The biggest issues toward healing and harmonizing our social structures has to do with reorganizing the relationships to authority, money and energy. From these three major changes, everything else will fall behind and support the rest of the process.

Social harmonization is going to be a huge task, baring some significant event that changes the configuration of the social landscape and the existing competitive power structures. That event could be a number of different things that alters the perceptions of humanity in general. It could be natural catastrophes, space events, planetary events, collapsed economy simply global social demands for change.

It has been recognized that all efforts to convince the highest power structures to change their loyalties have not been successful. They are at the moment engaged in different internal wars over turf as even they are noticing the increased polarization amongst themselves. Money and energy are the two keys to this transformation process that cannot be avoided. Issues concerning authority rest within both of these categories of social control. 

When I mention our relationships with authority, money and energy as primary issues, I do not forget the de-fragmentation process that absolutely will have to take place concerning religious, ethnic, racial, and cultural differences. It is impossible to describe how this is going to happen out into the future. There are simply too many uncertainties we have to deal with. As such it will have to be organic. By that I mean highly self-led. You might also say Intuitively self-led. I can provide some hints as to how you, best can respond in the case of two different kinds of scenarios. The one is Gradual Change and the other is Social Shock.

Gradual Change Issues

Those aware of the present social injustices and oppression are very impatient to move forward and stretch out to vitality. Millions of people are already waiting for the signal to go. They desire and need rapid change to satisfy their ambitions. The general presupposition among many of these people is one of two - It is generally presumed that those not emotionally ready for a society in vitality will simply not have the "right of life" - meaning that the magnetics of the Earth will not support unpolarized human awareness. There are those that are better informed than me, that a gradual change is needed to save lives and to avoid the negative side effects that social chaos would create. 

I have come to the conclusion that it is wise to move for gradual change and provide room for those that are prepared to have the freedom to do so, in their separate space - so they can create a space for others to come and experience. There will have to be a lot of fruitful negotiation with local and national government offices to get this done. The change in awareness is sweeping all over the Planet and the People and even those in government will be waking up and seeing clearly what needs to be changed.

To facilitate that process, I propose organization under the umbrella of, "The Spirit of Vitality". I suggest a network of organizations all over the planet. Many are already started and they are known under many names; the Thrive Movement, Ubunto with Michael Tellenger, One Peoples Public Trust, and "One Earth Nation" is another. Even these would benefit by moving highest up the logical level of intentions in such a way that all focus is singular.

All the different organizations already existing are normally operating at a lower level of abstraction than Vitality. All of these that support Vitality as a collective goal for humanity should find place to provide value.

The gradual change process will be led by example. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Social Shock

I use the term Social Shock to describe events like, for example the Terror Attacks on the American infrastructures 11, September, 2001. Pearl Harbor is another event that qualifies under this category. This is a technique often used by the powers that promote competition, to move the hearts and minds of the population to certain predetermined choices. Everything is by design to motivate humans to go to war with each other.

The technique used is to carefully arrange a spontaneous event and have prepared messages going out to the people, reinforcing what will get people to move in the direction of manipulation desired. Often, the guilty party is the focus of the media coverage after the initial shock has gone over. Revenge is the response that are elicited. This is of course the strategy of the "false flag" events from history.

This technique is well known within the professional circles that practice hypnosis. It can be used to heal and it can be used to manipulate. It is the intention behind the action that makes a difference.


From the perspective of a hypnotist, humanity has been technically hypnotized to forget their extended past. The definition of the somnambulistic trance is the willingness to forget. On top of that foundation of hypnosis, there are countless other ideas and thought viruses that have been "planted" in the minds of humanity so that they will argue more, compete more, spend more money and consume more raw materials. There is a case to be made for the conclusion that humanity really needs to come out of its deep trance. Shock is one of the ways it could happen suddenly - if and only if the public are provided with a clear message that not only satisfies their immediate needs, but that puts them into a bigger perspective creating clarity.

If something huge were to happen on Earth, It will most likely be something that creates a drastic change in the "normal" playing field. Under the shock of severe stress - also psychic stress - barring an explanation that can get them reorientated, many will be walking around in a daze, not being able to consider their best interests. That means that those with clarity will have to step up to the plate and involve themselves with what ever will help best for the immediate needs. 

Given a shocking event where the established web of authority has collapsed, many people will be in need of serious down-time to digest exactly what has happened to their lives. these individuals are going to need access to food, transportation, energy and all the infrastructures that are available to support a time where those that need it, can get "up to date". Someone will have to help them start learning how to help themselves.

