Ancient Hermetic wisdom teachings embrace a unified concept of reality with the statement, “As above, so is below. As below, so is above”. In other words, “Look for the patterns that appear everywhere in nature to better understand self and nature”.

 That is not an accurate description of the attitude inherently embodied by most people today. This is a consequence of a materialistic paradigm that has ruled modern science from its conception after the fall of the Catholic Church as a social institution for knowledge and wisdom.

The institution of science has always embraced the model of materialism, rational and objective thinking as a criteria for legitimacy. Scientists, the people doing the real experiments, are finding more often than not that they are forced to extend their thinking beyond their given boundaries when they follow where the evidence leads them.

fractalThe science of fractal mathematics has grown beyond the wildest of dreams for those that have been engaged in the study of flow dynamics, actually the flow of energy. Ever since the first computer was able to crank out visual representations of math beyond the ability of any human, the science has developed itself into an art form that represents reality perfectly in the field of computer animation. None of this would have been possible without the aid of the concept known as fractal reality or “fractality” – or nested patterns within patterns that keep repeating themselves.

In reality, many scientists will openly admit that they too have found that ancient Hermetic wisdom is verified by what we know about the universe today. This concept fits perfectly with the patterns of creation observed at all scales in the universe, if we know what to look for.

We recognize the spiral shape of the galaxy to re-appear and manifest in the vortex of a hurricane, a tornado, a whirlpool, a snail house and the development of plants, animals and human life.

Our ability to notice the symmetry of principles that abound at all levels of microscopic and macroscopic reality enable us to integrate into ourselves a more accurate understanding of our own position and status as humans, attempting to better understand the nature of reality at greater and greater levels of accuracy.

The nature of nature

3milecometThe illustration to the left shows the conceptual reality of the true size of a three-mile diameter comet. The illustration was used to show the scale of the comet that a satellite from Earth has landed on, inside our Solar system.

In order to convey the concept that I have in mind, consider something that is ten miles in diameter; over three times larger in size. This is how big one single human cell would look like if it was magnified 1,000-million times.

This cell would have 1013 individual atomsinside itself. Each would be the size of a tennis ball. There are 7-billion people on our planet. There are over 10 trillion cells in your body and each cell has 10-trillion atoms within itself. Each and every human body is the consequence of synergetic cooperation in absence of competition.

You might ask the question, what do these 10-trillion atoms do?

Each cell has unparalleled complexity and adaptive design. Each cell has its own central memory bank, assembly plants and processing units, repackaging and shipping centers. Protein molecules that work as robot machines containing 3,000 atoms each in 3D configurations populate the interior of each cell. There are hundreds of thousands of unique configurations.

There is an elaborate communication system with quality control and repair mechanisms that read digital code, correct mistakes and provide the information where it is needed, when it is needed. There are elegant control systems regulating automated assembly of components that use prefabrication and modular construction techniques and also get rid of waste materials.

Each cell has its own power systems that supply on demand. Each cell has a complex communication system with the environment, providing it with sufficient raw materials for its purpose, as well as getting rid of waste.

The patterns that nature uses in cellular evolution involves hyper intelligent design, intelligent organization and a protective membrane around itself to maintain integrity while still communicating with the environment in harmony with it. Cells are arranged in intelligent patterns of purpose such as organs, as part of a greater whole striving to create conditions of harmony and vitality where conditions allow.

The primary conditions for each and every living biological organism is centered around the concepts of intelligently arranged biological diversity, a matrix of autonomy in synergy in absence of competition. Each living organism has some form of internal and external immune system to reject any invasion of competition into the system.

This idea flies into the face of any Darwinian evolutionary theorist that claims that nature is designed around the concept of survival of the fittest. The matrix of patterns expressed in biology are actually very different. You will find elements of competition in nature, but not as a general rule. Nature evolves by creating synergetic relationships between different forms of life.

Nature runs its energetic systems around the power of giving more than taking.

Leadership in biology seems to be fully internalized. There is autonomy at every level of organization without conflict. Nature does not believe in the concept of money, or debt. It believes in the concept of vitality, self-sustainability, inter-dependence and autonomy without conflict or competition. Notice that there is no central leadership involved. The presence of competition sets off alarms within the system and its immune defense goes to work to destroy the competition or at least defend itself against it. Survival is dependent on a strong enough immune defense to cope with existing threats in the environment.

Humanity vs. Nature

Human social systems and institutions are all publicly designed around the idea that competition is natural, unavoidable, necessary and good for all development. It does the exact opposite of what nature proposes.

Imagine a human city that is as big as one human cell, magnified 1,000-million times. This cell is led by a multiple party political system driven by competition, arguing about what is the right thing for all the other parts to do and be. Truthful information is highly fragmented, compartmentalized and intentions are hidden behind secret agendas designed to attain or maintain some competitive advantage. The 10-trillion atoms are arranged to generate profit at the expense of the parts doing the work. Repair systems are often out of service, busy or broken. The system has a health-care plan that is centralized and concocted to provide continual disease and circulation within the system for the purpose of profit. All information is designed to distract, manipulate and entertain the parts from doing their intended purpose.

What would it be like to live in such a system?

What would it be like to expand this system 10-trillion times to illustrate an entire human body under the same type of paradigm?

Yes you are looking at a very sick, diseased and troubled human being. You could say the same for the rest of humanity – on average. The performance score is very poor. The majority of humans are fighting for survival under severe forces of competition from other humans. Another majority of humans are living comfortably in a stagnate comfort zone of mediocrity completely unaware of their true condition.

Humanity talks a lot about struggling to achieve global peace while it insists on waging a continual economic war with itself. In this struggle for peace, humanity has completely lost its potential to strive for vitality for self, others and the environment as the true potential for us all. We have lost our way in the spirit of competition.

If we do not recognize the graveness of this mistake, I am afraid that competition will do what competition always does, It works its way through every participating, creating losers along the way. The end result of competition is complete lock-down. It is static and motionless. Competition must have cooperation in order for it to kill that cooperation. Cooperation without competition can thrive and create perfect vitality given the opportunity to intelligently organize itself.