I can only assume that sooner or later persons of legal authority will be reading this message. It is short and to the point and explains what is expected of you in your part of the transition to a social structure that supports vitality.

I fully realize the dilemma that any authority figure in society faces at this time. I have had a significant amount of communication with people in the "Know" that have informed me of the specifics for the many different nations. This transition needs to happen peacefully and it needs to take into consideration those citizens that are totally unaware of the greater changes taking place. There are two levels of authorities that this message is addressed to. I appeal to mainly to those that have an emotional investment in improving the conditions for the people of the planet. The secondary message is to those that have an emotional investment in the destruction of the long term interests of the people of this Earth.

What it really means to be a governor

A governor is a mechanical device that "holds back" another mechanical device from delivering its full potential to do work - or to be all that it can be. The idea is of course that the machine would self-destruct if it was not "regulated". While this works fine for mechanical devices different parameters apply for human systems. People do not spin out of control, overheat, or "explode" when they begin to reach their potential for performance. They do that only if they are spinning their wheels, going nowhere or even backward in competition.

Humans in self-realization exhibit wisdom, knowledge and skills that lift the rest of humanity. They suffer from being governed. All human systems have an unknown potential at any scale or scope of consideration. It is ultimately destructive to govern that potential.

What does it mean to be an "officer" of a corporation?

All governments today are structured as CORPORATIONS. You will see them using ALL CAPITALS to describe their name. Being a part of this system, given the authority by this system, you are in actuality an officer of a corporation. You are operating in the land of legal fictions that appear to be constitutional governments when they are in actuality nothing more than a CORPORATION just like MC DONALDS. A corporation has no representation by the people, even though it is made to look that way. The election process is nothing but a mask of legitimacy.

How language is used to bind you

authorityThe world of legal fiction is driven by the power of language to confuse through ambiguity. Words are only "re-presentations" of a subjective sensory reality. The experience or the thought is the original while the words used to describe them are extremely distorted copies by the time that word is translated back into your mind as an internal thought or experience. The political or legal understanding of the phrase, "I take responsibility...", really means, "I take your authority (because I take your responsibility). What the public thinks the words mean are more likely to resemble, "I will bear the burdens for all of my actions" or "I screwed up and I should resign".

All people are well served to recognize that the rational world we have created for ourselves is ruled by language, sequential logic, and the processes of fragmentation. Its a very "mechanical" way of thinking. Your mind and your brain have this rational part and a sensory part. The sensory part is the primary and therefore most essential portal for your reality. The rational mind simply compartmentalizes that reality with words and categories invented from a fantasy.

You are, in other words, well served to live through your primary senses. This means creating different distinctions, becoming aware of the assumptions that you have never challenged. I direct your attention to the word, "authority". It means you have the power over others in certain relationships. It means that your bigger, stronger, smarter, more right - than others in some way, shape or form. It may even mean it is right for you to use violence and/or the threat of violence on another human - or animal for that matter.

It goes very much against the claim that, "All are created equal". We come into this earth as small naked babies. After that, we assume these masks. They are called "personalities". They can be far removed from your essence as a living man or woman.

Here are some questions you are well served to ask:

"Are you really certain that its RIGHT to force your will onto others, by claiming to have authority over them?"

  • Who gave you the authority you have?
  • Where did they get their authority from?
  • Where did that authority come from originally?

"Since all CORPORATIONS are operated under the principle of limited liability, how is it logical, reasonable or rational that an officer of a CORPORATION under limited liability can claim to have authority when authority and responsibility are ultimately intimately related in reality?

  • Have you considered that the word, "responsibility" really means the ability to respond?
  • Do not all responses from yourself, originate from the inside as a thought or emotion first?
  • Does this not mean that responsibility for your responses to the environment are always ultimately only yours to bear?
  • Does this not mean that others carry the ultimate responsibility for their responses to their environment?
  • Does that not mean that others also carry the authority to respond to that environment appropriately?
  • Does that not mean that your authority is truly limited to a fiction?

"Are you self-aware" enough to have empathy for other living beings"?

  • Have you lost your empathy for others by using your authority like a shield for your emotions?
  • Do you recognize that you relate to yourself internally exactly the same way you treat others?
  • Are you aware of how you are making other lives miserable the same way your own is miserable?
  • Do you want to become essential for your self and others?
  • Would you enjoy lifting all your defenses away so you can grow and expand to have a much better life?

"Are you able to honor moral integrity as superior to legal integrity?"

Instead of thinking about what it is going to cost you to become honest with yourself and others... Instead of thinking how you can best defend yourself against change you can do nothing about... Instead of being stubborn about being self-destructive for your soul...

