism is Exothermic while electricity is endothermic. Each energy configuration has its own frequency.

Duality is a myth

It appears that we live in a dualistic universe. We have Plus/Minus, Hot/Cold, Good/Bad, North/South magnetic Poles, Masculine/feminine. The list is endless. The missing part of the bigger picture is the concept of Neutral. A deeper analysis of the physics of magnetism show that Neutral is a state that is essential to the understanding of the phenomenon.

To better understand how this concept creates an important pattern to our understanding of ourselves and the universe, the philosophy of the neutral zone will be explained here.

Consider that the universe demands development. There are two schools of development that any body of consciousness may take. One is through pain and the other is through pleasure. In this case we need to include long-term principles. What we are really talking about is short-term pleasure and long-term pain vs. short-term pain and long-term pleasure. Without these options there can be no free will. The choice is made from the point of the NEUTRAL observer. Each path has its purpose.

Of course, for this to work, the universe has created universal ways to keep separation where needed together with synergetic cooperation. It’s a self-sustain, eternal universe we are talking about.

As the two polarities of electric energy mesh each other they do not annihilate each other as assumed but they transfer their modality to magnetic energy. The cycle continues if and only if the north and the south pole of the magnetic energy are different in relationship with each other, in a very special way.

The planets in our Solar system are constantly exchanging energy and information with each other. The planets also give a return energy back to the Sun. This model of energy exchange must be assumed to be a pattern that concerns all of the microscopic and macroscopic scales of analysis.

There are no closed systems in this universe. Everything is connected together. It is of course a relevant question to ask, how do these mechanisms operate? I can only answer, “Through conscious cooperation”. The planets and the Sun are alive.

Infinite Differentials – Irrational numbers


Mathematics has chosen to call numbers or differentials that never end, or go out to infinity as “irrational numbers”. Its not that some numbers have feelings and others don’t. The term is actually correctly connected to the right-hemisphere processes that are defragmenting. This hemisphere of the brain works with concepts that cannot be divided, or fragmented and still make sense.

This is a seriously superior function of the brain because it uses simultaneous or instant logic instead of rational or sequential logic.

Numbers that go on forever are interesting. The universe, or natural growth patterns in the universe seem to be very attached to a very special growth pattern that is also an infinite differential – this is called the golden mean.


differentials-1This pattern of size differentials is something you will find in nature everywhere you look. This number is also the product of the “Fibonacci sequence” being: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 … As the numbers increase, we get closer and closer to the golden mean ratio of 1.618…

This biological rule of growth seems to create the precise kind of sympathetic rations that we might postulate are interconnected with each other, related to each other and able to communicate with each other in a constructive way.

Archimedes Infinite Series

There are a number of other ways infinity numbers are present in natural processes and with differentials. These are known as Archimedes Infinite series. There are several different sets of numbers and division principles that are found within this series. The principle that David Sereda points out has to do with the differences in the North and South Pole magnetics found throughout the universe.

When differences are precisely the same, they cancel each other and negate each other. When they are of different frequencies or levels of strength, they create harmonic patterns when mixed together. David found that these differences seem to go to infinity – and create harmonics that stretch all the way out to the “zero-point” of creation – where they are able to draw energy from that source.

If the ration of one Pole is let’s say, 10 and the other is 9. When you look at the mathematical differential, you will have 1.11111111111111111 … an infinite number. Sereda postulates that this might be the secret to their self-sustainability. At any rate, it is an idea that is worth experimenting with.

Energetic differences in a broader perspective

Given that this principle is legitimate, than we have an interesting concept to work with when thinking about what we normally consider to be dualistic relationships – especially between masculine and feminine genders. What we are always looking for, but find it difficult to achieve is that “difference” that makes the energy stretch out to infinity in the harmonics of differences. These are the “magical” relationships that just seem to be self-energizing. I think its something we need to look deeper into when designing systems for the future.