The Community

The Practical Path of Action - Getting to Vitality

Corporations have existed under a legal mandate to earn more money for their owners now and into the future. As such they have been existing on the power of taking more than they provide and therefore a source of pollution, mediocrity, waste and dependency. That does not mean that in the future, we must get rid of the corporate idea.

The biggest issues toward healing and harmonizing our social structures has to do with reorganizing the relationships to authority, money and energy. From these three major changes, everything else will fall behind and support the rest of the process.


Self harmonization

The process of making things in the world right, starts with yourself. You work your way from the inside-out, like all natural processes. From there you extend your attention to your society and environment, but you always have to start with yourself.

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Environmental Harmonization

Our relationship with the environment - everything that is not YOU - has suffered greatly under the competition paradigm, just like everything else. We have serious levels of challenges all over the planet. If the environment dies, so does humanity perish. Everything is just as important and there is much to be done. We take a look at the solutions that we have today and the ones that we are still looking for in this section.

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