Consider the possibility that this is the opportunity you have to discover, uncover, and recover what your life is really all about. You have been "lost" in the "Holy See of Commerce" in service to competition and money. Your experiences have served a higher purpose. Everything has been perfect for you and the choices you are presented with at this time. You are simply being asked by the universe if you have had enough of this artificial game of competition. There can only be three answers:

  1. To refuse to take a stance. You continue to be an enforcer of survival and mediocrity.
  2. To choose to serve humanity before serving self.
  3. The choice to serve your interests at the expense of others. You choose to be a parasite.

 If your intentions are for the betterment of mankind

broken-systemWhat ever the level of "authority" you might have within your society, you are well served to know that you live in two different realities.They are blended together in a very subtitle way.

Your primary reality is as a human, a living man or woman that is seeking a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Your secondary reality is that of a "PERSON" - a mask, an actor, a false personality, a legal fiction. Only the legal fiction can claim to have authority over another living man, woman or child. In essence, the legal person is an illusion. As the living man or woman, you are no more or less valuable or worthy than another when you are naked in the shower without hiding behind your badges, diplomas, certifications, licenses, or powers of attorney. 

You and your social, fictional position are created by a paradigm that is on its way to disappear on this Earth. If you accept that premiss, you probably have spent some time to consider what part you are playing in this "play" as it develops. The present system that you serve is not the result of natural evolution, or the "best" we can do for ourselves collectively. It was created to repress human potential. It forces humanity into the role of focusing on survival of the fittest while living surrounded by with scarcity and mediocrity but protected by certain privileges and benefits.

Whether or not you have considered it, you will ultimately shape your future by the choices you take today. Take a look at your life from the outside. How sustainable do you think that life style is going to be in the future?

To stay or leave? That is the question

It may not practical or wise to simply throw up your arms and leave your post. Your position and your knowledge are very useful for this transition. In your current position, assuming that your moral compass is intact, you are also in a position of influence - also perhaps lower down a chain or hierarchy. What decisions can you make that can make a positive difference down that chain of influence? What can you do or say that will affect that chain higher up?

If you have read through the material concerning the effects of competition and you realize that enforcing competition is the prime creator of all our undesired social problems, you understand something a lot of people have yet to consider. Its very obvious when you see it, but it is very elusive before it's recognized for what it is. Its the prime mover of society and all our infrastructures are built on that principle - also the principles of governance.

We are going to need time to re-adjust and realign ourselves with each other in a way that creates synergy. You will ultimately have to make the decision whether to leave or stay. Most people are economically bound to stay, just to survive. The alternatives for finding other work are not too bright. This is because the entire paradigm that work makes us free is collapsing from the inside out. It is devouring itself. You can expect that even your own present position will perhaps be transitioned out of existence. Use your time wisely and work toward the biggest perspectives of change you are able to support.

Nobody knows how the transition to the Vitality paradigm will progress. It does not involve the use of force except in extreme conditions. At some level the immune defense system of humanity will have to take action on any remaining elements that insist on continuing to be parasitic. The immune system will know what to do with parasites. In the event of a "house-cleaning" the information you can provide to pin-point dangers will prove invaluable. Be careful.

Dare to be bold

When you "turn on" as an insider in an institution that obviously supports and defends competition - sometimes it is a lot more effective to broadcast your message from your position of authority while it still carries weight. Being a whistle blower will obviously expose you to a lot of challenges from those that want to protect themselves from public scrutiny. Its still the only real way to deal with the problems and correct them. As more and more whistle blowers stand up and speak the truth, the more the people of your local are will wake up to the deceptions they have allowed themselves to accept. Only by allowing the truth to be told will anything move forward toward vitality.

I would encourage you to consider the intention of the position that you really hold. How is it supposed to benefit humanity? How can it be improved? What can you do about the limitations within the system where you work? What kind of danger are you in if you you make your position clear to other people? Do you have allies on your side of perception? Are you organized enough? Can you do small things to make a difference?

Assume that your position is important enough that it is meaningful for you to be there. There is a REASON for your life being what it is. You may even be one of those that has a soul purpose to be an important way-shower or pathfinder for those in your immediate vicinity.

Evaluate your position from the perspective of how you best can take care of your integrity. You might have to live more like a disguised insider until the time is right to put into place any plan of action.

You are not alone

When you look around your current environment, you might be led to believe that you are pretty much alone with your ideas. You will be surprised, as a rule, that if you dare to open up to your colleges, you will discover that more people resonate with your thinking than you might have assumed. Start slowly and test the waters before you jump in from the high-diving tower. Create alliances where you can and build them strong. De-fragmentent yourselves.The rest, be assured, will be an organic process.