Money issues

Money is and has been used for a long time as a limited resource, issued as a debt instrument, with interest over time or usury and fiat principles that decrease the value of money over time. Its a rigged game that is set up by people that proclaim positions of authority over how the invention of money must be used. Money as it is used today is the greatest terror weapon of all time. It is the hidden hand behind wars of all ages - money and natural resources.

Hidden economic issues

I have been aware of different groups of people from all over the planet that have propose a total makeover of our economic climate and how we use money in the future. Many different rumors have circulated throughout the years that talk about huge sums of money squirreled away in vaults, to someday be released for the purpose of creating human prosperity. So far, nothing has happened. To this day, there are a number of different factions, from the UN-World bank, One Peoples Public Trust, The Dragon Families etc. etc. It seems that there are ongoing negotiations about global economic changes but this is absolutely not a topic for mass media discussion. Its hidden away in the alternative media found on the Internet.

My conversations with Adnan Sakli before the last year and a half, before his death in February 2014 have opened my perspectives concerning the intentions of change at a level higher than the Bank of International Settlements. Sakli was the holder of the signature for the global accounts. He allowed for the bank bailouts and having regretted giving the banks too much credit, closed the doors to extending those financial portals. The intention has been to starve the power structures out of their power by turning off their money supply. Sakli was fully aware of the pain it would cause on a global scale. He worked under the assumption that the corruption had to be dealt with before the people could get past the low level of society we are experiencing today.

His intentions were to bring humanity somewhere between 3 and 10,000 into the future as far as technology is concerned. This technology is already developed but held back because it does not "earn money" the way our mediocrity does so well. The entire exercise for the future is to get rid of the money issues by creating prosperity and independence.

The funds held in the accounts under Adnan Sakli and 8217 are beyond normal comprehension. They are in "lock-down" until humanity is ready to move toward vitality. The solutions are so simple.

The general idea was to create a new united nations driven by the people for the people. These representatives would hold a global conference and decide how humanity best could use money in the future.

Several other sources claim to have the rights to enormous reserves of Gold in various parts of the world, mainly Indonesia and China. There is enough evidence to suggest we have no shortage of money, only that we have a huge shortage of wisdom to put it to use.

One of the biggest issues as I see it today, with the global economy is that hold the liabilities for the enormous debts in nations and corporations are not willing to pay those debts because they are not able to. Instead, they have vowed to crash the system, and create a new one without settling accounts from the past. This is clearly not a good way forward for humanity. Plans to resolve the economic issues and provide debt relief are well hidden from public knowledge. This is to help promote the emotions of fear and helplessness.

Energy issues

I have spent four years actively researching the alternative energy developments that has been ongoing and driven by private enterprises, and scientist working in garages all over the planet. This does not usually involve solar, or wind energy. The research is focused on the work of Henry T. Moray, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Walter Russell, and many others that have demonstrated the ability to do the impossible - by using open systems to create an energy flow that was self sustaining. Tesla made a car that went 150 Km.T. with an 80 Kw. Westinghouse electric motor and a box with twelve radio tubes arranged in a special proprietary connection. The car had an antenna on the roof 1,6 meters long, a heavy cable. Of course you have not heard about this, even though it is history. it would destroy the present energy cartels and the government systems that keep humanity in dependency.

The military industrial complex has secretly been working on technologies that can also be used to benefit humanity. They must release these ASAP. They will be necessary to provide real solutions also to our pressing environmental problems. It is an important social function of self-sufficiency that energy is available for all our needs, including food and drinking water production at a local level.

If these solutions are not released by those holding their secrets, the technology will find a way to get to the public via other channels. Thousands of inventors are working on the issues of providing useful energy solutions. Their organization and backing is also needed to bring humanity forward.

Social change in general

The transition from competition to vitality needs to be one that promotes vitality through example. Nobody is well served if those changes are traumatic for the general majority not prepared for these things. Because it is a paradigm change and not a Revolution - we will be witnesses to a spontaneous evolution in humanity. This is something I am looking forward to.








Self harmonization

The process of making things in the world right, starts with yourself. You work your way from the inside-out, like all natural processes. From there you extend your attention to your society and environment, but you always have to start with yourself.

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Environmental Harmonization

Our relationship with the environment - everything that is not YOU - has suffered greatly under the competition paradigm, just like everything else. We have serious levels of challenges all over the planet. If the environment dies, so does humanity perish. Everything is just as important and there is much to be done. We take a look at the solutions that we have today and the ones that we are still looking for in this section.

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