If your intentions are to dominate mankind now and in the future

I am trying to approach this from your position. I consider that you have invested others considerable time, money, energy, blood, sweat and tears and a lot of attention on your behalf to get where you are today. You probably think that you have superior benefits and rewards for holding your emotional decision to continue doing what you do best. The investment principle is a nasty trap. It can also work against your best long-term interests. Remember it's never too late to correct mistakes and take a completely different path - a quantum leap in the opposite direction.

Do you really think that rational intelligence is superior to nature?

transhuman2The transhumanistic agenda is driven by a belief or conviction that human intelligence is superior to natural intelligence. Disregarding the obvious conflict involved, the mind is convinced that a mechanically improved brain and body is the only way to apply science in the future. The model of Science used to come to these conclusions is highly intelligent and highly fragmented because it is based on materialism. It is singularly rational. This kind of knowledge is a specialist at fragmentation. It also excludes the right-brain hemisphere information as legitimate, ignoring the fact that sensory information is surperior to language.

You are led to believe that the brain is like a data machine and you see only the obvious superstructures of the mind which is not and never was physical in its essence. Your electronics are slower than the speed of conscious awareness. Do you know that focused attention can penetrate deeper into matter than high-energy Gamma rays?

Your present science model does not acknowledge the hidden aspects of conscious awareness being eternal and non-physical. You are bound to the laws of entropy and are afread of death. You think you will empower yourself by prolonging your physical life, never realizing the fact that you are prolonging your own misery. You know too little about the Natural Laws of evolution concerning humanity.

Do you really think that you will become free of being dominated by others, by dominating others?

Have you ever heard of a pecking order or hierarchy? Do you realize that within the spirit of competition - which supports dominance, that there is always the idea that there is somebody or something stronger than you, a danger you need to protect yourself from. In relation to that other "somebody" or "something", you are the one that is for "dinner". You are being harvested even while you are harvesting the energy of others. You will always need considerable energy to attain, maintain, improve and defend your arsenal of defense systems. What is that going to cost you? What could you do if you didn't have to use that energy that way?

Allow me to remind you that if you are aware of the progression from third density to fourth density negative, than you are also aware of the pecking order in that realm of reality. Its more of the competition that you also will have to endure yourself. Imagine moving to a planet where everybody is an alpha dog, driven by the will to dominate. How do you think they organize themselves? Of course there is going to be a pecking order of hierarchy. You are going to be taking orders for the rest of your forseeable future.

Does that sound better than thinking and doing for your self and others in an environment of cooperation?

Are you aware of the fact that the universe celebrates the quantum leap of transition from negative to positive polarization?

The mind-set of those that are self-aware of their potential and role in negative polarization have taken the emotional decision to be loyal to that committment. Loyalty is an important aspect of the spirit of competition. It is not an aspect that belongs to the spirit of vitality. Loyality is replaced with fully mutual respect for fully informed free will. That also means free will to correct mistakes you might have made in the past. This is actually a legal responsibility all humans have. Its written within the axioms of Law.

You have chosen to consider one-sided information sources and they, in the spirit of competition, will ultimately mislead you. You will ultimately understand that fact. Its part of the competition game. The truth is always fragmented.

What ever your previous committments might be, and whatever pressure you may have on you to remain loyal to your previous choices... know that you have within you the freedom to un-do all that you have ever done. You are a creator being and you can always re-create what you are disappointed with. You can create a new time-line for your future. You can do that NOW.

Are you aware that the universe provides forgiveness to you the moment you ask because you have "seen the light" and learned from your mistakes? All you need to do is to change your actions and do so publically. Tell the people what you have done. Tell them that you desire to undo the harm you have done by serving humanity instead of sucking life energy from it. Your true value lies in your comprehension of the truth.

You might want to carefully consider your options. Do you know that sooner or later you will have to recognize that the painful path has no future. It will cost you a lot more later than it does if you cross over earlier. 




Self harmonization

The process of making things in the world right, starts with yourself. You work your way from the inside-out, like all natural processes. From there you extend your attention to your society and environment, but you always have to start with yourself.

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Environmental Harmonization

Our relationship with the environment - everything that is not YOU - has suffered greatly under the competition paradigm, just like everything else. We have serious levels of challenges all over the planet. If the environment dies, so does humanity perish. Everything is just as important and there is much to be done. We take a look at the solutions that we have today and the ones that we are still looking for in this section.

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